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  • Xandr’s Lauren Wiseman Explains Programmatic’s Role in CTV Advertising

    Xandr’s VP, OTT and Programmer Partnerships Lauren Wiseman explains where programmatic fits into connected TV advertising in a 10-minute interview below. Lauren discusses how programmatic in part helps linear TV buyers automate their buying and bring their own data, while for digital video apps programmatic has allowed them to jumpstart their revenue without having their own direct sales teams.

    Lauren sees programmatic happening more in deals based environments rather than in open market which is common in display advertising, with control being the primary benefit for both sellers and buyers. She explains transaction models in detail and what challenges remain for programmatic to play a bigger part in CTV.

    Hear more from Lauren at VideoNuze’s CTV Ad Summit virtual on June 9th and 10th, on the session “Programmatic’s Role in CTV Advertising” with Philo and DoubleVerify. Registration is complimentary and you can win a Roku TV and Streaming Soundbar.

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  • Report: Global Programmatic CTV Ad Spending More Than Doubled in Q4 ’20

    Global programmatic CTV ad spending increased 2.2x from Q1 ’20 to Q4 ’20, according to the new CTV Ad Supply Trends Report from Pixalate, an ad fraud and marketing compliance platform. Pixalate estimates that 78% of U.S. households were reachable with programmatic CTV ads in Q4 ’20, up from 50% in Q4 ’19.  Separate, eMarketer has said that programmatic CTV ad spending in the U.S. was $4.36 billion in 2020 and will jump to $6.73 billion in 2021.

    Geographically, Latin America experienced the fastest growth in programmatic CTV ad spending in 2020, up 317% from Q1 to Q4. North America was next (up 123%), followed by Asia-Pacific (up 106%) and EMEA (up 56%).

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  • Programmatic CTV: The Rocket Ship Giving New Momentum to The Advertising Industry in 2021

    As we begin to wrap up the first quarter of 2021, it is clear that the industry’s relationship with CTV will continue to challenge advertisers as they look to capture viewers across screens and keep pace with cord-cutters. In addition to a few wishes that we spend less time in the coming year in virtual meetings and more time together in-person and that we can gather safely for the industry events that help us grow relationships, I also have a few wishes and predictions for the programmatic CTV rocket ship, a bright spot in 2020 and a continued area of momentum for the advertising industry in the year to come.

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  • Growth Ahead for Magnite/SpotX as CTV Ad Market Expands

    Last Friday’s announcement that Magnite is acquiring SpotX from RTL Group for almost $1.2 billion was further evidence of connected TV advertising’s momentum and the combined company’s market opportunity. Considering Magnite’s pro forma financial results with eMarketer’s forecast of CTV ad revenue shows how much potential growth lies ahead for the combined company.

    In its release, Magnite said the combined company would have $42 million of pro forma CTV ad revenue ($15.3 million from Magnite and around $27 million from SpotX) in Q4 ’20. Magnite also said the $42 million would have represented around 34% of Q4’s revenue for the combined company. It further said the combined company would have had pro forma revenue for 2020 of $350 million, so applying the same 34% proportion, the combined company would have had approximately $119 million in CTV revenue in 2020.

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  • Programmatic Ads Enabled for Set-Top Box VOD by Comcast Companies

    A joint solution announced by two Comcast companies, FreeWheel and Comcast Technology Solutions, will enable programmatic advertising for set-top box video-on-demand (VOD) inventory. TV networks, content providers and pay-TV operators will be able to use the solution, which taps FreeWheel’s ad targeting and decisioning along with CTS’s Ad Store for real-time creative distribution.

    The companies said in a release that “creative conditioning of advertisers’ video creative requires special considerations in the STB VOD advertising environment” have hindered programmatic approaches that are common in connected TV and OTT.  Richard Nunn, VP/GM of Advertiser Solutions at CTS said “until today, it has not been possible to effectively monetize this content in the same programmatic fashion as other video inventory.”

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  • Cedato’s Video Content Unit Simplifies Ad Monetization and Video Creation

    Leading programmatic video provider Cedato recently launched its Video Content Unit (“VCU”) an integrated solution that aims to simplify publishers’ video creation and monetization processes. VCU can be enabled by publishers by adding a line of code to their web sites. Doing so incorporates the fast-loading Cedato video player and content feeds from Cedato’s syndicated video library and the Cedato Video Composer.

    The Video Composer is a critical part of the new VCU. The Composer uses AI to quickly create customized video content from the publisher’s assets, and doesn’t require any dedicated editing or setup. The result is a high volume flow of proprietary content that is relevant for users and cost efficient to deliver via Cedato’s lightweight, fast-loading video player. Programmatic video monetization is powered by Cedato’s header bidding solution.

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  • VideoNuze Podcast #448: The Top 10 Video Stories of 2018

    I’m pleased to present the 448th edition of the VideoNuze podcast, with my weekly partner Colin Dixon of nScreenMedia.

    Continuing our tradition for our final podcast of the year, this week Colin and I discuss the top 10 video stories of 2018 - at least in our humble opinions. Once again it has been a very active 12 months, with lots of innovation and change. Colin and I have had a great time analyzing and discussing the critical industry trends each week and we hope you’ve enjoyed listening to our thoughts in 2018.

    Let us know what you think of our choices, whether you agree or disagree!

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  • MediaMath Forges Into Programmatic Video and Connected TV

    Ad tech provider MediaMath is forging strongly into programmatic video and connected TV, by among other things joining the board of the IAB Digital Video Center of Excellence, and seeking to help drive transparency and industry standards.  

    Mike Fisher, MediaMath’s Head of Video and Advanced TV said, “We couldn’t be more delighted to have a voice in the important conversation around the challenges that come with automated TV inventory, and the opportunity to shape best practices for transacting in the programmatic TV space.”

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  • SpotX and Tru Optik Enable Targeted Connected TV Ads

    SpotX and Tru Optik have announced a partnership that enables video content providers to pre-segment and validate their ad inventory, so that buyers are able to create targeted, audience-based connected TV and OTT ad campaigns. Under the partnership, SpotX’s Audience Management Engine has been integrated with Tru Optik’s OTT Data Marketplace.

    In addition, advertisers and content providers will gain access to Tru Optik’s Cross Screen Audience Validation (CAV), which provides deduped household reach, frequency, in-target percentage rates, device delivery confirmation and reporting.

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  • AppNexus Reports 748% Growth in Connected TV Ads in Q2

    More evidence of the boom in connected TV ads: AppNexus reported advertising spend in its connected TV marketplace grew by 748% in Q2 ’18 vs. Q2 ’17, with sequential growth of 69% in Q2 ’18 vs. Q1 ’18. AppNexus said it sees over 20 billion monthly CTV impressions on smart TVs, set-top boxes and game consoles, which underscores the rapid adoption of ad-supported video on CTV.

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  • Video’s Programmatic Roadmap [VIDEO]

    At our recent VideoNuze Online Video Ad Summit, the “Video’s Programmatic Roadmap” session explored how programmatic is becoming more mainstream in premium video, why connected TV is a huge growth area, how brand safety and viewability are being ensured, the various ways data is being used by both advertisers and publishers, plus lots more.

    Participating on the session were Melissa Bonnick (SVP, Programmatic Strategy, Affiperf/Havas), Eric Hoffert (SVP, Video Technology, AppNexus), Sean Holzman (Chief Digital Revenue Officer, Bonnier), Keren Katz (Head of Bidder and Buyer Development, Programmatic, Microsoft), with Brian Leder (Partner, Chief Strategy Officer, Promatica Consulting), moderating.

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  • AppNexus Grows Microsoft’s Video Ad Revenue by Over 200%

    Ad tech provider AppNexus grew Microsoft’s video ad revenue from instream video inventory in Q1 ’18 by 201% vs. Q1 ’17, according to an announcement by the companies. In addition, Microsoft’s eCPMs increased by 29% in Q1 ’18 vs. Q1 ’17. Microsoft said it had expanded its partnership with AppNexus from 1 ad format in 1 market to 3 ad formats in 65 markets, including Europe and emerging markets.

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  • Bringing the Precision of the Digital Age to Television and Key Trends in Programmatic [SHIFT Videos]

    Below are the final two session videos from our recent SHIFT // Programmatic Video & TV Ad Summit.

    First up is “Bringing the Precision of the Digital Age to Television” which was kicked off with a short presentation by Scott Ferber (Chairman and CEO, Videology) showcasing research on key challenges to accelerating programmatic TV. Following his presentation, Scott joined a panel I moderated, with Larry Allen (VP of Ad Innovation and Programmatic Solutions, Turner Ad Sales) and Andrew Feigenson (CEO, Simmons Research) also participating.

    The second session is “Trending Now: What’s Ahead for Programmatic Video and TV?” which included Paul Alfieri (Chief Marketing Officer, Cross MediaWorks), Rob Byrnes (VP, Digital Planning, National Geographic), Rob Cukierman (VP, Sales Strategy & Partnerships, Vevo), Stephen Strong (Head of Revenue, Newsy), Tore Tellefsen (VP of TV Solutions, DataXu), with Chris Karl (CEO, VertaMedia) moderating.

    Watch the session videos now!

    Watch the session videos now!

  • Audience Buying and Data’s Critical Role [SHIFT Videos]

    At our SHIFT // Programmatic Video & TV Ad Summit a couple weeks ago we had two sessions that were connected: one that focused on executing the roadmap for success in audience buying and one that focused on maximizing data’s ROI.

    Panelists for the audience buying panel included Gabe Bevilacqua (SVP of Product Management, Advanced Advertising, Viacom), Jason DeMarco (VP, Audience and Data Solutions, A+E Networks), Anupam Gupta (Chief Product Officer, 4C Insights) and Adam Hecht (VP, Monetization, SintecMedia), with Mary Ann Halford (Senior Advisor, FTI Consulting), moderating.

    Panelists for the maximizing data’s ROI panel included Scott Ashby (Sr. Director, Advanced Ad Products, Fox Networks Group), Judith Hammerman (SVP, Data Solutions & Programmatic Solutions, Time Inc.), Mark Risis (Head of Global Data Partnerships, IBM Watson Advertising), Damian Garbaccio (Global Chief Revenue Officer, Nielsen Marketing Cloud), with Brian Leder (Partner and Chief Strategy Officer, Promatica), moderating.

    Watch the session videos now!

    Watch the session videos

  • Keynote Discussion With NBCUniversal EVP Mike Rosen [SHIFT Video]

    Our afternoon keynote interview at the recent SHIFT // Programmatic Video & TV Ad Summit was with Mike Rosen, EVP, Portfolio Sales and Strategy, NBCUniversal. Mike was interviewed by Matt Prohaska, CEO and Principal, Prohaska Consulting and shared a fantastic insider’s look at how the TV industry is evolving.

    Mike discussed a range of topics including how NBCUniversal has organized itself around audiences instead of verticals with content a key focus, how he defines the term “programmatic,” why data comes up in every single meeting and how it feeds NBCU’s optimization platform, what the “new” currency is and the challenge of giving up legacy approaches, which industries are adopting custom segmentation approaches first, how to overcome attribution challenges and much more.

    Watch the session video now!

    Watch the session video

  • Devices and Distribution: Making Advertising Pay Off [SHIFT Video]

    At our recent SHIFT // Programmatic Video & TV Ad Summit, we had a great session focused on how devices and distribution are contributing to advertising paying off in new ways. Topics included how to improve audience targeting, creating value in a multi-touch world, how to unify analytics across all distribution points, why more premium content is flowing through connected TV devices, the role of ad ops and yield management, plus lots more.

    Panelists included Youssef Ben-Youssef (Head of Ad Platform, Roku), Stephen Bach (SVP, Partnerships and Business Development, Vemba), Keith Grossman, Global Chief Revenue Officer, Bloomberg Media Group), Anthony Laurenzo (SVP, Non-Linear Video Strategy & Investment, Amplifi), with Tim Hanlon (Founder and CEO, The Vertere Group) moderating.

    (Apologies, there was a problem with the primary audio source, so there's a little background noise)

    Watch the session video now!

    Watch the session video

  • Keynote Discussion With Universal McCann’s CIO Jon Stimmel [SHIFT Video]

    Our morning keynote interview at the SHIFT // Programmatic Video & TV Ad Summit was with Jon Stimmel, Chief Investment Officer, Universal McCann. Jon was interviewed by Matt Spiegel, Managing Director, Marketing and Technology Solutions, MediaLink about a range of topics including unified measurement, data fragmentation, changes to UM’s planning and investment process, integrated buying, CMOs’ outcome targets and much more.

    Watch the video now!

    Watch the session video

  • Innovation in Programmatic Session [SHIFT Video]

    At our recent SHIFT // Programmatic Video & TV Ad Summit, one of our sessions focused on innovation in programmatic video and TV, with many topics discussed including header bidding, AI, brand safety, mobile, role of data, syndication and much more.

    Panelists included Paul Bannister (EVP, CaféMedia), Dvir Doron (CMO/BDO, Cedato), Joe Lospalluto (Head of Sales, Americas, Smart), Chip Schenck (VP of Audience and Programmatic Solutions, Meredith), Frank Sinton (President and Founder, Beachfront Media) with Brian Ring (Principal Analyst, Ring Digital LLC) who moderated.

    Watch the video now!

    Watch the session video

  • Server Side Ad Insertion’s Role with Programmatic Video [SHIFT Video]

    One of the highlights of last week’s SHIFT // Programmatic Video & TV Ad Summit was a joint presentation from Brightcove (Mike Green, VP, Marketing and Business Development, Media), SpotX (Kevin Schaum, Sr. Director, Mobile and Connected TV) and the IAB Tech Lab (Amit Shetty,  Sr. Director, Video & Audio Products) on how server side ad insertion (SSAI) adds value to programmatic for both linear and on-demand advertising.

    For those not familiar with SSAI (also known as “ad stitching”), this is a process for inserting ads into a piece of content (frequently long-form). There are multiple benefits of SSAI including better user experiences, reduced buffering, extended device reach, elimination of ad blocking and lower cost of deployment. Mike, Kevin and Amit elaborated on how these benefits are even more valuable for programmatic, especially in live and in skinny bundles, while also noting some of the key outstanding challenges.

    The presentation clearly communicated how the industry needs to work together to evolve video advertising given new viewer behaviors, device proliferation and publishers’ pressures to fully monetize.

    With the video now!

    Watch the session video

  • Digging Into eMarketer’s Forecast for Programmatic Video & TV Ad Spending [SHIFT VIDEO]

    At last week’s SHIFT // Programmatic Video & TV Ad Summit, Lauren Fisher, eMarketer’s principal analyst, kicked off the day sharing her forecasts for both programmatic video and programmatic TV ad spending in the U.S. Following her presentation, I interviewed Lauren and the audience asked a number of questions.

    Overall, Lauren sees strong growth ahead for programmatic video, which will account for 76.5%, or over $13.4 billion of online video advertising by 2019. She’s particularly bullish about the role of mobile, which she sees growing to 60% of programmatic video by 2019. Lauren is also optimistic about connected TV’s opportunity, though she still see it as early in its development.

    Programmatic TV is not nearly as far along, with Lauren forecasting $3.8 billion in spending by 2019, representing 5% of overall TV ad spending. Lauren also reduced her 2018 forecast to $2 billion, which is roughly half of what she forecast for 2018 when she presented at SHIFT 2016. We discuss all the reasons behind her revisions.

    Watch the session video now!

    Watch the session video

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