• Beachfront Enriches Premium Video Ads in Real Time with MadHive Data

    Beachfront, a leading supply-side platform for video ads, has partnered with MadHive, a data management platform, to enrich and verify audiences on connected devices. Frank Sinton, President and Founder of Beachfront told me in a briefing that the company is focused on validation of inventory quality and audiences, issues that are top of mind for its publisher customers.

    Ultimately better quality and audience segmentation flow through to improving publishers’ yield.  Frank explained that MadHive uses blockchain and cryptography to secure advertisers’ first-party data and keep it current. Frank provided the example of data on auto buyers/intenders. If this data is allowed to get stale, it will drive inefficient buys and sub-optimal inventory use.

    By keeping the data current, campaigns can be based on up to date insights. Secondarily, Beachfront is better able to verify that the campaigns were actually delivered against their planned audiences. Frank said this is particularly valuable for ads in connected TV, where audience targeting has been most difficult, especially across different CTVs and other devices.