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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

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  • Follow the Eyeballs - Advertising Success in the Multi-Screen Age [AD SUMMIT VIDEO]

    As devices continue to proliferate, reaching viewers across multiple screens is becoming an imperative for advertisers. At the recent Video Ad Summit, one of our sessions focused on how advertisers are beginning to do this and what challenges remain. Participants included Larry Adams (Mindshare), Josh Chasin (comScore), Rob Holmes (Comcast), Chuck Parker (Brightcove), Katie Seitz (Tremor), with moderator Jeff Lanctot (Mixpo).

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  • The Promise and Challenges of Programmatic TV Advertising [AD SUMMIT VIDEO]

    There's a ton of activity in programmatic ad buying against online video, which is now starting to reach TV inventory as well. In a session at the recent Video Ad Summit, Chris Smith, VP, Emerging Media at Turn and John Holmes, Partner at Sq1, explained how they are beginning to automate TV ad buying using programmatic tools and based on users' digital behaviors.

    Chris and John presented 3 short case studies demonstrating how this works with cable and satellite operators, along with some of the results. While they both admit it's still very early days for programmatic TV, it's clearly a trend that's starting to develop.

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  • Upstart Vice News Has Taken Over the Masthead Ad Position on

    Here's a great example of how convoluted the media ecosystem has become: if you visit today, you'll notice that upstart Vice News has taken over the masthead ad position. I check every day and this is the first time I've noticed the Vice News ad though it's possible it has run previously. Vice News positions itself as "an international news organization created by and for a connected generation" and still carries a "beta" label.

    The ad itself runs a series of protest scenes from what looks like Ukraine, with periodic statements interspersed like "You go to both sides of the front line," "Look beyond the headlines," "Follow the story wherever it leads" and "Don't just watch the news." Clicking "Watch Now" starts a loop with similar scenes and statements. There is a click through to the Vice News site on YouTube and ability to subscribe (the counter shows 588,220 subscribers so far).

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  • Survey: 75% of Advertisers Running Multi-Screen Campaigns

    A new survey by rich media ad provider Jivox has found that 75% of advertisers are running multi-screen ad campaigns, with 83% of the remainder planning to do so in 2014. The top reason for not currently running multi-screen campaigns, cited by 51% of respondents, was lack of technology. The survey included 130 executives at leading ad agencies.

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