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  • FreeWheel: Live Viewing Surged 36% in 2016 on Sports and Politics

    FreeWheel has released its 2016 year-end Video Monetization Report,  revealing, among things, that ad views in live streams grew 36% in 2016, powered by marquee sports events and the U.S. presidential election that were streamed to connected devices. FreeWheel cited the Summer Olympics, Super Bowl 50, Game 7 of the World Series, and the first presidential debate in particular as major contributors.

    More broadly, live video helped drive the 24th consecutive quarterly increase in both content views (up 20%) and ad views (up 17%) in Q4 ’16. For the full year 2016, content views increased 26% and ad views increased 24%.

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  • Akamai Launches Media Acceleration to Boost OTT Viewing Experiences

    Akamai has launched Akamai Media Acceleration, a new content delivery technology which boosts the quality of over-the-top video, as well speeds up video game and software downloads. In a briefing, Alex Balford, senior product marketing manager, media, told me that Media Acceleration was developed in order for Akamai customers to deliver broadcast TV quality OTT experiences to viewers, whose expectations continue to rise.

    Alex said that Media Acceleration addresses the last mile connection from the edge of Akamai’s own network to the viewer’s device. It uses an emerging technology standard called “Quick UDP Internet Connections” or “QUIC,” to detect and overcome congestion or latency, including in the viewer’s in-home WiFi network.

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  • Outstream Video Ad Innovator Teads is Acquired by Altice for $307 Million

    Teads, which pioneered the outstream video ad format that has been widely emulated, is being acquired by Altice, the multinational telecom provider.  The purchase price is up to 285 million Euros, or approximately $307 million, with 75% paid at closing and the remaining 25% based on Teads’ 2017 revenue performance. Teads’ Executive Chairman Pierre Chappaz and CEO Bertrand Quesada will continue leading Teads.

    For Altice, which previously acquired and combined 2 large U.S. cable TV providers Cablevision and Suddenlink over the past 2 years, creating the 4th-largest player in the industry, the Teads deal is a bid to increase its advertising footprint, which the company said will be 700 million Euros or nearly $650 million per year.

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  • "Mad Men" Creator Matthew Weiner Explains How SVOD’s International Distribution Changes TV’s Economics

    “Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner explained how Netflix’s and Amazon’s international distribution capabilities are changing the TV industry’s economics as well as mitigating domestic viewership fragmentation, in an interview he did with Videology’s Chairman and CEO Scott Ferber at the company’s “Full Frontal 2017” event on March 8th.

    It’s no secret that both Netflix and Amazon are aggressively promoting their SVOD services in approximately 200 different countries around the world. But Weiner explained how having their own international distribution footprint distinguishes them from other networks, enabling them to pursue projects with the intention of globally distributing the programs without the necessity of having partners.

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