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  • Beachfront Media Provides New Brand Safety Tools and Analytics

    Beachfront Media has launched a “two-way transparency suite” of tools and analytics for programmatic mobile video advertising. The suite provides enhanced brand safety for both video content publishers and advertisers.

    Frank Sinton, Beachfront’s founder and CEO told me that typically there isn’t much transparency for publishers to understand which advertisers are buying video on their sites and apps programmatically. Beachfront will now give its 300+ publisher partners the ability to write business rules around which advertisers are allowed to access inventory down to which actual ads are run, in real time.

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  • VideoNuze Podcast #367: Netflix Falls Short in Q1; Data Comes to TV Ads

    I’m pleased to present the 367th edition of the VideoNuze podcast with my weekly partner Colin Dixon of nScreenMedia.

    Once again, we’d like to thank our podcast sponsor Akamai Technologies, which will show its Media Acceleration capabilities and range of cloud-based solutions at the NABShow in Las Vegas, in booth SL3324. There's still time to schedule a meeting.

    First up on this week’s podcast we discuss Netflix’s Q1 earnings which were released earlier this week. Netflix came up a bit short of its own forecasts for both domestic and international subscribers. Colin provides his analysis of what happened and what might be ahead for Netflix in 2017.

    Then we shift gears to discuss how TV advertising is increasingly about data-enablement. I share further details on my post yesterday on Videology’s research, and also explain’s new conversion solution. TV is in a race to provide improved targeting and better ROI to advertisers who are being avidly pursued by Google, Facebook and other digital competitors.  

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  • Research: Majority of Ad Buyers Expect Programmatic Will Account for Over Half of TV Ads in 3-5 Years

    Videology has released new research showing strong enthusiasm for data-enabled TV ads among agencies and advertisers. According to a study conducted by Advertiser Perceptions for Videology, 64% of respondents believe that within 3-5 years, more than half of total TV buying will be programmatic or “advanced TV.”  For buyers already using advanced TV, 57% are planning to increase their budgets this year.

    The survey defined programmatic as high-indexing linear TV that uses advanced data to define a strategic consumer target (“data-enabled TV”) and TV advertising delivered at the household level (“addressable TV”).

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  • New Solution Tracks TV Ad Effectiveness has introduced a new analytics solution that allows advertisers to measure in real time the effectiveness of their ads across metrics including web site visits, registrations and purchases. The solution is the latest in an ongoing series of technology initiatives bringing enhanced attribution, targeting and ROI potential to traditional TV ads.’s CEO Sean Muller told me in a briefing that the conversion analytics solution directly addresses TV advertisers’ pain point of not being able to accurately or quickly measure and attribute how TV ads translate into specific actions. The challenge has been exacerbated by consumers’ shift to on-demand viewing across devices on services that are sometimes ad-free as well.

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