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  • [VIDEO] FASTs – Road to Gold or Road to “SLOW?”

    The following video was recorded at VideoNuze’s third annual Connected TV Advertising PREVIEW: 2023 virtual on February 28, 2023.

    FASTs – Road to Gold or Road to “SLOW?”
    Free ad-supported TV or “FAST” has become one of the buzziest terms in the streaming and CTV industries. Content providers are eagerly launching FAST channels to capitalize on two key trends: advertisers’ insatiable demand for premium CTV ad inventory and viewers’ SVOD fatigue as economic uncertainty escalates. All of this makes FASTs a “road to gold” in the short-term. But in the longer-term, is flooding the market with a lot of free premium programming going to precipitate "SLOW" – “SVOD Losses On the Way?” as viewers are further conditioned to consume free premium video via FASTs and expect ever-better shows to be accessible without payment required?

    Beth Anderson – GM, FAST Channels, BBC Studios
    Tejas Shah – SVP, Commercial Strategy and Analytics, FilmRise
    Josh Sharma – VP of Advertising Partnerships, Allen Media Group
    Aneessa Steilen – VP, Media and Distribution Marketing, Vevo
    Eric John – VP, Media Center, IAB (moderator)

  • Inside the Stream Podcast: World Cup 4K, Netflix Ad Refunds, HBO Max Removes “Westworld”, Music FASTs

    On this week’s edition of Inside the Stream, nScreenMedia’s Colin Dixon and I dig into four topics: World Cup streaming quality and the lack of 4K differentiation, Netflix’s offer to refund advertisers due to inventory shortfalls, WBD’s decision to remove “Westworld” from HBO Max, and the proliferation of music-oriented FAST channels.

    Listen to the podcast to learn more (31 minutes, 25 seconds)

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  • How Vevo Launched an Advanced TV Business in the FAST Lane

    When well-established companies go through a pivot, the process is often described as trying to turn around an aircraft carrier.

    In Vevo’s case, the move from being a web-centric brand to CTV juggernaut was more like turning an aircraft carrier into a rocket ship - while it’s still moving.

    Back in 2019, Vevo content was regularly ranked among the top ten most watched videos on YouTube across the globe, and revenue was growing consistently YOY.

    Knowing our content on YouTube was already enjoying viewership on the big screens in homes, we began establishing an entirely new business model - one where a Vevo CTV app and strategically placed linear TV channels (FAST channels for you TV ad tech nerds) could become the primary way we connect with consumers, and our top source of revenue.

    Due to the TV-oriented evolution of our business, we had to evolve our products, our marketing strategy, our programming, our relationship with fans – our entire operation. It turns out many of the seeds were planted years before. Here’s how were able to land the plane - and then launch a rocket:

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  • [VIDEO] Publishers’ Perspectives: How to Win in the Connected Living Room

    The following session was recorded at VideoNuze's Connected TV Advertising PREVIEW: 2022 virtual conference on January 27, 2022.

    Publishers’ Perspectives: How to Win in the Connected Living Room
    Premium ad-supported video services – including on-demand, live, linear and a combination – are having a big impact as consumers augment their SVOD choices. How are publishers winning in the connected living room – gaining audiences and monetizing effectively?

    - Rob Christensen - VP, Advanced TV, Vevo
    - Daniel Church – Head of Advanced TV Product, Beachfront Media
    - Tyler Fitch – SVP, Advanced TV and Partnerships, Tubi
    - Meredith Goldman – VP, Publisher Ad Solutions, Roku
    - Colin Dixon – Founder and Chief Analyst, nScreenMedia (moderator)


  • Inside the Stream Podcast: Deep Dive on the Huge Potential of FASTs

    Welcome to this week’s edition of Inside the Stream, the podcast where nScreenMedia’s Chief Analyst Colin Dixon and I take listeners inside the world of streaming video.

    Free ad-supported TV (“FAST”) channels are getting more attention by streaming services and device-makers. Just this week I wrote about the 11 new FAST channels that Vevo launched in The Roku Channel, while Colin wrote about a number of new Google and YouTube initiatives.

    On today’s podcast we do a deep dive on why FAST channels are a win for everyone - content providers, devices, viewers and advertisers. They’re a perfect example of how streaming and CTV open up avenues for different viewer experiences that can match well to particular circumstances. We expect many more FAST channels to launch, especially from companies that have deep content libraries and demonstrated curation skills.

    Join us next week on Zoom for a live version of Inside the Stream on Dec. 15th at 2:30pm ET / 11:30 am PT. We’ll be discussing the top stories of 2021 and doing live audience Q&A. It’s free - join us!

    Listen to the podcast (27 minutes, 51 seconds)

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  • Vevo’s New FAST Channels on Roku Highlight Diverse CTV Viewing Behaviors

    Vevo has launched 11 free ad-supported TV (“FAST”) channels within The Roku Channel. FAST channels are free 24/7 programmed linear experiences that can be tuned into by viewers on-demand. Vevo’s new FAST channels are another reminder that CTV viewers have a diverse range of behaviors; sometimes accessing a single “unit” of programming on-demand (e.g. a movie, a TV episode, a music video, etc.) or binge-watching multiple units, or watching on-demand a curated set of programming from a linear TV or FAST channel, or even accessing a scheduled, linear TV experience (most notably sports).

    I’ve often thought of FAST channels as analogous to playlists in the audio world and the new Vevo channels feel like they fit that mode. The new channels include  Vevo Pop, Vevo R&B, Vevo Hip Hop, Vevo Reggaeton & Trap, Vevo Country, Vevo Latino, Vevo ‘70s, Vevo ‘80s, Vevo ‘90s, Vevo 2K, and Vevo Holiday, which will be accessible through New Year’s Eve. I sampled a few of the channels and as expected they all played their particular genre seamlessly.

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  • [VIDEO] Multi-Platform Meets Brand Suitability: Best Practices

    The following video was recorded at VideoNuze's Connected TV Advertising Brand Suitability Summit virtual on November 16, 2021.

    Multi-Platform Meets Brand Suitability: Best Practices
    What are the best practices when optimizing for brand suitability across CTV, web, mobile multi-platform/omnichannel campaigns? What is the state of the art in managing/tracking/updating all these moving pieces and what does the technology roadmap look like?

    - Joe Barone – Managing Partner, Brand Safety Americas, GroupM
    - Rayna Elliott – SVP, Digital Strategy and Innovation, Horizon Media
    - Natalie Gabathuler-Scully – SVP, Revenue Operations, Vevo
    - Eric John – VP, Media Center, IAB (moderator)

    Watch the session video now!

  • Inside the Stream Podcast: Vevo’s Andrea Zapata Explains 10x Jump in CTV Ad Revenue Share in Past Year

    Welcome to Inside the Stream, our weekly podcast with Colin Dixon of nScreenMedia where we take listeners inside the world of streaming video.

    Music video provider Vevo has seen connected TV ad revenue jump from 4% of total revenue in Q1 ’20 to 40% of total revenue in Q1 ’21, a 10x increase in just a year. Vevo’s VP of West Coast Sales Andrea Zapata joins us this week to discuss the strategic moves Vevo made to increase its distribution and reposition itself to ad buyers as a music television network in the living room, rather than being mobile-first.

    Andrea also dives into how Vevo is curating its programming and analyzing viewers’ behaviors to create moods which advertisers can then use for contextual targeting.

    Vevo will be participating in our next Connected TV Advertising Summit (virtual) on June 9th and 10th. Registration is free and you can win a Roku TV and smart soundbar.

    Many thanks to our inaugural Inside the Stream sponsor Verizon Media. When you have quality connections at scale, you’re truly connected.

    Listen to Inside the Stream (28 minutes, 22 seconds)

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  • Vevo Enlists iSpot for CTV Measurement

    Music video network Vevo has chosen ad measurement provider iSpot to quantify connected TV audiences and authenticate the incremental reach of advertisers’ campaigns running on Vevo. CTV has been a major source of growth for Vevo with viewership up 30% globally and up 58% in the U.S. in 2020.

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  • Data is the Rocket Fuel for an Audience-Based Buying Future [VIDEO]

    Data has become the rocket fuel behind video advertising and an audience-based buying future – helping advertisers boost targeting for higher ROIs, while allowing content providers to propel the value of their inventory and transact more fluidly.

    At our recent 9th annual Video Ad Summit, a panel including Natalie Gabathuler-Scully (SVP, Revenue Operations, Vevo), Ben Maughan (VP, Business Development, Product, and Client Services, Advanced Media and Advertising, TiVo), George Musi (EVP of Marketing Sciences, Citi, Publicis OneTeam) and Dan Punt (Senior Managing Director, FTI Consulting) as moderator, dug into the above topics and much more.

    In particular, the panelists explored what’s involved in investing in a data strategy, the complexity of audience targeting models (and who does this modeling work), the incremental value of data when used appropriately and key challenges including many proprietary anonymous ID spaces that aren’t interoperable.

    Data tends to be an overused word in the video ad business, but the panel demystified where data’s value really lies.

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  • Harnessing Video’s Infinite Innovation [VIDEO]

    There’s a ton of innovation driving the video industry and video advertising forward. At our recent VideoNuze Online Video Ad Summit, our innovation session focused on areas like voice-activated video search and monetization, mobile/vertical video, optimizing the ad experience, how organizations can build innovative video cultures and much more.

    Participating on the session were Corbin de Rubertis (VP of Innovation, Meredith Digital), Henry Embleton (Head of Ad Products and Revenue, Ellation), Kevin McGurn (Chief Sales Officer, Vevo) with Eric John (Deputy Director, Video, IAB) moderating.

    Watch the session video now!

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