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  • Taboola Reimagines Publishers’ Mobile Sites as Feed Experiences Loaded With Video

    Content discovery platform Taboola is taking a page from social networks, introducing a new format called “Taboola Feed,” which is a continuous scrolling feed of content that appears at the end of publisher’s article pages. Publishers can customize the feeds using “cards” that can contain either their own or third-party content (see video demo below).

    Adam Singolda, CEO and founder of Taboola, told me that moving to the feed approach is an acknowledgement that social networks have optimized how the mobile user experience should work, and that the publishers’ current approach to loading their pages with multiple widgets is broken. With a feed that follows the end of an article, publisher create a familiar environment that in turn improves the likelihood that users will stay engaged.

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  • Research: Interest in Video Downloading is Strong, But Awareness Lags

    Viewers’ interest in being able to download videos, as well as stream them, is strong, though awareness of a downloading feature in streaming services remains modest, according to new research from software provider Penthera. In a poll of U.S consumers 18-44 years-old, Penthera found that one third or more of subscribers to major SVOD services like Netflix weren’t aware downloading was available (Netflix officially launched downloading for select titles last November after consistently saying it didn’t believe it was a valuable feature). Dan Taitz, Penthera’s COO told me in a briefing that the relatively low awareness reflects downloading still being in an “early adopter phase.”

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  • Research Finds Sweet Spot of Video Ads’ Impact on Brand Metrics

    Online video advertising is still relatively new, so understanding its exact impact on critical brand metrics is not yet entirely clear. To better understand the correlations between frequency and impact, YuMe recently conducted a study using Kantar Milward Brown’s MarketNorms data and select video ad campaigns that ran in Q1 2017.  

    Not so surprisingly, at a high level, YuMe found that as viewers experienced more video ad exposures, all brand metrics improved. These metrics include aided awareness, online ad awareness, message association, brand favorability and purchase intent.

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  • Brightcove Launches Context Aware Encoding to Reduce Storage and Delivery Costs

    Brightcove has announced the beta availability of a new transcoding approach it calls Context Aware Encoding, which aims to save customers money through reduced storage and delivery bandwidth, while still optimizing visual quality.

    Context Aware Encoding optimizes a video’s parameters including resolution and frame rate, plus codec parameters including bitrate, codec profile and level in order to create a set of specific adaptive bitrates. All of this is done by analyzing the video using machine learning to optimize it for devices and bandwidth.

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