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  • Virtual Pay-TV: What’s Next for Advertisers and Content Providers? [VIDEO]

    Virtual pay-TV (or “vMVPDs”) providers already deliver live, linear and on-demand programming to millions of subscribers, creating a rich new source of targetable premium video ad inventory, often on connected TVs. But virtual pay-TV is itself in a state of flux, with providers revamping packages, evolving their marketing and raising their prices.

    At the recent Video Ad Summit we discussed these dynamics on a session I moderated that included Hannah Brown (Chief Strategy Officer, fuboTV), Chris Maccaro (CEO, Beachfront Media), Matt McLeggon (Senior Director, Advanced TV Growth, SpotX) and
    Beth Weeks (VP, Director Media, Digitas North America).

    Some of the key takeaways included that virtual pay-TV operators are seeking more scale, especially to help educate ad buyers about why the opportunity is compelling (buy side education and overcoming fragmentation was a big theme), how important automation, content discoverability and viewer experiences will be for virtual pay-TV and how linear/sports remain an important part of virtual pay-TV’s appeal.

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  • NewFronts, Upfronts and the Ongoing Battle for Video Ad Budgets [AD SUMMIT VIDEO]

    At the 2015 Video Ad Summit, we reprised a session from 2014, focused on NewFronts, Upfronts and the Ongoing Battle for Video Ad Budgets, including Jackie Kulesza, EVP, Group Director, Digital Acceleration, Starcom and Adam Shlachter, Chief Investment Officer, Digitas Lbi, with Tim Hanlon from The Verrtere Group moderating.

    The session included a deep dive into why the Upfronts are still important to advertisers even as online video advertising spending has soared. Still, Jackie and Adam agreed that advertisers are seeking more flexibility than ever to buy in real-time and optimize their campaigns, which has put huge pressure on the Upfront process.

    The session also touched on the important role of data, why price is still a critical issue, how measurement challenges are still holding back true cross-platform audience buying, how advertisers are adapting and much more.

    Watch the interview now (34 minutes, 10 seconds)

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  • NewFronts, Upfronts and the Battle for Video Ad Budgets [AD SUMMIT VIDEO]

    One of the highlights of the recent Video Ad Summit was a session including Jackie Kulesza, SVP, Director, Video, Starcom MediaVest and Adam Shlachter, Head of Media Activation, Digitas LBi, focused on the NewFronts, Upfronts and future of video ad budgets. The discussion was driven by Jim Nail, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research.

    Adam and Jackie provided a wealth of insights into how video ad buying has evolved at their agencies and how they believe the market will work down the road. They provide perspectives on the NewFronts, where video ad budgets are being sourced from, how clients' strategies are changing and much more. For anyone looking for the agency perspective on online video advertising, it's a very worthwhile 35 minutes.

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  • Is the Day-Part Dead In an Always-On World? [AD SUMMIT VIDEO]

    The leadoff session at the recent Video Ad Summit focused on changing consumer viewing behaviors and how they upend the traditional concept of programming by day-parts. We had a great cross-section of perspectives from panelists including Ken Lagana (SVP, Sales, CBS Interactive), J.R. McCabe (SVP, Video, Time, Inc.), Andrea Palmer (VP, Group Media Director, Digitas) and Chris Smith (VP, Video and Mobile, Collective), with Jonathan Carson (former Global President, Digital, Nielsen) moderating.

    The video is below and runs 43 minutes, 12 seconds.

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  • NewFronts, Upfronts and Changing Video Ad Landscape [AD SUMMIT VIDEO]

    One of the highlights of the June 4th Online Video Ad Summit was an in-depth session on the recent NewFronts, Upfronts and the larger changes in the video advertising landscape, featuring Michael Bologna, Director, Emerging Communications at GroupM and Adam Shlachter, SVP, Media, Digitas, with Jim Nail, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research moderating.

    It was a dynamic, wide-ranging discussion that touched on the following topics: what impact the NewFronts will have, how to de-duplicate audience viewing given the proliferation of screens, why advertisers continue to pay more despite smaller TV audiences, what role new ad creative can play in online, how new targeting techniques play vs. traditional content-as-a-proxy-for-audience mindsets and lots, lots more.

    The video is below and runs 35 minutes, 18 seconds.

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  • Inside the Digital Content NewFronts: Interview with Digitas' Global Creative Head Mark Beeching

    It seems like barely a week goes by these days without a new online-only original video series or new distribution agreement being announced. But even as content creators' enthusiasm for the new medium grows, there's one constant reality: if major advertising dollars don't flow into online video, these projects will not survive. Content creators, distributors and agencies need to make a coordinated, concerted effort to educate advertisers about these new opportunities in order to help drive spending.

    That's why the recently announced "Digital Content NewFronts" (DCNF) are a step in the right direction. Recognizing that a rising tide lifts all boats, five of the top ten online video destinations have banded together with ad agency Digitas to host two weeks of targeted events. But as Mark Beeching, Chief Global Creative and Strategy Director for Digitas explains in the following interview, the DCNF isn't as much an event as it is part of an ongoing, inclusive dialogue between brands and content creators/distributors looking to tap into completely new customer engagement opportunities.

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  • Online Video Heavyweights Organize First "NewFronts" Ad Marketplace

    Five of the top 10 online video destinations - AOL, Hulu, Microsoft, Yahoo and YouTube - are joining with ad agency Digitas to launch the first-ever "Digital Content NewFronts" (DCNF). The DCNF's goal is to "shape a new and practical marketplace for connecting the wealth of native digital content with brand marketers and their media and marketing agencies." From April 19th to May 2nd, each of the 6 companies will host a day-long event in NYC showcasing their programming and ad opportunities. The DCNF actually builds on the 1-day NewFront event Digitas has been holding for the last 3 years.

    I think the combined approach of the DCNF is the right idea at the right time. Given the wealth of premium original online video that each of the 5 destinations is pursuing - all of which is ad-supported - the DCNF could become an important catalyst in educating advertisers and agencies about these new opportunities and therefore why they should shift some of their spending. As I've recently written, a bevy of Hollywood A-listers and others are getting involved in original online video productions, helping create a "virtuous cycle" of anticipated growth.

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  • Digitas' NewFront: Convergence Underway, Challenges Remain

    Following this year's successful TV advertising upfront, yesterday Digitas' branded entertainment arm, The Third Act, presented its third annual and playfully titled, Digital Content NewFront. The similarities are in name only though, as the NewFront is a conference and social gathering, bringing together and showcasing top tier online content creators, distributors, and forward-thinking brands.

    Before you start thinking NewFront is a bunch of web wannabes looking for their big break, the guest list was actually packed with tons of traditional media talent who have also been pursuing online content, such as Kevin Pollack, Jason Bateman, Lisa Kudrow, Teri Hatcher, and even Martha Stewart. Their involvement underscores how traditional and new media convergence is already well underway, propelled by branded entertainment.

    The enthusiasm at the NewFront was abundant, with Mark Beeching, Digitas' Worldwide Chief Creative Officer, trumpeting in his opening remarks, "Online video is no longer a three minute trivial sideshow!" Still, illustrating the mixed motivations of many online content creators, Ricky Van Veen, of CollegeHumor and IAC's branded content wing, Electus, noted that most creators still view online video as a stepping-stone to TV or film. 
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  • VideoNuze Report Podcast #19 - June 5, 2009

    Below is the 19th edition of the VideoNuze Report podcast, for June 5, 2009.

    Daisy was in New York this week for the "NewFronts," a day-long meeting that Digitas sponsored, mainly for independent online video creators and media buyers/agencies. The goals were to educate the market and fuel advertiser interest. Daisy reports that despite the mixed news coming out of the independent video world this year, it was an upbeat gathering.

    I provide additional detail on Microsoft's announcement this year of new entertainment-oriented features for XBox 360. The gaming console continues to take on more of a convergence positioning, with new instant-on 1080p video, live streams, Zune integration, etc. With an installed base of 30 million users, Microsoft has a prime opportunity to drive convergence and get a video foothold. The new Xbox 360 features coincide with last week's Hulu Desktop announcement and this week's YouTube XL unveiling.

    Click here to listen to the podcast (14 minutes, 47 seconds)

    Click here for previous podcasts

    The VideoNuze Report is available in iTunes...subscribe today!

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  • Understanding "Branded Entertainment"

    At the OMMA Video Summit yesterday in NYC, I moderated a panel entitled "Branded Entertainment." Readers of VideoNuze know that I have been tracking brand marketers' varied broadband initiatives which are whittling away traditional demarcations between advertising and content. Broadband is opening up a whole new frontier for brands to engage their audiences.

    We had a stellar group of panelists who have been on the front lines of branded entertainment, including three from agencies (Jeremy Lockhorn from Avenue A Razorfish, Joe Frydl from Ogilvy Entertainment and John McCarus from Digitas/The Third Act) and two from independent video sites making a strong push into this area (Rob Barnett from MyDamnChannel and Peter Hoskins from ManiaTV).

    The whole area of branded entertainment is still in its infancy, meaning different things to different people. The panel's consensus was that these projects must provide "entertaining consumer experiences in which brands receive 'permission' to market their products." Joe, who's produced the Hellmann's "Real Food" campaign (now back for its second season on Yahoo), emphasized the importance of presenting content that's authentic to the brand while also finding partners who can deliver big audiences.

    Those partners can vary as John mentioned that in a recent 45 webisode series it created for Holiday Inn Express, 90% of the series' views came from 10% of its overall distribution sites and that these were mainly smaller outlets. That sparked a consensus that when picking distribution partners, those with narrower but more passionate audiences were preferred to larger, but less focused outlets. Peter and Rob both noted that there smaller size and focused audiences allow them work more closely with brands to tailor content for their audiences' interests.

    That synched up with advice from Jeremy (and seconded by others) that when it comes to branded entertainment, brands must be involved from the start of the creative process. Content companies still tend to look upon brands as little more than checkbooks, with products to be written into scenes after the creative is essentially complete. That bias needs to change fast if branded entertainment is to succeed. To increase the odds of success, Peter noted that ManiaTV focuses on episodic content, as consumer relationships build slowly over time.

    The role of agencies is certain to change as branded entertainment gets more traction. Since it's still so early, panelists concurred that agencies need to "embrace ambiguity" and focus on "earning attention, not buying attention" for their clients. Listening to the panelists, it seemed to me that agencies looking to operate successfully in this area will also need significant business development/partnership skills as pulling distribution into these campaigns is quite important.

    Branded entertainment is yet another greenfield opportunity that broadband is opening up. Given how many agencies and others are setting up branded entertainment specialty units, it's certain to get more priority by brands.

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