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  • VideoNuze Podcast #396: Philo’s Narrow Opportunity; Roku Builds a Flywheel

    I’m pleased to present the 396th edition of the VideoNuze podcast with my weekly partner Colin Dixon of nScreenMedia. Many thanks to Brightcove, this week’s podcast sponsor. Brightcove will be presenting insights on server-side ad insertion at our SHIFT Programmatic conference on Nov. 29th.

    First up, we explore the potential of Philo, the entertainment-oriented skinny bundle that launched earlier this week. For $16 per month, it’s relatively inexpensive, but neither Colin nor I see it as a game-changer for its backers. Key issues are lack of marquee entertainment networks, completion from other skinny bundles and a glut of high-quality entertainment programming from big SVOD providers.

    We then dig into Roku, which reported its first quarterly results as a public company last week. We’re both impressed with how Roku is transitioning from a pure OEM device maker to a licensing and media company focused on online video advertising. By growing its installed base of Roku owners, which in turn supports its ad business, Roku is in the early stages of building a nice flywheel. We discuss both the potential of its model and possible risks.

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  • Connected TV Advertising is Surging

    It’s no secret that connected TV devices have made huge gains in the U.S., with penetration at 60% of homes or more depending on the research source. But whereas these devices were initially used mainly for streaming Netflix and other ad-free SVOD services, evidence is building that viewers are also now using these devices to watch ad-supported video, in turn driving a huge expansion of ad inventory.

    For example, Roku has been saying for a while that Netflix’s share of overall Roku users’ watch time has been steadily decreasing, with ad-supported channels gaining.  And today, Beachfront Media, a video supply-side platform, said that it saw a huge jump in CTV ad requests to over 2 billion in Q3 ’17. Beachfront works mainly with mid-tail and long-tail video providers like WatchMojo, Newsy and Crunchyroll.

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  • Two Weeks From Today at SHIFT Programmatic: Hear from 40 Speakers Including NBCU, UniversalMcCann, Turner, Bloomberg, Vevo, eMarketer + Many Others

    Two weeks from today will be our 3rd annual SHIFT // Programmatic Video & TV Advertising Summit on November 29th in NYC. The program is locked in with 40 amazing speakers who will be featured in keynotes, research presentations, fireside chats and panel discussions throughout the day.

    Kicking things off will be Lauren Fisher, Principal Analyst at eMarketer, who will share details behind her forecast that programmatic video & TV will exceed $17 billion by 2019.

    Our morning keynote interview is with Mike Rosen, EVP, Portfolio Sales and Strategy, NBCUniversal and the afternoon keynote interview is with Jon Stimmel, Chief Investment Officer, Universal McCann. In addition, Dan Aversano, SVP, Ad Innovation and Programmatic Solutions at Turner Ad Sales will be featured in an afternoon spotlight fireside chat.

    A reminder that all SHIFT paid attendees will be entered to win 1 of 3 Roku Ultra 4K players, generously provided by Roku. Additional discounts are available on 5-packs and 10-packs. And, startups and students can register for the reduced $245 ticket (contact me for the code).

    As always, there will be abundant networking opportunities with speakers and attendees at SHIFT.

    Please join us for what will be the highest-impact day of learning and networking around programmatic video & TV of 2017.

    Learn more and register now!

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  • Philo Launches Entertainment-Only Skinny Bundle

    Philo has officially launched as a $16 per month entertainment-only skinny bundle targeted to viewers who don’t care about sports. The company has also raised $25 million from Discovery, Viacom, Scripps, A+E Networks and AMC, which are represented among the 37 TV networks included in Philo’s base tier. Another 9 TV networks are available for an additional $4 per month.

    Philo’s primary value proposition is that it frees non-sports fans from paying the exorbitant costs of sports programming that are embedded in the typical monthly pay-TV bill. A while back I estimated that at least $2 billion per year flows from non-sports fans to sports-oriented TV networks as an annual subsidy for networks that are rarely, if ever viewed. These billions in turn fund massive player salaries and support team valuations. The wastefulness of tens of millions of non-sports fans paying for programming they don’t care about is the single most inefficient aspect of the TV industry’s current structure.

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