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  • Innovation in Programmatic Session [SHIFT Video]

    At our recent SHIFT // Programmatic Video & TV Ad Summit, one of our sessions focused on innovation in programmatic video and TV, with many topics discussed including header bidding, AI, brand safety, mobile, role of data, syndication and much more.

    Panelists included Paul Bannister (EVP, CaféMedia), Dvir Doron (CMO/BDO, Cedato), Joe Lospalluto (Head of Sales, Americas, Smart AdServer), Chip Schenck (VP of Audience and Programmatic Solutions, Meredith), Frank Sinton (President and Founder, Beachfront Media) with Brian Ring (Principal Analyst, Ring Digital LLC) who moderated.

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  • VideoNuze Podcast #398: Pay-TV’s Programming Costs, Netflix Embraces Downloading, Facebook Starts Pre-Rolls

    I’m pleased to present the 398th edition of the VideoNuze podcast with my weekly partner Colin Dixon of nScreenMedia. Many thanks to Brightcove, our podcast sponsor, which, with SpotX and the IAB Tech Lab, shared a great presentation at last week’s SHIFT event about how server side ad insertion complements programmatic (session video is here).

    First up on this week’s podcast, Colin shares his thoughts about why programming costs are likely to continue rising for pay-TV operators, counter to Charter’s CEO Tom Rutledge belief that they’ll moderate. Colin details his reasoning, which could portend higher subscriber bills and therefore more cord-cutting.

    Next, we discuss Netflix’s surprised reaction to the popularity of downloading among its subscribers. I had a laugh out loud moment reading about it earlier this week, since Netflix was steadfastly against downloading until a year ago, when, having been leap-frogged by Amazon, it finally began offering the feature. Netflix’s bias against downloading has been really bizarre and showed a real disconnect in understanding its subscribers.  

    Speaking of reversals, Facebook has had a change of heart about running pre-rolls and now plans to introduce them in Watch. Colin and I discuss why Facebook made the change and what it means for the industry.

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  • Server Side Ad Insertion’s Role with Programmatic Video [SHIFT Video]

    One of the highlights of last week’s SHIFT // Programmatic Video & TV Ad Summit was a joint presentation from Brightcove (Mike Green, VP, Marketing and Business Development, Media), SpotX (Kevin Schaum, Sr. Director, Mobile and Connected TV) and the IAB Tech Lab (Amit Shetty,  Sr. Director, Video & Audio Products) on how server side ad insertion (SSAI) adds value to programmatic for both linear and on-demand advertising.

    For those not familiar with SSAI (also known as “ad stitching”), this is a process for inserting ads into a piece of content (frequently long-form). There are multiple benefits of SSAI including better user experiences, reduced buffering, extended device reach, elimination of ad blocking and lower cost of deployment. Mike, Kevin and Amit elaborated on how these benefits are even more valuable for programmatic, especially in live and in skinny bundles, while also noting some of the key outstanding challenges.

    The presentation clearly communicated how the industry needs to work together to evolve video advertising given new viewer behaviors, device proliferation and publishers’ pressures to fully monetize.

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  • Digging Into eMarketer’s Forecast for Programmatic Video & TV Ad Spending [SHIFT VIDEO]

    At last week’s SHIFT // Programmatic Video & TV Ad Summit, Lauren Fisher, eMarketer’s principal analyst, kicked off the day sharing her forecasts for both programmatic video and programmatic TV ad spending in the U.S. Following her presentation, I interviewed Lauren and the audience asked a number of questions.

    Overall, Lauren sees strong growth ahead for programmatic video, which will account for 76.5%, or over $13.4 billion of online video advertising by 2019. She’s particularly bullish about the role of mobile, which she sees growing to 60% of programmatic video by 2019. Lauren is also optimistic about connected TV’s opportunity, though she still see it as early in its development.

    Programmatic TV is not nearly as far along, with Lauren forecasting $3.8 billion in spending by 2019, representing 5% of overall TV ad spending. Lauren also reduced her 2018 forecast to $2 billion, which is roughly half of what she forecast for 2018 when she presented at SHIFT 2016. We discuss all the reasons behind her revisions.

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    Watch the session video

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