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  • VideoNuze Podcast #292: TiVo BOLT and New Chromecasts Raise the Bar for Connected TV Devices

    I'm pleased to present the 292nd edition of the VideoNuze podcast with my weekly partner Colin Dixon of nScreenMedia.

    Last month Colin and I discussed on our podcast how the connected TV device market is in flux, and this week’s introduction of the TiVO BOLT and the new Chromecast provided yet more evidence of this (not to mention the new Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV).

    Colin and I are both very impressed with the BOLT and its new features (after we use the review units we’ll have more to share). We agree that the new “SkipMode” feature - which allows viewers to skip an entire commercial break for a set of 20 TV networks during primetime - is the biggest news with BOLT.

    Beyond BOLT, Google also announced new versions and form-factors for its Chromecast device, which Colin and I have both been big fans since its initial release. Colin reviews Chromecast’s new capabilities, which at $35, makes it an appealing mobile device complement.

    Stepping back, both of continue to be struck by how all the innovation in connected TV devices is laying the groundwork for SVOD services (which are making investments in long-form programming) to thrive in the living room.

    (Note, we recorded before news broke that Amazon has banned Apple TV and Chromecast from its store, the latest twist in the connected TV device competition.)

    Listen in to learn more!

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  • Win a 50-Inch Sharp Roku TV and Save by Registering Early for SHIFT // 2015

    Here’s another great incentive to register early for SHIFT // 2015 Programmatic Video & TV Advertising Summit on Tuesday, December 1st in NYC: all early bird registrants will be entered to win a 50-inch Sharp Roku TV (value $450), generously provided by Roku. In addition, early bird registrants also save $100 off the regular rates. And remember, startups and students can register for the reduced $195 ticket.

    Roku is also on board as a Branding Partner for SHIFT // 2015 and will be demonstrating its product line in the exhibit area. I’m also pleased to announce that TubeMogul has come on as a Premier Partner and Beachfront Media has come on a Headline Partner. There are now 13 sponsors for SHIFT // 2015, including Adobe (Title Partner); Altitude Digital, FreeWheel and Videology (Premier Partners); comScore, Levels Beyond, Ooyala, Operative and SpotX (Headline Partners) and Alphonso (Branding Partner). I’m hugely grateful for their support of the inaugural SHIFT // 2015.

    Programmatic video & TV were a recurring theme at many of the sessions I attended at Advertising Week in NYC this week. A lot of the discussion focused on automation and data benefits. Data was a particular focus in light of all the buzz around ad-blocking and the need to make advertising more relevant so that it is more acceptable to viewers. This week Magna Global also released an updated forecast that programmatic will grow from an estimated 26% of global desktop and mobile video in 2015, to 55% by 2019.

    Keep an eye on the SHIFT // 2015 web site for more updates on the program and initial group of speakers. SHIFT // 2015 will be a premier day of learning and networking for anyone with a stake in programmatic video & TV. I hope you’ll join us on December 1st!

    Register now and save!

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  • TiVo Introduces BOLT, Making Ad-Skipping Even Easier

    TiVo has introduced its latest product, the BOLT, with key features including faster ad-skipping, 4K support, an accelerated viewing mode and a new form factor which includes a unique curved design. TiVo is retailing the 500GB version for $300 and a 1 TB version for $400, both of which include a year of service (equal to $180).

    The most intriguing feature of the BOLT is the new “SkipMode,” which allows one-button fast-forwarding through a recorded program’s entire ad pod. This means that rather than manually fast-forwarding through the ads and overshooting or undershooting to get to the point where the program resumes, the viewer can simply use SkipMode to seamlessly continue viewing (note SkipMode won’t be available for all programs).

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  • NBCU’s Ad Head Says "Measurement Is An Absolute Acute Crisis"

    NBCU’s Chairman, Advertising Sales and Client Partnerships Linda Yaccarino said “measurement is an absolute acute crisis” in an interview this morning at IAB MIXX. Yaccarino said that by NBCU’s calculations, it believes somewhere between 12%-30% of its viewership is now unmeasured, resulting in NBCU leaving a lot of advertising money on the table. Yaccarino noted that while there’s progress in measuring new forms of video viewing, it’s been way too slow and is not keeping up with market demands.

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