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  • Data is the Rocket Fuel for an Audience-Based Buying Future [VIDEO]

    Data has become the rocket fuel behind video advertising and an audience-based buying future – helping advertisers boost targeting for higher ROIs, while allowing content providers to propel the value of their inventory and transact more fluidly.

    At our recent 9th annual Video Ad Summit, a panel including Natalie Gabathuler-Scully (SVP, Revenue Operations, Vevo), Ben Maughan (VP, Business Development, Product, and Client Services, Advanced Media and Advertising, TiVo), George Musi (EVP, Global Head of Marketing Sciences, Public OneTeam) and Dan Punt (Senior Managing Director, FTI Consulting) as moderator, dug into the above topics and much more.

    In particular, the panelists explored what’s involved in investing in a data strategy, the complexity of audience targeting models (and who does this modeling work), the incremental value of data when used appropriately and key challenges including many proprietary anonymous ID spaces that aren’t interoperable.

    Data tends to be an overused word in the video ad business, but the panel demystified where data’s value really lies.

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  • Why Connected TVs Will Shift More Ad Spending [VIDEOS]

    At the recent 9th annual VideoNuze Video Ad Summit, connected TV was a major focus throughout the day. In a presentation, Telaria CEO Mark Zagorski shared research illustrating how connected TV enable customized ad experiences that are more enjoyable, especially for younger viewers, better conversion than social and higher purchase intent than linear TV. With 30% of U.S. households not reachable by linear TV, forecast to jump to 50%, Mark makes a persuasive argument about CTVs’ important role.

    A related after lunch session, “Connected TVs Take Center Stage: What Does It All Mean?” delved even deeper. The session included Christina Beaumier (VP, Product, TV Platform, Xandr), Alison Levin (VP, Global Ad Sales and Marketplace, Roku), Harold Morgenstern (SVP, National Advertising Sales, Pluto TV) and Ken Ripley (VP, Sales, Newsy) with Howard Homonoff (Principal, Homonoff Media Group) moderating.

    Alison noted that 30% of viewers’ time spent is now spent with CTVs, but only 3% of ad budget are. So there’s a lot of room for budgets to shift. Ken, Harold and Christina explained how today’s media plans must include CTV to be complete, especially given viewership fragmentation. They also discuss the value of brands, discoverability, data, a unified currency, attribution and more.

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  • VideoNuze Podcast #471: Local Broadcasting’s Video Opportunity; Ad-Supported Originals

    I’m pleased to present the 471st edition of the VideoNuze podcast, with my weekly partner Colin Dixon of nScreenMedia.

    On this week’s podcast we first discuss local broadcasting’s video opportunity. Colin provides updates on an interview he did about Google News Initiative’s role. Then he shares a few takeaways from a panel he did, highlighting the new Sinclair OTT service Stirr. More broadly we explore how the combination of connected TV, longer engagement time and better monetization is laying the foundation for ad-supported original programming.

    Listen in to learn more!

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  • Mobile Video: Understanding the On-the-Go Viewer [VIDEO]

    Advertising in mobile video is an important revenue stream for many content providers, so understanding how to optimize the viewer experience is essential.

    At the 9th annual Video Advertising Summit on May 29th, mobile video advertising was the subject of a panel including Henry Embelton (Head of Ad Products and Revenue, Ellation), Dan Hurwitz (Chief Revenue Officer, Penthera), Bobby LaCivita (VP of Research and Measurement, Group Nine Media), and Colin Dixon (Founder and Principal Analyst, nScreenMedia) moderating.
    Among the topics discussed were mobile video distribution in social vs. owned and operated properties, which video ad units work best in mobile video, how offline ad-supported mobile video experiences are being enabled, how mobile drives video consumption for younger audiences and key challenges in mobile video given the fragmentation across many different apps/services.

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  • How Premium Video Providers are Successfully Transitioning to the OTT Era [VIDEO]

    The OTT era is challenging established premium video providers to adapt their businesses to a totally new set of ground rules. At our 9th annual Video Advertising Summit on May 29th, our opening panel shared their insights on the adaptation process and also what advertisers are looking for in where they allocate budgets in the OTT era.

    The discussion included Rob Aitken (Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting), Danielle DeLauro (EVP, Video Advertising Bureau), Domenic DiMeglio (SVP, Distribution and Operations, CBS Interactive) and James Shears (VP, Advanced Advertising, Extreme Reach) with moderator Mike Shields (Shields Strategic Consulting).

    A few key takeaways: premium video providers may be known for one particular business model today but eventually they're likely to utilize a variety of business models, live retains significant consumption and is a a critical part of the viewing mix even for OTT services, advertisers recognize live and on-demand are synergistic in terms of extending reach and attribution is an essential KPI for direct-to-consumer companies using TV advertising that traditional advertisers are emphasizing as well.

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  • Interview with Hulu’s SVP and Head of Advertising Sales Peter Naylor [VIDEO]

    Hulu is on the forefront of virtually every major streaming video trend, so the company’s success is a model for others to watch closely. At the 9th annual VideoNuze Video Advertising Summit on May 29th, we were privileged to have Hulu’s SVP and Head of Advertising Sales Peter Naylor as our keynote guest, who I interviewed.

    Peter said that having a “viewer first” approach has been critical for Hulu. That means being respectful of the viewer experience, providing choice and control and capping ad pods at 90 seconds, among other things. Of Hulu’s 82 million monthly viewers, 58 million of them subscribe to a tier that includes ads.

    Peter talks at length about his experience with advertisers and agencies and where they are on the learning curve of moving traditional TV budgets into streaming. He also cites direct-to-consumer, digital-native brands as leaders in being data and attribution focused, aligning them well with Hulu. We cover lots of other topics as well.

    For anyone interested in learning how Hulu is driving change across the video landscape and what’s ahead, the interview is must-see.

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  • VideoNuze Podcast #470: CuriosityStream’s Opportunity; YouTube’s Challenges

    I’m pleased to present the 470th edition of the VideoNuze podcast, with my weekly partner Colin Dixon of nScreenMedia.

    This week we start with Colin sharing his views on CuriosityStream’s market opportunity. Colin had several takeaways after listening to a podcast with company founder John Hendricks describing the addressable universe streaming is creating and how CuriosityStream is capitalizing. We also discuss challenges CuriosityStream and other DTC streaming services face.

    Speaking of challenges, we then shift to focus on YouTube’s latest policies meant to combat hate and conspiracy speech, plus predatory behavior towards kids on its platform. Colin and I agree YouTube is engaged in an ongoing game of whack-a-mole trying to control what content runs on its platform, while also trying to respect freedom of speech. It’s an extremely hard balance to achieve. Now regulators around the world are stepping up their pressure to address the situation.

    Listen in to learn more!

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  • VideoNuze Podcast #469: Initial Takeaways from Video Ad Summit

    I’m pleased to present the 469th edition of the VideoNuze podcast, with my weekly partner Colin Dixon of nScreenMedia.

    This past Wednesday was VideoNuze’s 9th annual Video Advertising Summit in NYC, and on today’s podcast Colin and I share a few of our initial takeaways (all the session videos will be posted over the next couple of weeks).

    A highlight of the day was the keynote interview I did with Hulu’s SVP and Head of Ad Sales Peter Naylor, who started by noting the incredible evolution Hulu has experienced in 11 short years: from 100% free to 100% paid, from 100% desktop viewing to over 80% connected TV viewing. Peter said the majority of Hulu’s 83 million monthly viewers are in an ad-supported service. Focusing on being “viewer-first” has been critical: capping ad pods at 90 seconds, minimizing intrusiveness, introducing new formats have all played a role. (More on this session when I post the video)

    Overall, Colin and I observed lots of enthusiasm for ad-supported OTT, with many speakers sharing that ad buyers and agencies are recognizing that especially to reach 18-34 year-olds, it’s essential to shift some spending to streaming. Mark Zagorski, CEO of Telaria, framed things well in his presentation: each of us will have a “portfolio of viewing” - paying for a handful of services, but  accessing many more which are free and ad-supported.

    While brand safety, measurement and other considerations are still restraining some buyers, others, especially direct-to-consumer brands (e.g. Peloton, Caspar, etc.) are embracing streaming for its targeting and advanced attribution.

    Lots more to come as I post the individual session videos.

    Listen in to learn more!

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