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  • [VIDEO] Inside CTV’s Biggest Opportunities and Challenges - The Three Year Perspective

    The following video was recorded at VideoNuze’s fourth annual Connected TV Advertising Summit virtual on June 8, 2023.

    Inside CTV’s Biggest Opportunities and Challenges  - The Three Year Perspective
    With nearly 9 in 10 U.S. homes now having at least one CTV device and adoption in other countries rapidly growing, ad-supported streaming services proliferating and brands hungry to replace lost linear TV impressions, the CTV advertising has become the hottest sector of the ad market. Go inside all the key CTV advertising trends with senior industry leaders who will explore the biggest opportunities and challenges over the next 2-3 years.

    Laurie Crowley - SVP Group Director, Investment, Havas Media
    Stacie Danzis - SVP, Digital Ad Sales, A+E Networks
    Justin Fromm - Head of Insights, Samsung Ads
    Darren Olive - President, Sales & Strategy, Crackle Connex
    Tom St. John - Head of Partnerships, Beachfront
    Danielle DeLauro - EVP, VAB (moderator)


  • [VIDEO] The Big Picture: Exploring CTV’s Primary Opportunities and Challenges

    The following session was recorded at VideoNuze's Connected TV Advertising PREVIEW: 2022 virtual conference on January 26, 2022.

    The Big Picture: Exploring CTV’s Primary Opportunities and Challenges
    There is a lot of enthusiasm around CTV because it is the first medium to marry the best of TV advertising with the best of digital advertising. In this “big picture” session, learn what CTV’s primary opportunities are, and also what challenges still need to be addressed.

    - Ethan Heftman – SVP, Ad Sales Precision & Performance, A+E Networks
    - Nicole Scaglione – Global VP, OTT and CTV, PubMatic
    - Stacey Stewart – U.S. Chief Marketplace Officer, UM
    - Danielle DeLauro – EVP, VAB (moderator)

  • [VIDEO] How CTV is Being Embraced Throughout the Ecosystem

    The following video was recorded at VideoNuze's Connected TV Advertising Brand Suitability Summit virtual on November 17, 2021.

    How CTV is Being Embraced Throughout the Ecosystem
    Covid accelerated the most important trend in the TV ecosystem: the massive shift in viewership from linear TV to streaming, with ad budgets following the eyeballs. Learn how this transition is unfolding and what it means for the future of TV and advertising.

    - Natalie Bastian – SVP, Head of Marketing, Tubi
    - James Brown – EVP, Content Distribution and Marketing, REVOLT
    - Rene Santaella – EVP, Digital and Streaming Media, Estrella Media
    - Sarah Shriver – VP, Global Content Monetization & Strategy, A+E Networks
    - Colin Dixon – Founder and Chief Analyst, nScreenMedia (moderator)

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  • Audience Buying and Data’s Critical Role [SHIFT Videos]

    At our SHIFT // Programmatic Video & TV Ad Summit a couple weeks ago we had two sessions that were connected: one that focused on executing the roadmap for success in audience buying and one that focused on maximizing data’s ROI.

    Panelists for the audience buying panel included Gabe Bevilacqua (SVP of Product Management, Advanced Advertising, Viacom), Jason DeMarco (VP, Audience and Data Solutions, A+E Networks), Anupam Gupta (Chief Product Officer, 4C Insights) and Adam Hecht (VP, Monetization, SintecMedia), with Mary Ann Halford (Senior Advisor, FTI Consulting), moderating.

    Panelists for the maximizing data’s ROI panel included Scott Ashby (Sr. Director, Advanced Ad Products, Fox Networks Group), Judith Hammerman (SVP, Data Solutions & Programmatic Solutions, Time Inc.), Mark Risis (Head of Global Data Partnerships, IBM Watson Advertising), Damian Garbaccio (Global Chief Revenue Officer, Nielsen Marketing Cloud), with Brian Leder (Partner and Chief Strategy Officer, Promatica), moderating.

    Watch the session videos now!

    Watch the session videos

  • Can An Entertainment-Centric Skinny Bundle Succeed?

    Can an entertainment-centric skinny bundle succeed? That question will be answered soon when a new service including TV networks from Discovery, Viacom, AMC, A+E and Scripps launches, according to a recent WSJ report. The service will be called “Philo” which is the same name as the technology provider that will power it.

    Skinny bundles have received a huge amount of attention over the past couple of years as a lower cost approach the pay-TV industry is using to retain would-be cord-cutters. However, skinny bundles have faced the vexing question of whether to include expensive sports networks in their offers, which in turn pressure already minuscule profit margins.

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  • How to Move Ads at the Speed of Today [AD SUMMIT VIDEO]

    The convergence of TV and online video advertising is happening, but there are still many operational challenges to realizing its full potential. At the recent Video Ad Summit, we zeroed in what still needs to be done in a session titled “How to Move Ads at the Speed of Today,” which included Melinda McLaughlin (CMO, Extreme Reach), Peter Olsen (EVP, National Ad Sales, A+E Networks) and Mitch Weinstein (SVP, Director of Ad Operations, IPG Mediabrands), with Steve Grubbs of Prohaska Consulting serving as moderator.

    The panelists dug into issues including the diverse ad operations workflows for TV vs. online video, the confusion caused by today’s metrics, the huge amount of time industry executives currently waste just trying to sync up on common standards and terminology, why reach is so important, yet so elusive across TV and digital, plus lots more.

    It’s a fascinating, well-grounded discussion of the practicalities required to make converged campaigns and spending really take off.

    Watch the video (33 minutes, 5 seconds).

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  • TiVo Research Study Finds TV Ad Spending Cuts Lead to Lower Sales

    TV ad budgets are being diverted to many different types of digital spending these days, so it’s no surprise to see TV networks and their partners re-asserting the value of TV advertising, especially as the all-important upfronts approach.

    The latest evidence is a new study from TiVo Research, consulting firm 84.51 (part of The Kroger Co.), A+E Networks and Turner, which found that for every dollar decrease in TV ad spending, the reduction in sales was $3. The study looked at 15 consumer packaged goods brands which had reduced TV ad spending somewhere between 29% and 75%. The study then measured their sales performance for one or two quarters in the 2013-2014 period.

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  • Premium Publishers Navigate the Programmatic Video Opportunity [SHIFT VIDEO]

    Eager to unlock the full value of their audiences, premium publishers are tapping into programmatic, using data and a variety of tools. At the recent SHIFT // 2015 Programmatic Video & TV Ad Summit we dedicated a session to exploring how this is all unfolding. Among the topics discussed was how programmatic aligns with direct sales, the evolving role of measurement, how to aggregate across all platforms and much more.

    The session included Trent Anderson (Senior Director, Client Solutions, FreeWheel), Jason Barnett (Head of Programmatic,, Jason DeMarco (Director, Programmatic and Audience Solutions, A+E Networks) and Jana Meron (VP, Programmatic & Data Strategy, Business Insider), with Tim Hanlon (Managing Director, FTI Consulting) moderating. Follow the link below to watch the session video (31 minutes).

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  • Clearleap Inks Deal for A+E Networks' On-Demand Distribution

    Clearleap, which powers multiscreen distribution for many TV networks and pay-TV providers, has announced another big new customer, A+E Networks. Under the deal, Clearleap will enable on-demand access to A+E's portfolio of cable TV network brands across multiple devices.

    Until relatively recently, the primary distribution model for cable TV networks was pretty straightforward - virtually all linear and all through their pay-TV partners. But now, with the explosion of both on-demand and digital opportunities, the complexity of managing distribution and business models has soared.

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  • "TV is Video, But is Video TV?" [AD SUMMIT VIDEO]

    One of our early sessions at the recent Video Ad Summit was "TV is Video, But is Video TV?" which included Doug Knopper (Co-CEO, FreeWheel), Peter Naylor (SVP, Ad Sales, Hulu), Fred Santarpia (EVP, Chief Digital Officer, Conde Nast Entertainment) and Dan Suratt (EVP, Digital Media and Business Development, A+E Networks), with me moderating.

    The question is highly relevant as it influences how ad spending will evolve and how pay-TV's value proposition will be perceived given the proliferation of online originals. Our panelists offer a range of perspectives, with some consensus that if it's long-form, high-quality, rights-managed and brand-safe online video, there's no practical difference vs. TV. One data point that Peter shares - that 62% of Hulu's content is now viewed on connected TV devices - underscores how mainstream online video viewing has become.

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  • VideoNuze Podcast #225 - NewFronts, Cable Show and More

    I'm pleased to present the 225th edition of the VideoNuze podcast with my weekly partner Colin Dixon of nScreenMedia. This week the NewFronts got underway in NYC while the Cable Show was happening in LA. We discuss some of the highlights from both.

    Starting with the NewFronts, per new IAB research, we were both impressed with the rising esteem of online video advertising in the eyes of ad buyers. These are the people being courted at the NewFronts, and they now see TV and video as being essentially at parity importance for major product/service campaigns.

    Moreover, 2/3 of respondents see their online video spending increasing in the next 12 months, with 67% citing TV budgets as the top source of funding for online video. All of this is certainly good news for the content providers unveiling new programs at the NewFronts this week.

    Colin then discusses his observations from the Cable Show where executives cited concerns about creators being drawn to the YouTube ecosystem instead of traditional TV. Meanwhile these classic distinctions are getting blurrier, as evidenced by last week's integration of Netflix with 3 cable operators. It's not just Netflix though - clearly Hulu has aspirations to be integrated as well, and surely YouTube and others are right behind.

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  • My Cable IPTV Panel Today: Is Cable Bypass for Real?

    I was in NYC today moderating the opening session at Cable IPTV, which is a new and very timely conference organized by Fred Dawson, editor of ScreenPlays magazine (kudos to Fred and his team for a very well run event).

    The panel was entitled, “The Cable Perspective on Trends in “Over-the-Top” and User-Generated Video” and the panelists were Sean Doherty, CEO,, Keith Kocho, Founder, ExtendMedia,Jim Turner, VP, Interactive, A&E Networks and Bill Wheaton, VP, Digital Media, Akamai Technologies, Inc.

    We had a wide-ranging conversation, mostly focused around the theme of whether broadband video is going to shape up as a real “cable bypass” or “over-the-top” medium, or whether cable operators are going to maintain their dominant role as video packagers.

    I’ve said for a while that the broadband video aggregation role is cable’s to lose. With tens of millions of traditional video and broadband Internet access subscribers, cable is extremely well-positioned to bring together the best of broadband video with the best of traditional broadcast and cable programming. Yet I’ve been disappointed that cable operators have been slow on the uptake while other aggregators have aggressively ramped up (e.g. Apple, Google, Joost, Yahoo, etc.). Aided by new bypass devices like AppleTV, Xbox, Netgear, etc, these companies are all aiming to eventually steal cable’s video customers.

    Today’s panelists reinforced my thinking that these would-be bypassers are in for a tough fight. Bill pointed out that since operators own their own networks, they can deliver quality-of-service (QOS) that others can’t. This is especially important when it comes to delivering really big Blue-Ray or HD-DVD files. Meanwhile, Jim reminded all of us that “most favored nations” clauses in most cable networks’ carriage agreements with operators will be keeping plenty of lawyers busy just determining if networks can even make deals with the upstart broadband video aggregators.

    And then of course our panel followed Andrew Olson’s opening keynote (who is co-founder of thePlatform, and now SVP, Strategy and Development for Comcast Interactive Media), during which he highlighted all of Comcast’s new broadband video initiatives (Fancast, Ziddio, etc.). Plenty of messages that Comcast is hip to broadband video and is now moving fast to defend its turf.

    Lastly, cable operators are now being offered some interesting new technology that will bridge broadband video over to existing digital set-top boxes inexpensively and without truck rolls.
    I saw a demo of ICTV’s ActiveVideo platform at the Cable Show last week and it was pretty compelling. It is at least one viable alternative for operators to accelerate their own convergence initiatives.

    The broadband video aggregation area is going to be very interesting to watch…..

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