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  • VideoNuze Podcast #544: Disney+ Will be Challenged in Streaming Movies; AT&T Quits Virtual Pay-TV

    Welcome to the 544th edition of the VideoNuze podcast, with my weekly partner Colin Dixon of nScreenMedia.

    Kids movies were a big part of the success of Disney+ in 2020, with the service having seven of the top 10 streaming movies, according to Nielsen. But as Colin and I discuss, Disney+ will be challenged this year by Netflix, HBO Max and others. With theaters still running at low capacity due to Covid, 2021 is setting up as a game-changing year for streaming movies.

    Separate, this week AT&T pulled the plug on its AT&T TV Now virtual pay-TV service, which at one point a couple years ago led the category with nearly 2 million subscribers (when it was called DirecTV Now). Colin and I examine what went wrong and why AT&T shifted its strategy so dramatically.  


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  • Nielsen: Netflix, “The Office,” and Kids Movies Top 2020 Streaming

    2020 was a strong year for streaming across the board, but newly released Nielsen data reveals some of the biggest winners. At the top of the list was “The Office,” which racked up the most viewership of any TV show, with 57.1 billion minutes streamed for its 192 episodes on Netflix.

    Along with “The Office,” 6 of the top 7 streamed shows in 2020 were licensed content (and all were on Netflix). The only original show in the top 7 was “Ozark” with 30.4 billion minutes streamed. Ahead of it were “Grey’s Anatomy” (39.4 billion minutes) and “Criminal Minds” (35.4 billion minutes) and just behind it were “NCIS” (28.1 billion minutes), “Schitt’s Creek” (23.8 billion minutes) and “Supernatural” (20.3 billion minutes).

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  • Research Finds Higher Cord-Cutting Expected, Budgets Shifting to CTV Advertising

    Data released by ad tech provider The Trade Desk from two separate surveys indicates that cord-cutting could increase dramatically in 2021 and that advertisers are shifting budgets to connected TV (CTV) advertising. The Future of TV survey fielded by YouGov for The Trade Desk found that 27% of U.S. cable TV subscribers plan to cut the cord by the end of 2021, compared to 15% who planned to do so in 2020.

    With the rise of streaming, there are more alternatives to pay-TV than ever, creating more incentive for consumers to drop their subscriptions. A 27% rate of cord-cutting in one year would be a significant increase from prior periods and would have major industry implications. By comparison, according to MoffettNathanson’s analysis of cord-cutting as of Q3 ’20, the traditional U.S. pay-TV industry contracted at a year-over-year rate of 7.4%.

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  • Online Video Viewing Equal to Traditional TV For 13-24 Year Olds

    For 13-24 year olds, online video viewing is approximately equal to traditional TV viewing, according to Hub Entertainment Research’s new Video Redefined study based on a December, 2020 survey. Hub said that 13-24 year olds who watch online video at least weekly reported they watch 11.4 hours of such content per week, compared with 11.8 hours per week spent watching TV content (TV shows and movies).

    (Hub defines online video viewing to include YouTube plus social media sites and apps. It excludes streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, etc).

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