• AppNexus Grows Microsoft’s Video Ad Revenue by Over 200%

    Ad tech provider AppNexus grew Microsoft’s video ad revenue from instream video inventory in Q1 ’18 by 201% vs. Q1 ’17, according to an announcement by the companies. In addition, Microsoft’s eCPMs increased by 29% in Q1 ’18 vs. Q1 ’17. Microsoft said it had expanded its partnership with AppNexus from 1 ad format in 1 market to 3 ad formats in 65 markets, including Europe and emerging markets.

    Microsoft’s video inventory is part of AppNexus’s video marketplace which includes over 150 daily active buyers of Microsoft’s inventory and exceeds 6 billion available impressions per month. Overall, AppNexus’s video marketplace has 272 daily active video buyers spanning 1,250 different brands. Microsoft’s MSN is among 150 different publishers using the AppNexus supply-side platform to monetize its inventory. AppNexus’s video SSP launched in late 2015 and has had a 230% compound annual growth rate of real-time bidding spending. 

    Strong brand safety and viewability/completion rates have been critical to Microsoft’s success. Microsoft’s inventory has been measured as greater then 80% viewable for instream pre-roll ads, greater than 75% viewable for outstream and greater than 75% completion for instream pre-roll.