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Sunday, August 28, 2016

VideoNuze Podcast #337: TV Everywhere Viewing Migrates to Connected TVs

I'm pleased to present the 337th edition of the VideoNuze podcast with my weekly partner Colin Dixon of nScreenMedia.

This week Colin and I discuss the highlights of Adobe’s new Q2 2016 TV Everywhere report. The headline data point is that 44% of time spent viewing TV Everywhere is actually happening via connected TV devices in the home. That’s up from 27% in Q2 ’15. Whereas TV Everywhere was touted as an on-the-go viewing feature, the new data suggests that most viewers instead look at it as a more convenient way to watch TV at home.

With the surge in connected TV viewing, browser-based time spent viewing share fell from 33% a year ago to 16% in Q2 ’16. Android was up from 11% to 13%, whereas iOS was down from 29% to 27%. More broadly, using Adobe’s data, Colin shares his calculations about how much TV Everywhere’s momentum slowed in Q2 ’16.

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