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  • Inside the Stream Podcast: The Elvis Presley Channel Launch Illustrates FAST Opportunity

    This week on Inside the Stream nScreenMedia’s Colin Dixon and I explore how the recent launch by Cinedigm of the Elvis Presley Channel illustrates the FAST opportunity for content providers. Cinedigm struck deals with seven different platforms to gain access to over 100 million devices at launch. This demonstrates the reach connected TV now offers though Colin highlights how discovery challenges remain.

    Ad-supported streaming services continue to gain, creating a tailwind for FAST channels. We reference recent comScore data showing the growing popularity of ad-supported services, especially among certain ethnic groups.

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  • VAST & RTB: Peas in an Ad Pod

    While the CTV market will continue to garner billions of dollars in incremental spend each year for the foreseeable future, the tone is beginning to change ever so slightly; from unbridled excitement to a heightened focus on the technology and manner by which CTV ads are bought and sold.

    Amid this step change, an old friend has re-emerged at the forefront of industry conversation: Ad Pods.

    As a refresher, ad pods are a sequenced group of ads that play one after another within an ad break. Scheduled in pre-, mid-, and post-roll environments, an ad pod equates to a commercial break that runs during an episode of a TV program in linear environments.

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  • Video UX vs. Ad Revenue: Why It Doesn’t Have to be Either/Or

    As CPMs continue to fall and cookies sunset, digital publishers are under more pressure to monetize content. This can put sales, product, and editorial teams at odds, especially when it comes to video content, particularly on mobile, where two-thirds of all video is displayed. But are these teams really after different things?

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  • Inside the Stream Podcast: Unpacking Netflix’s Conflicting Satisfaction Data Among SVOD Services

    This week on Inside the Stream nScreenMedia’s Colin Dixon and I discuss conflicting data about Netflix’s customer satisfaction from ASCI and Whip Media. Netflix remains an essential streaming service for many people, especially for watching drama, according to Parrot Analytics. However, new data from Antenna indicates that in April almost a quarter of Americans who signed up for Netflix dropped it within a month. We try to make sense of it all.

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  • Pixability Becomes a Member of GARM to Help Set Brand Safety and Suitability Standards

    Pixability has announced that it has become a member of the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM), an initiative of the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA). Pixability will help create contextual, brand safety and suitability guidelines for the ad industry, building on an existing collaboration to educate the market and create more transparency about harmful content.

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  • Inside the Stream Podcast: Apple - Major League Soccer Deal Moves Sports Deeper Into Streaming

    Apple has signed a ten-year deal with Major League Soccer to stream all MLS matches starting in 2023, without any local broadcast blackouts. The deal moves sports deeper into streaming, and away from traditional pay-TV.

    Chris Harris, Publisher of World Soccer Talk, joins Colin and me this week to understand the significance of the deal and what impact it may have on sports going forward. Chris is an authority on global soccer and also wrote about how Apple might price the MLS subscription service. We explore all angles of the deal with Chris.

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  • Here Are All of the CTV Ad Summit Session Videos

    I’m pleased to share all of the session videos from VideoNuze’s Connected TV Advertising Summit virtual which was held on June 14th and 15th. The program featured over 35 speakers on 8 different sessions

    Here are the session videos from the first day (June 14th)
    Here are the session videos from the second day (June 15th)

    The first day included speakers from Accenture, Crackle, CIMM, Extreme Reach, FilmRise, fuboTV, Grant Thornton, GroupM, HUMAN, Index Exchange, NBCUniversal, nScreenMedia, PHD, Pixability, Roku, Samsung Ads, Xandr and Xumo.

    The second day included speakers from A+E Networks, AMC Networks, AT&T, Beachfront, DIRECTV Advertising, Innovid, Leichtman Research Group, Mediaocean, NBCUniversal, Paramount Streaming, Publicis Media, Trusted Media Brands, TVREV, VAB and VIZIO.  

    Thank you to all of the speakers for sharing their time and insights!

  • CTV Ad Summit 2022 Session Videos (Second Day) Are Available

    Last Tuesday and Wednesday, June 14th and 15th was VideoNuze’s Connected TV Advertising Summit virtual. The program featured over 35 speakers on 8 different sessions, who shared their insights about the current CTV advertising business and what’s in store for the future.

    Huge thanks to our Silver Partners Beachfront, Edgecast, ExtremeReach, HUMAN, IndexExchange, Innovid, Mediaocean, Pixability, Roku, Xandr and Branding Partner Future Today.

    Below are the June 15th (day 2) session videos. The June 14th (day 1) session videos are here.

    Future of CTV and TV
    The TV advertising industry is undergoing unprecedented disruption. What does the picture look like in 3-5 years vs. today? What are the key drivers and what challenges need to be addressed?

    Matt Agosto - Director of Sales, Media & Entertainment, Samsung Ads
    Ashley Arena – Head of Advanced Video Activation, PHD
    Dan Brackett – CTO, Extreme Reach
    Jason DeMarco – VP, OTT, Index Exchange
    Chris Flatley – VP of Advertising, FuboTV
    Howard Homonoff – Senior Advisor, U.S. Media & Entertainment Industry, Grant Thornton (moderator)

    Multiplatform and CTV: Working Together
    Consumers are accessing content in many different ways. How do ad buyers and content providers target consumers across platforms and measure viewership effectively. How will CTV fit with existing and emerging models?

    Kristine Lopez – Senior Product Manager, HUMAN (formerly WhiteOps)
    Adam Markey – Director, Product Management, Roku
    Darren Olive – EVP, National Ad Sales and Strategy, Crackle
    Beth-Ann Eason – Senior Digital Transformation Executive, Accenture (moderator)

    Ad-Supported Streaming In Focus: FAST, AVOD and More
    Premium video services are being presented to audiences in many different ways including FAST, AVOD and more. Explore how the CTV and streaming landscape is changing and how different approaches offer new monetization and user experience opportunities.

    Bill Condon – SVP, Advertising Partnerships, Xumo
    Shawn Makhijani – SVP, Business Development and Strategy, TV and Streaming, NBCUniversal
    Tejas Shah – SVP of Commercial Strategy & Analytics, FilmRise
    Katina Papas Wachter – Head of Ad Sales and Strategy, The Roku Channel
    Colin Dixon – Chief Analyst, nScreenMedia (moderator)

    CTV: What’s the Current State of Play?
    CTV usage has grown dramatically, accelerated by the adoption of devices and Covid. What are the current dynamics in CTV with monetization, business models, content distribution and more?

    Trevor Buchmayr – Head of U.S. Programmatic, PHD
    Jackie Swansburg Paulino – Chief Product Officer, Pixability
    Jen Soch – Executive Director, Channel Solutions, GroupM
    Anthony Susi – Director, Marketplace Development, Xandr
    Jon Watts – Managing Director, CIMM (moderator)