• Cedato’s Video Content Unit Simplifies Ad Monetization and Video Creation

    Leading programmatic video provider Cedato recently launched its Video Content Unit (“VCU”) an integrated solution that aims to simplify publishers’ video creation and monetization processes. VCU can be enabled by publishers by adding a line of code to their web sites. Doing so incorporates the fast-loading Cedato video player and content feeds from Cedato’s syndicated video library and the Cedato Video Composer.

    The Video Composer is a critical part of the new VCU. The Composer uses AI to quickly create customized video content from the publisher’s assets, and doesn’t require any dedicated editing or setup. The result is a high volume flow of proprietary content that is relevant for users and cost efficient to deliver via Cedato’s lightweight, fast-loading video player. Programmatic video monetization is powered by Cedato’s header bidding solution.

    Together, Cedato believes that the VCU will deliver up to 30% improvement in completion rates and increased fill rate. Women’s lifestyle publisher Glam, which is an early VCU user, found that latency improved significantly along with a 40% jump in video completion rates.

    Dvir Doron, Cedato’s GM of North America, explained that the key motivation behind VCU was simplifying publishers’ work processes, a necessary step given the fragmented video ecosystem. This is especially relevant for medium-size or mid-tail video publishers who operate with limited resources and are trying to streamline and maximize video monetization. With the video landscape getting more crowded, the need for holistic content/monetization solutions will be strong for the foreseeable future.