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  • Data is Core to Merger Between Genesis Media and Altitude Digital

    Two video ad tech providers, Genesis Media and Altitude Digital, announced they have merged in a deal that is rooted in using data to optimize video publishers’ ad inventory. The new company combines Genesis Media’s technology to analyze publishers’ content, ads and audience with Altitude’s video supply side platform. The merged company will be called Genesis Media and be led by CEO Mark Yakanich, with Altitude’s Joe Grover becoming president and chief marketing officer.

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  • Perspective What's this? The Marketer’s Programmatic Video Roadmap

    Digital video is quickly becoming the new hero of the ad world, thanks to its combination of the power of TV and the targetability of digital.

    But in a fragmented media environment, with consumers viewing content across multiple screens, executing video buys can be a complicated undertaking. For maximum effectiveness, audiences need to be targeted and pieced together from a number of sources. Hence, digital video requires multiple buying styles, unlike the relative ease of buying a TV timeslot.

    Programmatic approaches can help manage these complexities. Savvy marketers are making it their business to not only understand programmatic principles, but to flip traditional planning and buying methods, by partnering with the major supply sources to effectively plan for the best outcomes and ensure brand safety.

    If you’re confused on best practice for planning video across screens, here are five tips to help navigate the minefield.

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  • Behind Programmatic Video’s Momentum [AD SUMMIT VIDEO]

    Programmatic video ad buying - using data and automation - is one of the most critical trends in how video is monetized. But as programmatic video has gained momentum, it has become a much more complicated world for publishers, advertisers, agencies and technology providers.

    At our recent Online Video Ad Summit session, “Behind Programmatic Video’s Momentum,” panelists shared insights about how they’re pursuing programmatic and succeeding, along with where key challenges remain.  

    The session included Sarah Baehr (EVP, Managing Partner, Digital, Horizon Media), Dvir Doron (Chief Marketing Officer, Cedato) and Sean Holzman (Chief Digital Officer, Bonnier), with Matt Prohaska (CEO and Principal, Prohaska Consulting) moderating.

    Watch the video (34 minutes, 48 seconds).

    And mark your calendars for Wednesday, November 29th for our 3rd annual SHIFT // Programmatic Video & TV Ad Summit in NYC!

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  • Perspective What's this? Programmatic Advertising’s Next Frontier: Server Side Ad Insertion For Long-Form Video Content

    When an uncharted territory is discovered, it’s human nature to want to explore it. Consumers’ dramatic adoption of digital video presents just such a new frontier for programmatic advertising: how to leverage Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) to help media providers effectively commercialize the high-quality, long-form video experiences that consumers love.

    Digital advertising is booming, and spending on digital video in particular is hitting new heights. This year, marketers in the U.S. will spend more money on digital ads than on TV1 and digital spend in the U.S. will grow 15.9 percent—an additional $83 billion in revenue. Perhaps more remarkably, by 2020, fully half of the rising spend on digital video will transact via programmatic channels in automated marketplaces.

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  • Startup Vinyl Trading Desk Raises $750K to Simplify Video Buying

    Startup Vinyl Trading Desk, founded by longtime Altitude Digital COO Devin Yeager, has raised an initial round of $750K from FastPay. Devin told me in a briefing that Vinyl’s platform unifies and simplifies ad buying across video, search and social for clients starting with budgets as little as $1,500. The new funds will be used mainly for product development and building sales and marketing staff.

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  • Samba TV and SpotX Partner for Improved Ad Targeting on Connected TVs

    Samba TV and SpotX have announced a partnership to improve video ad targeting to viewers on the web and in apps and connected TVs. Under the deal, Samba TV’s TV viewership data will become available in SpotX’s ad server, so that custom TV audience segments can be built using combined TV and digital data.

    SpotX will become Samba TV’s primary connected TV ad server enabling advertisers to buy connected TV ads either programmatically or direct.

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  • Beachfront Media Provides New Brand Safety Tools and Analytics

    Beachfront Media has launched a “two-way transparency suite” of tools and analytics for programmatic mobile video advertising. The suite provides enhanced brand safety for both video content publishers and advertisers.

    Frank Sinton, Beachfront’s founder and CEO told me that typically there isn’t much transparency for publishers to understand which advertisers are buying video on their sites and apps programmatically. Beachfront will now give its 300+ publisher partners the ability to write business rules around which advertisers are allowed to access inventory down to which actual ads are run, in real time.

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  • Research: Majority of Ad Buyers Expect Programmatic Will Account for Over Half of TV Ads in 3-5 Years

    Videology has released new research showing strong enthusiasm for data-enabled TV ads among agencies and advertisers. According to a study conducted by Advertiser Perceptions for Videology, 64% of respondents believe that within 3-5 years, more than half of total TV buying will be programmatic or “advanced TV.”  For buyers already using advanced TV, 57% are planning to increase their budgets this year.

    The survey defined programmatic as high-indexing linear TV that uses advanced data to define a strategic consumer target (“data-enabled TV”) and TV advertising delivered at the household level (“addressable TV”).

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  • Save the Dates for VideoNuze’s Two 2017 Conferences

    Please save two dates on your 2017 calendars for VideoNuze’s big annual conferences. On Wednesday, June 14th, we’ll be hosting our 7th annual VideoNuze Online Video Advertising Summit at the Westin Times Square in NYC. And Wednesday, November 29th will be our 3rd annual SHIFT // Programmatic Video & TV Advertising Summit, also at the Westin.

    Last year, each of these conferences drew 425+ attendees, 50+ speakers and 16-18 sponsors. Over the years they have both become must-attend days with well-curated programs, high-impact executive speakers and extensive networking opportunities.

    I’m pleased to share that FreeWheel will be the Title partner for both conferences in 2017. Other industry leaders already on board include Premier partners VertaMedia and Videology, Headline partners Beachfront Media, Cedato, SintecMedia, Smart AdServer and Vemba and Branding partner SpotX. If you’re interesting in partnering, please drop me a note.

    The web sites for both conferences will be live soon and lots more information will be coming, so stay tuned.

    In addition to our VideoNuze conferences, I’m excited to be producing the 3rd annual NABShow Online Video Conference, in Las Vegas on April 24-25. We have an amazing program planned, including two keynote interviews I’ll be doing, on day 1 with Jim Lanzone, Chief Digital Officer of CBS and Chief Executive Officer of CBS Interactive, and on day 2 with Michael Paull, who was just named CEO of BAMTech and was previously VP, Digital Video at Amazon where he led the Amazon Channels business.

    You can save $100 on NABShow Conference FlexPass tickets using the code EP06.

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  • Perspective What's this? CPMs Will Increase for Programmatic Video

    Supply-side platforms (SSPs) love to tout unique and premium video inventory. The reality is premium video inventory is scarce, and unique premium video inventory is even more rare.

    To put it another way, “if you’re a content company and you’re not Facebook, Google, and Snapchat, you’re in the niche ad business,” said Meredith Kopit Levien, EVP and CRO of The New York Times. The good news: Scarcity is a good thing.

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  • Why National TV Networks are Embracing Programmatic TV [SHIFT VIDEO]

    The application of data and automation by national TV networks to help sell their ad inventory was the topic of one of our afternoon sessions at the SHIFT // Programmatic Video & TV Ad Summit recently. Greg Anderson (Managing Director, Xaxis Media Group, North America), Brett Hurwitz (Business Lead - TV, AOL), Brian Napolitano (VP, Ad Sales, Ovation), Vin Paolozzi (SVP, Innovation, MAGNA), Chris Raleigh (Chief Commercial Officer, Placemedia) and Dan Punt (Managing Director, FTI Consulting) moderating.

    The group dug into how programmatic opens up the value of TV ad inventory to new buyers, how new efficiencies are being created, how all of this is affecting organizations on both the buy and sell sides, and how cross-screen measurement and emerging currencies will evolve, among other topics.

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  • Video’s Programmatic Future: Clearing the Path to Success [SHIFT VIDEO]

    Programmatic video and TV are both taking off, but lots of challenges still remain. What are they, how will they be resolved and over what time frame? These were the key questions addressed in our closing session at the SHIFT // Programmatic Video & TV Ad Summit a few weeks ago. The session included Joanne Chen (Partner, Foundation Capital), Barry Green (Head of Business Development, North America, VertaMedia), Dave Katz (VP/GM, Programmatic Revenue Platforms & Operations, Univision), Rich Sobel (SVP, Programs & Services, Publicis Media) and Joe Grover (CEO, Altitude Digital) moderating.

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  • Conde Nast SVP Lisa Valentino Shares the Company’s Video Playbook [SHIFT VIDEO]

    Conde Nast is in the middle of executing a massive transformation of its business from being a traditional print publisher to becoming a multi-platform storyteller with video having a central role.  At our recent SHIFT // Programmatic Video & TV Ad Summit, we were privileged to hear fantastic insights about the company’s video playbook in a 30-minute interview Lisa Valentino, SVP, Network Sales and Partnership of Conde Nast and Chief Revenue Officer of Conde Nast Entertainment did with Matt Gillis, SVP, Publisher Platforms at AOL.  

    The interview covered an array of topics, with Lisa zeroing in on how Conde has built up its video business by embracing an open distribution model that has been so successful that social is now the primary way that audiences engage with Conde’s brands.

    The company has mined its archive of 90K articles for ideas and content that contribute to over 5K videos now being custom created annually for various social and distribution platforms. Lisa shares one great example of an Emma Stone interview video that got 2 million views on Facebook which was then edited and posted elsewhere the next day and got 8 million views.

    Lisa talks in highly specific detail about the enormous complexity behind all of this plus the cultural changes that are resulting from new talent the company has attracted. Importantly, she also provides great insights about how the company is monetizing its content, the critical role of programmatic and how it is staffed, plus the challenges of today’s measurement models, among other topics.

    Overall it is a fascinating glimpse into how Conde Nast is leveraging video to completely change its business model. Lisa expertly conveys how much of this is ongoing experimentation, with success equally due to innovative strategies and relentless execution.

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  • Succeeding With Programmatic Multiscreen Video Campaigns [SHIFT VIDEO]

    eMarketer forecasts that by 2018 programmatic video ad spending will be $10.6 billion and programmatic TV ad spending will be $4.4 billion. But how will all this spending impact multiscreen campaigns, and what are the key challenges ahead? These were the primary topics of a session at the recent SHIFT // Programmatic Video & TV Ad Summit which was moderated by Videology’s Chairman and CEO Scott Ferber. Panelists included Ashish Chordia (Founder and CEO, Alphonso), Andrew Feigenson (Managing Director, Digital, Nielsen), Jason Kanefsky (Chief Investment Officer, Havas Media) and Rachel Schlanger (Head of Partnerships, Initiative).

    The panelists discussed the issue of knitting together measurement across TV and digital platforms, which is required for multiscreen programmatic to scale up, and how this is being addressed. Other challenges included cutting through some of the confusion around how to select technology partners when many sound similar, reducing the use of acronyms, organizing teams properly to capitalize on multiscreen and improving trust and predictability.

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  • Starcom USA’s Amanda Richman Explains 'Smarter Media Buying' [SHIFT VIDEO]

    Ad agencies are in the middle of seismic industry changes including keeping up with viewers’ new behaviors, clients’ increased demands and content providers’ evolving business models. All of that is leading to the need for “smarter media buying,” according to Amanda Richman, president of Starcom USA, who was our afternoon keynote guest at the recent SHIFT // Programmatic Video & TV Ad Summit.

    In an interview with MediaLink SVP Matt Spiegel, Amanda described how her agency (and its parent company Publicis) is pursuing more holistic discussions in its upfront negotiations with TV networks across TV and digital, how it is using data more extensively to define target audience and how it is refining key performance metrics across screens. Importantly, Amanda discusses how measurement challenges continue to impact the market.

    Amanda also digs into the influence both Google and Facebook are having and how content providers are reacting plus how these walled gardens fit into overall media plans. Amanda also talks about opportunities with pay-TV operators, especially locally. She also talks at length about how her agency and others are organizing themselves, including the role of specialists in data and technology.

    Overall, it’s a really insightful discussion of both the role of agencies and how media will be bought and sold in a more automated and data-driven era.

    Watch the keynote interview

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  • How Data is Fueling the Audience-Centric Video Ad Model [SHIFT VIDEO]

    Data and automation are at the heart of programmatic’s influence on video and TV advertising. At the recent SHIFT // Programmatic Video & TV Ad Summit, we dug in deeply to data and measurement in a session including Larry Allen (VP, Ad Innovation and Programmatic Solutions, Turner Ad Sales), Joan Fitzgerald (VP, Product Management and Business Development, TiVo), Noah Levine (SVP, Advertising Data & Technology Solutions, Fox Networks Group), George Musi (SVP, Head of Analytics and Insight, Optimedia | Blue 449), with Tim Hanlon (Founder and CEO, The Vertere Group) moderating.

    A key theme the panelists explored was the complexity involved with multiple measurement systems and data sets. With traditional TV and Nielsen as a single currency, transacting was relatively simple. But with the panelists explaining how their companies are using data and how this leads to customized buys, advertisers’ ability to synch up objectives and results is getting ever more complicated. How to solve this is clearly going to be an ongoing challenge.

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  • NBCU EVP Dan Lovinger On How to Balance Audience-Targeted Ads With Traditional Context-Based Ads [SHIFT VIDEO]

    NBCU is balancing audience-based targeting conducted though a variety of data and platform initiatives with ads sold the traditional way, based on context and Nielsen metrics. That was one of the key takeaways from a keynote with Dan Lovinger, NBCU’s EVP, Advertising Sales, NBC Sports at our recent SHIFT // Programmatic Video & TV Ad Summit.

    In a wide-ranging interview with Wall Street Journal senior editor Mike Shields, Dan discussed how NBCU’s Audience Targeting Platform (ATP) enables the company to re-optimize upfront buys across its entire portfolio, using its own data. Dan contrasted ATP with the company’s recently-launched NBCUx for Linear TV, which allows advertisers to bring their own data and then review all available scatter inventory to create an audience-targeted media plan.

    As Dan explained, both approaches are meant to give advertisers more flexibility and efficiency in reaching desired audiences. While the use of data is core, Dan sees data more as a commodity, with the real value being how and where it’s being applied. And while audience-based targeting is gaining momentum, Dan noted that context is still very important and many advertisers remain focused on that.

    In the interview Dan also discussed how NBCU is expanding its access to more digital inventory via deals with BuzzFeed and Apple News. He also elaborated on digital viewership in the recent Rio Olympics and how those ads were sold, especially how NBCU structured deals with both Facebook and Snapchat. Dan also highlighted how NBCU has reduced its ad loads in VOD and is very focused on optimizing the viewer’s experience, among other topics.

    NBCU has become a leader in the use of data and automation to mine more value from its broad portfolio of networks and digital inventory. Dan’s interview offers great insights about how NBCU is thinking about data and evolving its business going forward.

    Watch the keynote interview

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  • Perspective What's this? 5 Video Ad Market Predictions for 2017

    Convergence has been one of the main themes in video during 2016, as more content traditionally delivered via broadcast channels is being converted to digital streams. The marketplaces of the future - programmatic or otherwise - are beginning to form as media owners piece together a range of sales techniques to maximize their yield. Some of the big trends and changes we expect to see in 2017 are:

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  • Digging Into Programmatic Video and TV Transactions [SHIFT VIDEO]

    At the recent SHIFT // Programmatic Video & TV Ad Summit, we had a deep dive session called “Transactions in Transition: Sizing Up the New Possibilities” in which our panel discussed the key changes in transactions/business models for programmatic video and TV. The panel explored the trend in content providers pursuing private marketplaces along with how they’re operationalized, the shift to audience guaranteed models, yield optimization and the pros and cons of header bidding for video ads plus much more.

    The session included Jason Barnett (Head of Programmatic, Teads.tv), Dvir Doron (Chief Marketing Officer, Cedato), Erica Schmidt (EVP, Managing Director, North America, Cadreon), Bryan Sherman (VP, Director, Programmatic, Media Technology, Digitas LBi), with Matt Prohaska (CEO and Principal, Prohaska Consulting) moderating.

    Watch the session video now

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  • The Role of Mobile and Connected TV Devices in Programmatic [SHIFT VIDEO]

    Watching video on mobile and connected TV devices is exploding, particularly among younger audiences. Yesterday’s Q3 ’16 FreeWheel Video Monetization Report noted that 22% of video ad views were on connected TVs (up 63% YOY) with 17% on smartphones (up 39% YOY) and another 9% on tablets (up 15% YOY). Combined, that means nearly half of all video ad views are on mobile and connected TV devices.

    To further explore video advertising on these devices and programmatic’s growing role, at our recent SHIFT // Programmatic Video & TV Ad Summit, we had two dedicated sessions, one on mobile and one on connected TV devices.

    The mobile session included Brian Danzis (Head of Global Video Monetization, Spotify), Jeremy Hlavacek (VP, Global Automated Monetization, The Weather Company, an IBM Business), Frank Sinton (CEO and Founder, Beachfront Media), Sarah Warner (Managing Partner, Digital Investment Lead, Programmatic and Video, GroupM), with Alanna Gombert (SVP, Technology & Ad Operations, IAB) moderating.

    The connected TV session included Sean Buckley (SVP, Global Revenue, SpotX), Scott Rosenberg (VP, Advertising, Roku), Seth Walters (Senior Partner, Interactive & Connected Television, Modi Media, part of GroupM) with yours truly moderating.

    Below are the session videos.

    Watch the session videos

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