• Save the Dates for Connected TV Advertising PREVIEW: 2022 (virtual event) on January 26th and 27th

    Please save the dates for VideoNuze’s inaugural Connected TV Advertising PREVIEW: 2022 (virtual event) on the afternoons of January 26th and 27th.

    Connected TV advertising is white hot. eMarketer recently raised its forecast for 2021 to $14.5 billion in the U.S. alone, up 60% from last year. And it is projecting CTV ad spending to double, to $29.5 billion by 2024. Other forecasters are even more optimistic about CTV’s future. CTV and streaming are the top priorities for every media and technology company today.

    Core to everyone’s optimism is CTV’s ability to bring together the best of TV advertising (sight, sound and motion) with the best of digital advertising (targeting, optimization, attribution), making it an unprecedented medium for marketers to achieve their diverse goals. In particular, CTV’s digital attributes will allow CTV to evolve to more of a lower funnel / full funnel medium, unlocking ad spending from performance-oriented marketers seeking specific outcomes.

    To help set the stage for the opportunities ahead and the challenges that remain, I’m pleased to present VideoNuze’s inaugural Connected TV Advertising PREVIEW: 2022 (virtual event) on January 26th and 27th. PREVIEW: 2022 will be the first event of its kind in the industry - 100% focused on senior industry executives sharing their key CTV priorities for the coming year. These are the executives and companies who are driving and shaping the industry today, through their strategic plans, investment decisions and innovation priorities (typical VideoNuze events feature 30-40 executive speakers).

    As always, the program will be highly curated, with a mix of one-on-one interviews, panel discussions, research presentations and case studies, providing an immersive learning experience for attendees. PREVIEW: 2022’s virtual format means attendees can view any/all of the sessions from the convenience and comfort of their offices or homes without concern for Covid, Omicron or any other variant that may arise. PREVIEW: 2022 is the fourth virtual event VideoNuze has hosted since the beginning of Covid (following 12+ years of hosting in-person events) and the feedback has been uniformly positive. For anyone with a stake in CTV advertising’s future, PREVIEW: 2022 will be a must-attend event.

    The CTV Advertising PREVIEW: 2022 web site, including registration, will be activated shortly and I’ll share many more details in the coming weeks, including the first group of sponsors.

    Looking further ahead into the new year, in June, 2022 VideoNuze will once again present our flagship Connected TV Advertising Summit (session videos from the 2021 edition are here and here), and in November 2022, the second version of the Connected TV Brand Suitability Summit (session videos from the 2021 edition are here).

    I’m really excited about what’s shaping up to be a busy year for VideoNuze of industry education, thought-leadership and networking about CTV advertising - its enormous potential and key challenges still to be surmounted.

    If you’re interested in learning about sponsorship or speaking opportunities please contact me.

  • Here's Why Not Too Long From Now, Streaming Media Players Will be Free for Certain Consumers

    All of the Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals flying around are reinforcing an idea I’ve been thinking about for much of 2021: not too long from now, some streaming media players/devices will be offered for free to certain consumers under specific circumstances.

    There are three fundamental reasons why this is likely to happen 1) The gross profit margins on these players is negligible if not non-existent, 2) The gross margin on advertising revenue for player providers is significant, and likely to strengthen even further, and 3) the entire streaming player / streaming services industry is in a massive land grab that isn’t close to being over.

    Following is how I look at the three reasons, and what comes next:

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  • CTV Advertising Likely Played a Big Part in Disney+ Being Bundled With Hulu + Live TV

    Late last week Disney told its Hulu + Live TV subscribers that Disney+ and ESPN+ would be bundled starting Dec. 21st, and that their rate would be increasing by $5 per month. Coming off an anemic fiscal Q4 ’21 in which Disney+ added just 2.1 million subscribers, the lowest by far since launching in late 2019, the intra-company move meant the automatic addition of 4 million Hulu + Live TV subscribers to Disney+’s total in one magical wave of CEO Bob Chapek’s wand.

    I received a number of emails from VideoNuze readers to the effect of “that kind of corporate trickery doesn’t feel like a positive sign for Disney+.” I don’t dispute that there’s merit to that line of thinking, but I’d discount it. The step up in Disney+ subscribers in fiscal Q1 ’22 will be so delineated that it means Wall Street won’t give Disney+ any credit for it because investors are tunnel-visioned on Disney+’s organic growth heading in 2022 (that’s kind of what happens when an SVOD service goes from a standing start to 118 million subscribers in less than two years…expectations become quite high).

    I’d assert that the tunnel vision on Disney+’s growth is causing under appreciation of what may be a far more important driver of Disney’s decision to bundle Disney+: Hulu’s burgeoning opportunity in connected TV advertising.

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  • All the Session Videos from Last Week's CTV Advertising Brand Suitability Summit

    Last week was the Connected TV Advertising Brand Suitability Summit virtual, which featured 32 senior executives speaking on 10 sessions across two afternoons.

    I have created two playlists with all of the session videos. The first is for the November 16th afternoon program, and the second is for the November 17th afternoon program. Just click to "Watch all of the videos now!" to see them.

    In addition, below the two playlists you'll find a list of each of the 10 sessions with a link to pages that contains that session's specific video that can be embedded or linked to.


    Watch all of the videos now!