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  • Google Makes Search Data Available for YouTube Ad Targeting, Upping Pressure on TV

    Last Friday, while most of the world was focused on the presidential inauguration, Google announced that YouTube advertisers will now be able to target their ads based on users’ past Google searches, as well as their demographic information. Depending how this is executed, there could have significant upside to YouTube’s advertisers, further incenting them to shift budgets from TV to YouTube.  

    In a blog post, YouTube’s director, product management Diya Jolly provided the example of a user who is searching for winter coats on Google and is then presented with video ads by a particular retailer on YouTube. No doubt we have all had the experience of searching for a product, only to have ads immediately start appearing in web sites we subsequently visit. The same would now happen, but with video ads on YouTube.

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  • VideoNuze Podcast #354: Interview with Sling TV’s Chief Product Officer Ben Weinberger

    I’m pleased to present the 354th edition of the VideoNuze podcast with my weekly partner Colin Dixon of nScreenMedia.

    This week Colin and I interview Sling TV’s chief product officer Ben Weinberger. We’ve known Ben for many years from when he was CEO and founder of Digitalsmiths, which was acquired by TiVo.

    As loyal listeners know, we’ve discussed “skinny bundles” like Sling TV many times on the podcast and so the interview was a great opportunity to get Ben’s views on the category in general and how Sling TV specifically is doing. We discussed many different topics, including the role of broadcast TV networks and antennas, sports and regional sports networks, how subscribers use the service on different devices, how Sling TV fits with SVOD services and much more.

    Importantly, Ben talks a lot about Sling TV’s value propositions including offering more choices and flexible packages. We wrap up with Ben sharing his views on where the market is heading over the next few years.

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  • TV Advertising Executives Raise Questions About Roles of Data and Audience Targeting

    TV advertising is moving the way of online video advertising - with an emphasis on greater data use and audience-based targeting. That’s the conventional wisdom driving huge investments at TV networks. But in a candid panel discussion yesterday at AdExchanger’s Industry Preview, senior TV ad executives raised lots of questions about the extent to which TV will ultimately go the digital route and specifically whether sophisticated data-based targeting will take hold in the TV industry.

    The session included Maureen Bosetti, Chief Investment Officer at Initiative, Peter Naylor, SVP, Ad Sales at Hulu, Marianne Gambelli, Chief Investment Officer at Horizon Media and Donna Speciale, President, Turner Ad Sales, with Kelly Liyakasa, Senior Editor at AdExchanger moderating.

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  • Nearly One-Third of U.S. Consumers Watch Pirated Video

    According to a new survey from Irdeto, 32% of U.S. consumers watch pirated video content. Of this group, 24% are most interested in TV shows, while another 24% are most interested in movies currently in theaters, with another 18% interested in movies that are already on DVD and Blu-ray. Sports and SVOD content were further down the list.

    Worse, when respondents were told that piracy results in studios losing money, in turn reducing their ability to invest in new content, 39% said this had no impact on how much pirated video they watch. And just 19% said this financial damage would cause them to stop watching pirated video. It’s also worth noting that 69% of respondents said they knew consuming pirated video is illegal.

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