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News Roundup

Title Date Source
Interpublic to Shift $250 Million in TV Ad Spending to YouTube 05-04-2016 WSJ
Defy's Very TV-Like Approach To Digital 05-04-2016 Mediapost
Netflix's Reed Hastings and Ted Sarandos explain why screen size doesn't impact their shows 05-04-2016 Venture Beat
Hulu Aims to Deliver What You Want to Watch Next 05-04-2016 NY Times
CBS Will Not Binge-Stream New 'Star Trek' Series 05-03-2016 Home Media Magazine
AOL is joining the live-video gold rush 05-03-2016 Digiday
ESPN and Vice Media join forces on programming 05-03-2016 LA Times
Inside Comcast’s Bold Attempt to Take on Disney With DreamWorks Animation Buy 05-03-2016 Variety
Refinery29's Second NewFront Heavy on VR and Data 05-02-2016 Adweek
Ad Buyers Offer Advice for the NewFronts 05-02-2016 WSJ
Amazon didn't get the NFL deal, but it's getting more serious about sports 05-02-2016 Recode
Why Facebook Live is ready for its closeup 05-02-2016 Digiday
NBCUniversal in Talks to Join Hulu Channel Bundle 05-02-2016 Variety
Publishers Take A Cue From Snapchat With Vertical Video, But Will Advertisers Bite? 05-02-2016 AdExchanger
NewFronts: New York Times Doubles Down on VR With Episodic Series 05-02-2016 The Hollywood Reporter
Vimeo acquires VHX to boost its video-on-demand business 05-02-2016 TechCrunch
After 11 Years in Digital Video, YouTube Wants to Take on TV-Sized Budgets 05-01-2016 Adweek
NBC Brings Olympics Coverage to Snapchat, With A Little Help From BuzzFeed 04-29-2016 Variety
Starz Says Discussions Ongoing With Comcast Regarding Streaming App 04-29-2016 Home Media Magazine
How Tom Wheeler Made Cable King 04-29-2016 WSJ
Rovi to Buy TiVo in $1.1 Billion Deal 04-29-2016 WSJ
Snapchat User 'Stories' Fuel 10 Billion Daily Video Views 04-28-2016 Bloomberg
Data: U.S. Millennials Watch Netflix Series More Than Broadcast TV Hits 04-28-2016 Variety
Facebook Ad Stack Still In Flux As More Cuts Come To LiveRail 04-28-2016 AdExchanger
YouTube's new stackable ad format is perfect for mobile 04-28-2016 Business Insider
In a reversal, YouTube will let videos under copyright dispute earn revenue 04-28-2016 The Verge
Vevo’s Web redesign makes it the coolest place to watch music videos 04-28-2016 TNW
Amazon Praises FCC Set-Top Proposal 04-28-2016 Multichannel News
After two years of decline, TV could see an ad comeback 04-28-2016 LA Times
Comcast to Buy DreamWorks Animation for $3.8 Billion 04-28-2016 WSJ
Viacom Strikes Addressable Advertising Deal With Roku 04-28-2016 Multichannel News
Disneylife SVOD Service Suspended in China 04-28-2016 Home Media Magazine
Facebook Revenue Tops Estimates on Mobile, Video Ad Boom 04-27-2016 AdAge
'The Late Late Show' Hits 1 Billion YouTube Views 04-27-2016 Variety
With Facebook video, the aggregators are winning 04-27-2016 Digiday
Promoted Tech As Social Shifts To Video, Content Creators Win Power And Dollars 04-27-2016 BuzzFeed
Comcast is raising its monthly internet data cap to 1TB 04-27-2016 The Verge
CNN Sees Big Audience in comScore Xmedia Data 04-27-2016 B&C
Comcast in Talks to Buy DreamWorks Animation for More Than $3 Billion 04-26-2016 WSJ
Maker Studios scales back NewFronts presentation, plans intimate breakfast 04-26-2016 Mashable
Nobody asked Steam to stock Hollywood movies, but it now has over a hundred of them 04-26-2016 TNW
Twitter's One Bright Spot Flames Out in Latest Earnings 04-26-2016 Fortune
AT&T video push still fuzzy 04-26-2016 CNET
Broadcast Content Key To OTT Provider Success 04-26-2016 Mediapost
Twitter video proves more lucrative than Facebook for some publishers 04-26-2016 Digiday
Turner Taps Canvs to Measure Emotions of TV Audience 04-26-2016 Multichannel News
YouTube introduces six-second Bumper ads 04-26-2016 TechCrunch
VAB Offers Fair Way to Compare TV and Digital 04-26-2016 B&C
Comcast, AT&T Lead Google in Super-Fast Broadband Delivery 04-25-2016 AdAge
Cord-Cutting Hits Cable Nets Across The Board 04-25-2016 Mediapost
Lionsgate Launches Distribution Through Steam, Includes 'Hunger Games' 04-25-2016 Variety
Facebook Developing Camera-First Format 04-25-2016 WSJ
'Saturday Night Live' Will Cut Ads by 30% Next Season 04-25-2016 AdAge
HBO Go & HBO Now Fail During Game of Thrones 04-25-2016
Verizon Keeping Mobile, In-Home Video Separate 04-22-2016 Home Media Magazine
YouTube's Quest for TV Advertising Dollars 04-22-2016 WSJ
Inspired by "independent YouTubers," wary of cable, takes its explainer mission to video 04-22-2016 Nieman Lab
Binge TV Viewing May Be Slowing Down 04-22-2016 Mediapost
Roku 4, Acorn TV Top Streaming Study 04-22-2016 Multichannel News
HBO Now arrives on Xbox One 04-21-2016 The Verge
Google Parent Alphabet Disappoints On Earnings, CEO Praises YouTube Subscription Biz 04-21-2016 Variety
Amazon Prime Video now has 4 times as many movies as Netflix 04-21-2016 Business Insider
Broadband Data Caps Pressure 'Cord Cutters' 04-21-2016 WSJ
Food Network looks to influencers to grow on Snapchat Discover 04-21-2016 Digiday
How Buzzfeed Is Exploding Digital Media (and Not Just Watermelons) 04-21-2016 The Hollywood Reporter
What's the best TV streaming service? 04-21-2016 CNET
Netflix Content Obligations Balloon to $12.3 Billion on Global Expansion 04-20-2016 Variety
Comcast Won't Authenticate Subs for New Starz App 04-20-2016 Multichannel News
Crackle Hypes Innovations, Programming TV-Like Experience At Upfront Presentation 04-20-2016 Tubefilter
Sling TV Avoiding Exclusive Content's Slippery Slope 04-20-2016 Home Media Magazine
Comcast Introduces Plan To Let TV Subs Watch Without Its Set-Top Box 04-20-2016 Deadline
NAB 2016: Google's DoubleClick Dynamic Ad Tool Launches on Cablevision, Roku 04-20-2016 B&C
Verizon's AOL Buys Virtual Reality Video Specialist RYOT 04-20-2016 WSJ
Netflix Considers Offline Viewing: It's All About Conquering the World 04-19-2016 Variety
How BuzzFeed Motion Pictures Is Retaining Its Top Talent 04-19-2016 The Hollywood Reporter
Netflix Naysayers Up the Rhetoric 04-19-2016 Home Media Magazine
Why online video network Crackle's going to cable 04-19-2016 Digiday
Google attacks TV, saying YouTube ads generate a better return on investment most of the time 04-19-2016 Business Insider
Netflix promises 100 hours of HDR programming by August, more by 2017 04-19-2016 Venture Beat
NAB 2016: Amazon's Paull: Streaming Partners Program Is Legit Cable Rival 04-19-2016 B&C
Google Wants to Prove Its Video Ads Drive Offline Sales for Brands 04-19-2016 Adweek
FreeWheel to Monitor Response to Ad Loads 04-19-2016 Multichannel News
NAB 2016: CBS Affiliates Like Success of 'All Access' 04-19-2016 B&C
Netflix Plunges on Forecast for Weakening Subscriber Growth 04-18-2016 Bloomberg
Verizon, Hearst Jointly Acquire Complex 04-18-2016 The Hollywood Reporter
Reed Hastings Downplays Standalone Amazon Prime Video Service 04-18-2016 Home Media Magazine
Wall St. Remains Bullish On Upfronts, Touts Network TV 'Value' 04-18-2016 Mediapost
Facebook is promising live-video publishers in-stream ad options 04-18-2016 Digiday
Turner Heads Into Upfront Bristling With Programming and Ad Sales Innovation 04-18-2016 Adweek
Futuresource: 4K UHD TV Sales Skyrocketed 160% in 2015 04-18-2016 Home Media Magazine
Why Many TV Networks Are Scrapping Pricey Upfront Spectacles 04-17-2016 Adweek
YouTube Launches "Foundry" Initiative to Develop Music Talent 04-16-2016 The Hollywood Reporter
Verizon Readies Next-Gen TV Service for Launch Later This Year 04-15-2016 Variety
Disney wants to invest in Major League Baseball's video streaming company 04-15-2016 Recode
Here Are the NFL Games That Will Be Streamed Live on Twitter 04-15-2016 Fortune
Live video viewing up 86% over last year in MLB's At Bat app, thanks to addition of multitasking 04-15-2016 TechCrunch
Obama Backs Wheeler's Set-Top Proposal, Big Time 04-15-2016 Multichannel News
As Netflix Expands Globally, Subscriber Growth in the U.S. Slows 04-14-2016 AdAge
Cannes: Amazon Leads Lineup With 5 Titles, Ending Fest's No SVOD Rule 04-14-2016 The Hollywood Reporter
Amazon Studios Wins CinemaCon Exhibitors, Pledging Big Theatrical Push 04-14-2016 Variety
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