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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Automation in Ad Operations: The Undervalued Opportunity [AD SUMMIT VIDEO]

At last month’s Video Ad Summit, VertaMedia’s CEO and co-founder Alex Bornyakov delivered a valuable presentation (slides here) on automated yield optimization through dynamic predictive waterfalls. As Alex pointed out, when publishers seek the highest fill rates for their inventory by adding more ad tags to their waterfalls, significant latency is introduced. This leads to poor user experiences and abandonment.

VertaMedia has pioneered solutions to this by using big data to analyze ad campaigns and streamline and automate waterfalls at the domain level. In his presentation Alex details the issues video publishers face and VertaMedia’s solution.

Watch the video now (8 minutes, 38 seconds).

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Yahoo’s Muddled Video Strategy Contributed to Its Decline

Yahoo missed many opportunities over the years, leading to its acquisition today by Verizon, but surely one of the biggest was never creating a distinct identity in video. Back in April, 2014, I highlighted the murkiness of Yahoo’s video strategy, which has only continued to get more confusing since. With major video players like YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, Hulu and others pursuing distinct strategies that deliver specific benefits to users, Yahoo’s “everything but the kitchen sink” approach to video meant it never became truly competitive in any one area.

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