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  • [VIDEO] Inside CTV’s Biggest Opportunities and Challenges - The Three Year Perspective

    The following video was recorded at VideoNuze’s fourth annual Connected TV Advertising Summit virtual on June 8, 2023.

    Inside CTV’s Biggest Opportunities and Challenges  - The Three Year Perspective
    With nearly 9 in 10 U.S. homes now having at least one CTV device and adoption in other countries rapidly growing, ad-supported streaming services proliferating and brands hungry to replace lost linear TV impressions, the CTV advertising has become the hottest sector of the ad market. Go inside all the key CTV advertising trends with senior industry leaders who will explore the biggest opportunities and challenges over the next 2-3 years.

    Laurie Crowley - SVP Group Director, Investment, Havas Media
    Stacie Danzis - SVP, Digital Ad Sales, A+E Networks
    Justin Fromm - Head of Insights, Samsung Ads
    Darren Olive - President, Sales & Strategy, Crackle Connex
    Tom St. John - Head of Partnerships, Beachfront
    Danielle DeLauro - EVP, VAB (moderator)


  • Beachfront’s Head of Strategy and Operations Laura Wu on CTV Advertising Innovation

    Beachfront’s head of strategy and operations Laura Wu discusses connected TV advertising innovations in a 10-minute interview below. Laura dives into how publishers are better controlling/monetizing ad pods, using first-party data and converting CTV into a lower-funnel channel. Laura also explains how consumers crave simplicity, which will likely lead to more bundling going forward.

    If you want to hear more from Laura, then after the jump, check out her recent session at VideoNuze’s Connected TV Advertising PREVIEW: 2023, “The Big Picture: Trends and Opportunities in CTV in 2023.” Laura is joined by Aaron Goldman (Chief Marketing Officer, Mediaocean), Paul Josephsen (Chief Strategy Officer, WMX Content & Media Division @Warner Music Group) and Brian Wieser (Principal, Madison and Wall), with Danielle DeLauro (EVP, VAB) moderating.

    Watch Laura’s interview now.

  • [VIDEO] The Big Picture: Trends and Opportunities in CTV in 2023

    The following video was recorded at VideoNuze’s third annual Connected TV Advertising PREVIEW: 2023 virtual on February 28, 2023.

    The Big Picture: Trends and Opportunities in CTV in 2023
    Connected TV is the hottest sector of the advertising industry, forecast by eMarketer to grow 27% in 2023 to $27 billion in the U.S. alone. Despite significant economic headwinds, CTV continues to enjoy significant advantages by combining the best of TV advertising’s site, sound and motion, with the best of digital advertising’s targetability, interactivity and optimization. Still, many challenges remain. This session will explore all the most significant factors influencing CTV’s evolution in 2023.

    Aaron Goldman - Chief Marketing Officer, Mediaocean
    Paul Josephsen – Chief Strategy Officer, WMX Content & Media Division @Warner Music Group
    Brian Wieser – Principal, Madison and Wall
    Laura Wu – Head of Strategy and Operations, Beachfront
    Danielle DeLauro – EVP, VAB (moderator)

  • CTV Content Metadata and the Need for a Standardized Taxonomy

    As TV and digital advertising converge, it’s become even more evident how different the ways of buying and selling media are in each ecosystem. This reality has created some key challenges for both brands and media owners who seek to operate across platforms, and these challenges will only inhibit the free flow of money if they persist.

    Advertisers generally want to deliver targeted impressions across a mix of programming, irrespective of whether that content is delivered on a set-top box or an IP-connected device. However, each of these environments offer vastly different capabilities and operates on different protocols. The resulting asymmetry, as you might imagine, often leads to frustrations and hurdles.

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  • VAST & RTB: Peas in an Ad Pod

    While the CTV market will continue to garner billions of dollars in incremental spend each year for the foreseeable future, the tone is beginning to change ever so slightly; from unbridled excitement to a heightened focus on the technology and manner by which CTV ads are bought and sold.

    Amid this step change, an old friend has re-emerged at the forefront of industry conversation: Ad Pods.

    As a refresher, ad pods are a sequenced group of ads that play one after another within an ad break. Scheduled in pre-, mid-, and post-roll environments, an ad pod equates to a commercial break that runs during an episode of a TV program in linear environments.

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  • Beachfront’s VP, Business Development Marni Rommel on Key CTV Ad Trends

    Beachfront’s VP, Business Development Marni Rommel discusses key CTV advertising trends in the short interview below. Marni joined Beachfront recently and describes the company’s innovations in delivering more effective ads. Marni also shares takeaways on the NewFronts, ad-supported original programs, the role of data, and more.

    Hear more from Marni at VideoNuze’s CTV Advertising Summit virtual on June 14th and 15th afternoons, on the session “Transitioning from Linear TV to Streaming.” Registration is complimentary and you can win a Roku Streaming Soundbar.

  • [VIDEO] Publishers’ Perspectives: How to Win in the Connected Living Room

    The following session was recorded at VideoNuze's Connected TV Advertising PREVIEW: 2022 virtual conference on January 27, 2022.

    Publishers’ Perspectives: How to Win in the Connected Living Room
    Premium ad-supported video services – including on-demand, live, linear and a combination – are having a big impact as consumers augment their SVOD choices. How are publishers winning in the connected living room – gaining audiences and monetizing effectively?

    - Rob Christensen - VP, Advanced TV, Vevo
    - Daniel Church – Head of Advanced TV Product, Beachfront Media
    - Tyler Fitch – SVP, Advanced TV and Partnerships, Tubi
    - Meredith Goldman – VP, Publisher Ad Solutions, Roku
    - Colin Dixon – Founder and Chief Analyst, nScreenMedia (moderator)


  • Understanding the Intersection of Addressable TV and CTV

    The rise of streaming represents a generational shift in consumer behaviors. The pandemic radically accelerated what had been a persistent, long-simmering trend, and now the entire industry is transfixed by the challenge and the opportunity that is advertising on a connected TV (CTV) device.

    The problem is, CTV and streaming are not exactly synonymous. Streaming is content delivered over an internet connection to any device, often via a direct relationship with the streaming service. The concept of CTV refers to the device itself, such as a smart TV, and the concept of CTV advertising covers the full range of opportunities made possible by having a screen that big connected to the digital advertising ecosystem.  Linear TV programming, when run across an internet-connected CTV device, can in theory present media buyers with addressable advertising opportunities on the big screen.

    Marketers can be forgiven for conflating the two, because the fact is, Linear TV inventory has become addressable and programmatic at a slower rate than many expected, at least relative to the meteoric rise of streaming. A crisis of trust in common measurement standards has only slowed progress further. Folks today see CTV and assume streaming.

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  • Beachfront’s Head of Strategy and Operations Laura Wu on Linear to Streaming Shift

    At VideoNuze’s upcoming Connected TV Advertising Summit on June 9th and 10th, Beachfront’s Head of Strategy and Operations Laura Wu will be on a panel, “The Great Transition: From Linear TV to Streaming” with executives from Crackle Plus, fuboTV and Verizon Media. In the 10 minute interview below, Laura previews where Beachfront is positioning itself in the shift, the role of addressability and what’s ahead.

    Reminder that registration is complimentary for the CTV Ad Summit and you can win a Roku TV and Streaming Soundbar!

    Watch the interview now!

  • Beachfront Enables Digital Ad Buyers to Access Canoe’s Premium VOD Inventory

    Video ad management platform Beachfront has announced that ad buyers can now use its technology to access Canoe’s premium VOD ad inventory. Canoe powers VOD and linear addressable advertising in 38 million U.S. households that subscribe to pay-TV from Comcast, Charter and Cox, which are Canoe investors.

    In a briefing, Chris Maccaro, CEO of Beachfront, told me that the company has been investing in the solution for several years and sees an opportunity to improve VOD yield by exposing digital-centric buyers to premium VOD inventory. Chris believes that as VOD inventory is made available to agencies, brands, demand side platforms and others for automated programmatic buying, yield will improve and prices will increase.

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  • Beachfront Launches Pod Bidding Solution for CTV Ads

    Video adtech provider Beachfront has launched in beta a pod bidding solution for connected TV ads. The solution allows publishers to programmatically sell an entire ad pod while pricing each ad differently and guaranteeing positions within the pod. Guaranteeing first position would be especially valuable for CTV publishers to be able to optimize for advertisers who are willing to pay a premium to be in the first slot of a pod.

    Beachfront founder and president Frank Sinton told me in a briefing that this kind of preference has been available in a direct sale model for CTVs, but not in programmatic. Choosing first position has long been part of the traditional TV buying world, but Frank said that because a lot of the ad infrastructure used for CTV is based on desktop and mobile this capability has been missing. CTV advertising is growing strongly, with eMarketer forecasting over $10 billion in spending next year.

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  • IAB: CTV to Benefit from Virus Ad Spending Shifts; Upfronts Could be Down by $4 Billion

    The IAB released new research on Friday afternoon indicating connected TV (CTV) and over-the-top (OTT) video are likely to benefit from ad spending shifts caused by the coronavirus. In a survey of approximately 400 agency and brand decision-makers, 35% of respondents said they anticipate increasing their use of OTT/CTV device targeting, second only to audience targeting (38%), with mobile/tablet (34%) in third place.

    Supporting the IAB research, last Friday Beachfront said it has seen a 105% increase in average daily CTV ad requests in March vs. February. Founder Frank Sinton noted that typically only big sports events drive these kinds of bumps in usage. There have been many other reports of surging CTV/OTT usage since stay-at-home guidelines have been implemented.

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  • Beachfront, Beeswax and LiveRamp Team Up for Targeted CTV Ads

    Connected TV advertising has a mile-wide opportunity ahead, but there are a few critical challenges that loom, including viewer privacy, lack of cookie-based targeting and cross-screen identity management. There are lots of initiatives addressing these challenges and I have little doubt that over time they’ll all be fully resolved and/or the industry will get comfortable with approaches irrespective of their particular limitations; CTV advertising is simply becoming too strategic for too many players for it to be derailed.

    Helping move the ball forward, this morning Beachfront and Beeswax announced they are adopting LiveRamp’s IdentityLink identifier for clients' CTV ad buying. Beachfront is an ad management/SSP in both video and TV. Beeswax is a DSP for programmatic ad buyers. LiveRamp started as a data on-boarding company and has evolved to an identity solution provider.

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  • Beachfront Powers XITE’s VOD Ad Inventory on Set-Top Boxes

    Late last week, video ad management platform Beachfront and XITE announced a collaboration in which Beachfront is powering XITE’s VOD ad inventory on IP-enabled set-top boxes. XITE is a Netherlands-founded music video service that reaches 100 million households in the U.S. and elsewhere.

    Ben Abbatiello, Beachfront’s VP of Advanced TV explained in an interview that a critical role that the company is playing is empowering XITE with more granular, IPv6-based audience targeting on set-top boxes, an improvement vs. the single home IP address format of IPv4. Beachfront has been investing in cross-screen addressability that bridges STB and connected TV inventory. IPv6 will become more essential for enhanced targeting as consumers add multiple viewing devices in their homes.

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  • Virtual Pay-TV: What’s Next for Advertisers and Content Providers? [VIDEO]

    Virtual pay-TV (or “vMVPDs”) providers already deliver live, linear and on-demand programming to millions of subscribers, creating a rich new source of targetable premium video ad inventory, often on connected TVs. But virtual pay-TV is itself in a state of flux, with providers revamping packages, evolving their marketing and raising their prices.

    At the recent Video Ad Summit we discussed these dynamics on a session I moderated that included Hannah Brown (Chief Strategy Officer, fuboTV), Chris Maccaro (CEO, Beachfront Media), Matt McLeggon (Senior Director, Advanced TV Growth, SpotX) and
    Beth Weeks (VP, Director Media, Digitas North America).

    Some of the key takeaways included that virtual pay-TV operators are seeking more scale, especially to help educate ad buyers about why the opportunity is compelling (buy side education and overcoming fragmentation was a big theme), how important automation, content discoverability and viewer experiences will be for virtual pay-TV and how linear/sports remain an important part of virtual pay-TV’s appeal.

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  • Beachfront Enables VOD Monetization with Programmatic Ads

    Video adtech provider Beachfront will enable pay-TV operators to monetize their set-top box video on demand (VOD) viewing with ads sourced from programmatic video ad buyers. The move effectively bridges 2 worlds that have been mainly separate - traditional pay-TV VOD and real-time, dynamic digital ad demand.

    Chris Maccaro, CEO of Beachfront, told me in an interview that in talking to various pay-TV operators and TV networks, under-monetization of VOD viewership remains a pain point, with up to half of all views not monetized optimally or at all. By enabling a select group of programmatic ad buyers to access this inventory, Beachfront is creating incremental VOD revenue.

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  • Beachfront: Connected TV Ad Requests Leap to 30 Billion Per Month

    Beachfront, a leading video supply-side platform, said that connected TV ad requests jumped to approximately 30 billion in November, 2018, a stunning 1,640% increase from November, 2017 when it received approximately 1.8 billion requests.
    Beachfront works mainly with mid-tail and long-tail video providers as well as virtual MVPDs.

    Roku continues to dominate, with Beachfront saying that 87% of CTV ad requests in November ’18 were on Roku devices. Trailing well behind were Amazon Fire TV, LG, Samsung TV, Vizio and Chromecast, in that order.

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  • Beachfront Enriches Premium Video Ads in Real Time with MadHive Data

    Beachfront, a leading supply-side platform for video ads, has partnered with MadHive, a data management platform, to enrich and verify audiences on connected devices. Frank Sinton, President and Founder of Beachfront told me in a briefing that the company is focused on validation of inventory quality and audiences, issues that are top of mind for its publisher customers.

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  • Connected TVs’ Ad-Supported Future [VIDEO]

    As more TV viewing moves to streaming, connected TV is emerging as the most important new source of premium ad-supported inventory. At our recent VideoNuze Online Video Ad Summit, we dug into this unfolding opportunity on a session Rich Calacci (Chief Revenue Officer, Pluto TV), Jim Keller (VP, Sales, Hulu), Frank Sinton (Founder, Beachfront Media), Seth Walters (VP, Demand Partnerships, Roku), with Colin Dixon (Principal Analyst, nScreenMedia), moderating.

    The panel explored the key advantages of connected TV ads, including enhanced targetability (at the user level), measurability, in-flight optimization and real-time feedback loops. The panelists also noted that with more cord-cutting happening, CTV is a critical way to reach certain households and build cross-screen campaigns. Still, the panelists noted that it’s relatively early days for CTVs, as virtually all TV will be streamed within 5 years.

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  • VideoNuze Podcast #424: Exploring the Benefits of Advertising on Connected TVs

    I’m pleased to present the 424th edition of the VideoNuze podcast, with my weekly partner Colin Dixon of nScreenMedia.

    At this past Tuesday’s VideoNuze Online Video Advertising Summit, Colin moderated a session, “Connected TVs’ Ad-Supported Future,” with Rich Calacci (Pluto TV), Jim Keller (Hulu), Frank Sinton (Beachfront Media) and Seth Walters (Roku) participating. In the first segment of this week’s podcast, we discuss the reasons panelists cited for why ads on connected TVs are so appealing to advertisers, among other topics.

    We then transition to some of the highlights of the keynote interview with David Lawenda (EVP, Digital Sales and Strategy, CBS), with particular focus on his comments about advertisers’ reluctance to pay more just because ad loads are lighter. A range of TV networks are lightening their ad loads to provide a better experience compared to ad-free SVOD, but the benefits are uncertain according to David.

    Finally, we touch on interesting data that Group Nine Media’s SVP of Ad Solutions and Innovation Hayden Lynch made in my interview with him around the difficulties of monetizing video distributed on platforms. Group Nine’s properties generate around 6 billion views/month, but only 10-20% of them are being monetized, which is pretty eye-opening.

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