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  • Study: Netflix Tops for Watching Streaming TV Programs

    Here's more evidence of how watching TV programs is changing: according to part two of a TV viewer survey fielded by NATPE and CEA, 71% of respondents said they have streamed full-length TV programs in the past 6 months. No surprise, Netflix was the go-to source, with 40% having watched there, followed by 26% for YouTube and 25% for network web sites.

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  • Amazon's and Netflix's Golden Globes Underscore OTT's Role as Bona Fide Alternative to TV

    At last night's Golden Globe awards, Amazon's series "Transparent" won Best Comedy, with its star Jeffrey Tambor winning best actor - TV Comedy, while Netflix's "House of Cards" star Kevin Spacey won for best actor - TV drama. Granted, it's just one awards show, and just two programs, but the Amazon and Netflix wins further legitimize OTT as a bona fide alternative source of high-quality programming to broadcast and cable TV.

    The operative word here is "alternative." Note that for years, Netflix in particular has characterized itself as "supplemental" to broadcast and cable TV. And to be sure, with around 37 million Netflix subscribers in the U.S. and cord-cutting still relatively muted, the reality is that today Netflix still is mostly a "supplemental" service.

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  • UM's Chief Content Officer Scott Donaton Articulates the Value of Branded Entertainment [VIDEO]

    At NATPE recently, I interviewed Scott Donaton, Global Chief Content Officer for UM (Universal McCann) and head of UM Studios. The agency has clients including L'Oreal, BMW, Johnson & Johnson and many others. In the interview, Scott articulates very well the value of branded entertainment and why so many brands are now getting involved.

    Scott explains how brands are seeking to move from traditional interruptive advertising experiences to ones where they can add value to conversations that audiences are already having. A great example Scott describes is UM's work with BMW to develop branded content in support of the new bobsled it designed for Team USA in the Sochi Olympics. Importantly, Scott also details how brands measure the success of their branded entertainment initiatives.

    The interview runs approximately 7 minutes and is well worth watching for anyone interested in how branded entertainment is evolving.

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  • Fullscreen COO Ezra Cooperstein Explains Today's MCN Model and How It's Changing [VIDEO]

    While at NATPE, I did a video interview with Ezra Cooperstein, COO of Fullscreen, one of the biggest multichannel networks (MCNs), with 27 million unique viewers and 358 million videos viewed in December, per comScore. Ezra explains exactly how MCNs' currently add value to YouTube creators, how the business is changing to more of a studio model, what the company is doing internationally and key trends for 2014, among other topics.

    The edited interview is below and runs approximately 7 minutes.

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  • JWT's Mike Wiese Explains Role of Branded Entertainment [VIDEO]

    While at NATPE last week I did a short video interview with Mike Wiese, director of branded entertainment for JWT New York. In the interview Mike talks about how clients are approaching branded entertainment projects, how these align with traditional paid advertising, how one of his clients, Macy's, is succeeding and where branded entertainment is heading in 2014.

    The edited interview is below and runs 5 minutes, 47 seconds.

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  • Interviewing Roku's CEO Anthony Wood at NATPE Next Week. Suggestions On What To Ask?

    I'm excited to be hosting a one-on-one interview with Roku's CEO and founder Anthony Wood at NATPE in Miami next Monday, Jan. 28th. Anthony is one of the true visionaries in the online video / connected TV device world.

    Among the topics on my list to discuss with him are Roku TV (launched with Hisense and TCL at CES last week), how Roku owners actually use the device since there are now over 1,200 channels to choose from, the status of Roku's work with pay-TV operators and whether transactional VOD will play a bigger part in Roku's future. I'm sure we'll also discuss larger industry trends like cord-cutting, the connected TV device landscape, Smart TVs, TV Everywhere and the role of mobile devices.

    That's a long list, but what do YOU think I should ask him? Send me suggestions via email or leave a comment!

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  • Study: Still Early Days for Second Screen Usage With TV Programs

    A new study from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE) released yesterday at CES, revealed that it is still very early days for second screen usage in conjunction with TV programs. The study estimates that 44% of the general population has ever accessed TV program related content on a second screen. This is the group that was surveyed.

    Of this group, 42% (or about 18% of the general population) accessed "synchronous" content, which is meant to be consumed with the TV program, such as polls, contests, Twitter feeds, chats, etc.), and 91% (or about 40% of the general population) accessed "asynchronous" content which is meant to be consumed before or after the TV program such as actor or behind-the-scenes info, trivia, webisode viewing and Twitter/Facebook activity.

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  • PepsiCo's Marketing Chief Sees a Huge Opportunity for Episodic Content Online [VIDEO]

    Last week at NATPE, I had the pleasure of interviewing Frank Cooper, PepsiCo's Chief Marketing Officer, Global Consumer Engagement. Frank provides great insights into how PepsiCo's brands are evolving from a traditional approach to marketing to the consumer, to one that is more focused on engaging them with the brands. Part of doing this involves adopting a "beta culture" throughout the company, where campaigns are iterative and not necessarily fully polished at the outset.

    Frank sees content as a key element in engaging consumers and believes there's a huge opportunity in episodic content online, where PepsiCo brands themselves will become more active. That said, he's very pragmatic about branded entertainment, explaining that these days everyone is vying for the consumer's precious attention. Brands can't do sub-par work if they expect to be competitive in their entertainment offerings.

    Among the other topics Frank discusses:

    - The increasingly important role of data in informing content choices, channels and other decisions.

    - How expectations of those under age 25 differ from those older than 25.

    - Success metrics of two recent campaigns, Mountain Dew's "DEWmocracy" and Pepsi Refresh and what the company learned from each of these.

    - The organizational challenges consumer packaged goods companies face in adapting their marketing practices.

    And more.

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  • My Damn Channel's Rob Barnett: "We're seeing the 'cable-iziation' of the Internet" [VIDEO]

    At the NATPE conference in Miami Beach last week I did a series of short one-on-one video interviews, which I'll be posting to VideoNuze over the next couple of weeks.

    First up is Rob Barnett, CEO of My Damn Channel, which announced its new "My Damn Channel Comedy Network" at NATPE. In the interview, Rob talks about My Damn Channel's positioning and how the new comedy network differentiates itself. He delves into how he sees bigger online video properties emerging in the same way as happened in cable TV.  Other topics Rob discusses:

    - More than 30% of the company's videos are now viewed on mobile devices and durations are being mainly kept to 2-3 minutes max as a result.

    - Why My Damn Channel continues to focus on the series format, rather than one-off comedic clips.

    - The important role of the "human element" in curating how creative work gets noticed and promoted.

    - Brand extensions and the importance of entrepreneurs doing one thing right before moving on to others.

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  • VideoNuze Podcast #165 - Binge-Viewing Takes Center Stage; eyeIO's THX Certification

    I'm pleased to present the 165th edition of the VideoNuze podcast with my weekly partner Colin Dixon of nScreenMedia. This week I first share some reflections from spending 2 days at the NATPE conference earlier this week, focusing on content creators' attitudes toward online video.

    That's a segue into discussing "binge-viewing," which will get a lot more visibility starting today, as Netflix releases all 13 episodes of its high-profile original series "House of Cards" (I watched the first 5 minutes of Chapter 1 this morning, and I'm hooked already). We discuss how binge-viewing is changing viewers' expectations and influencing content creators. For more about the pros and cons of Netflix's binge-viewing  strategy, see my prior analysis here.

    Next we talk about eyeIO, and its THX certification announced yesterday. Colin provides a layman's explanation, that augments his post yesterday, of why this is so important along with the context of H.264 and the new H.265 standard just approved by the ITU. We also review the benefits to content providers and viewers.  

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  • NATPE Brand Innovation Summit is Tomorrow

    A limited number of tickets are still available for NATPE's Brand Innovation Summit in NYC tomorrow, Sept. 22nd. NATPE has a great lineup of speakers spanning brands, publishers, agencies and content creators. There will be sessions on branded entertainment, social media's role in the marketing mix, how to measure advertising success in this noisy landscape and much more. Discounted registration is still available for $195 using the code "INNOVATE" when prompted. Hope to see you there!
  • VideoNuze Report Podcast #108: Deep Dive Into Branded Entertainment

    More than ever brands are trying to break through the clutter of traditional advertising by leveraging online video and social media to create their own "branded entertainment" properties. On today's VideoNuze Report podcast, we take a deep dive into this burgeoning area with two experts, Russ Axelrod, Director, Branded Entertainment and Experiences at Microsoft and Mike Wiese, Director of Branded Entertainment at JWT, a large agency based in New York, who have worked with clients such as Toyota, Macy's, J&J, Rolex and others on branded entertainment projects.

    Russ and Mike explain more about why branded entertainment projects are being pursued, how these efforts fit with the traditional marketing mix, specific projects they've worked on and the metrics used to measure their success and what the future holds for branded entertainment.

    If you're interested in learning more, Russ and Mike will be part of the full-day program at the NATPE Brand Innovation Summit, next Thursday, September 22, in NYC. Discounted registration of $195 is available using the code "INNOVATE" when prompted.

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  • On-Stage Interview With Netflix's Content Chief Ted Sarandos, Next Week in Miami Beach

    Please join me in Miami Beach next Tuesday, January 25th when I'll be doing an exclusive one-hour interview with Netflix's chief content officer Ted Sarandos at the annual NATPE Market conference. The session is sponsored by William Morris Endeavor. The NATPE Market conference runs from next Monday to Wednesday at the luxurious Fontainebleau Resort.

    Ted is Netflix's point person for the company's lengthy list of recent content deals (e.g. EPIX, Disney/ABC, NBCU, Relativity Media, etc.) that have powered the popularity of Netflix's streaming service. Among the topics we'll discuss include how Netflix decides what type of content to pursue, how these deals are typically structured, how big Netflix's budget is for ongoing content acquisition, which connected devices are most popular for Netflix streaming use, which competitors he's most worried about, and what's on the roadmap for 2011 and beyond.

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  • VideoNuze Report Podcast #68 - July 16, 2010

    Daisy Whitney and I are pleased to present the 68th edition of the VideoNuze Report podcast, for July 16, 2010.

    In this podcast Daisy first discusses her observations from this week's NATPE LATV Fest. Daisy had a number of interesting conversations with independent online video producers and she shares some of what's succeeding and lessons learned.

    Then we shift gears and spend some time talking about Google's 1 gigabit/second fiber-to-the-home project. Earlier this week Google created a new web site called "Google Fiber for Communities" which curiously only offers a little information about the project itself, but rather focuses on incenting citizens to express their support, in different ways, for legislation mandating fiber conduits are installed in federally funded transportation projects. It makes a similar recommendation for city-funded projects. It's seems like a far-flung initiative from the search company, or maybe not. Daisy and I speculate on what might be up.

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  • Interview with Mitch Berman, Co-founder, ZillionTV

    Last week I had a chance to catch up with Mitch Berman, co-founder and Executive Chairman of ZillionTV, the early stage online entertainment service. Mitch is a long-time Hollywood veteran and will be speaking at next week's NATPE LATV Fest (VideoNuze readers get a special discount). An edited transcript follows.

    VideoNuze: What are the 2-3 key trends in digital media we should be watching?

    Mitch Berman: I often talk about the growing role of influence, sharing and reward which are tied to social networking. Reward is both the influence you get with other members of your social circle as well as "points." Another trend is the rise of casual games which are becoming very popular with examples like Farmville. Then I'm also watching the trend toward over-the-top video. Now you have retailers, CE makers, independent over the top players like Roku and others, plus software providers. They're all attacking the traditional video subscription model.

    VN: Is the threat of cord-cutting real or imagined?

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  • Special NATPE Discount Available for VideoNuze Readers

    NATPE is offering a special discounted rate of $650 (a $200 discount) for its NATPE 2010 conference next week in Las Vegas. The conference offers an excellent array of speakers and information about the TV and video industries. With a range of panels on online and mobile delivery, it is a great event for anyone looking to exploit new digital delivery opportunities.

    I'll be involved with 2 sessions this year. First, on Monday, Jan. 25th, from 2:45-3:30pm, I'll be moderating "Adopting and Adapting Online Advertising, an Interactive Debate" with Rob Norman, CEO, Group M North America (Group M is the world's largest media buyer) and Shishir Mehrotra, Director of Product Management for Google, who's responsible for Google's video monetization efforts, including YouTube and TV advertising. It promises to be a stimulating discussion of how online video advertising is shaping up.

    Then on Tuesday, Jan 26th, from 10-10:30am I'll hosting "Online Video Syndication and Advertising: What's Working" with Brent Horowitz, VP of Business Development for FreeWheel, a leading provider of advertising solutions for content providers pursuing third-party syndication. Brent and I will discuss the pros and cons of online video syndication and how content providers can participate.

    Ping me if you're planning to come to NATPE and let's try to meet up!

  • VideoNuze Report Podcast #4 - Jan. 30, 2009

    Below is the 4th edition of the VideoNuze Report podcast, for Jan. 30, 2009. This week Daisy and I were actually in the same place at the same time, the NATPE conference in Las Vegas. We offer some thoughts on what we saw there, and also touch on some recent deals and and industry activity. (Note also that all the VideoNuze podcasts have been uploaded to iTunes, I'm waiting for them to appear, so that you can subscribe.)

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  • Obama Girl and Me at NATPE

    Yesterday I moderated a fun little panel at NATPE with Ben Relles, creator of the hugely popular "Obama Girl" site Barely Political and Obama girl herself, Amber Lee Ettinger. "Obama Girl" has been a huge success since launch (13 million + views of "I've Got a Crush on Obama" on YouTube alone). Obama Girl offers plenty of clues for aspiring broadband video producers.

    Relles did "I've Got a Crush on Obama" for $2,500 and said he made back all of his money the second day of release through T-shirt sales. That's a lesson in being opportunistic about multiple revenue streams. He conceived and wrote the song and then found Amber through her web site. He signed her up on the spot at a local Starbucks. All of that of course shows that big budgets aren't necessarily required to make big hits (Hollywood, hint, hint). He advised that creating videos that fit into larger conversations already underway are key to success.

    Now with Barely Political part of Next New Networks, Relles has cranked up video production and has NNN's ad sales team monetizing its streams alongside its other channels. To answer a question some of you may be wondering: Amber conceded she's never actually met Obama personally, but had cordial relations with his campaign staff. (Daisy has more here.)

  • Join Me in LA for Syndicated Video Economy Panel Discussion

    I'll be moderating an exciting panel at the NATPE LATV Festival's Digital Day on July 30th entitled, "The Syndicated Video Economy: Expanding Broadband's Reach" with a great group of panelists including:

    Greg Clayman, Executive VP, Digital Distribution and Business Development, MTV Networks

    Mike Hudack, Co-Founder, President and CEO,

    Jonathan Leess, President and General Manager, Digital Media Group, CBS Television Stations

    Brian Shin, Founder and CEO, Visible Measures

    These companies are all leaders in building out the "Syndicated Video Economy" which I introduced back in March. It's a very cool space and I expect a lot more activity going forward. Please join us in LA for a stimulating panel discussion and overall event!

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  • My Reflections on NATPE Conference

    Last week's NATPE conference brought numerous opportunities for attendees to learn about broadband and digital media. Based on the Q&A I heard, plus the hallway chatter, there is intense interest - especially from independent producers - about how to take advantage of the rapidly changing video landscape. Today I want to spend a few minutes reviewing some of what I learned at the conference.

    A big chunk of my time was spent hosting a day-long Digital Briefing track, during which 10 companies presented for 30 minutes each, back-to-back throughout the day. The companies that presented were: Leichtman Research Group, Joost,, Broadband Enterprises, Livid Media, Vuze, Enticent, Teletrax, PermissionTV and Digital Fountain.

    These companies offered a highly diverse range of products, services and solutions, all aimed at growing the broadband video industry. Joost, Vuze and Broadband Enterprises in particular drew lots of audience questions, focused on distribution and monetization, 2 key items for indie broadband producers. Similarly PermissionTV received lot of interest for how it can help large and small content providers build out their broadband presence. And Digital Fountain's demos of its high-quality video distribution network garnered a lot of attention (btw, it's soliciting participants for its beta trial here).

    The other companies also showed valuable products and services: Livid Media demonstrated its personality-based content and Enticent its loyalty programs. SpotStock premiered its new digital stock footage library aimed at helping indie producers quickly and legitimately gain access valuable resources. And Teletrax explained how its watermarking technology helps broadcasters secure and track their digital streams. Last but not least, Bruce Leichtman of Leichtman Research demystified what's really happening with consumer behavior changes based on his firm's extensive market research.

    Outside of the Digital Briefings day, the advertising-related sessions provided lots of needed information to attendees about how monetization is unfolding for broadband delivery. I've already written about Shelly Lazarus branded entertainment speech. Tim Armstrong, head of sales at Google provided insights on how the company is approaching YouTube monetization. Another session elicited reactions from big-time brand marketers about issues with pre-rolls and explored alternatives. And as I previously wrote, NBCU's Jeff Zucker delivered a candid wake-up call to the industry about challenges ahead. Even as someone who follows this stuff pretty closely, I thought there was a lot of new info and perspectives being shared.

    All in all, these sessions all served as another reminder to me about how broadband video is becoming a vibrant part of the overall economy. There is so much entrepreneurial energy going into developing all the pieces of the overall broadband ecosystem. A consistent theme I heard at NATPE was that people recognize broadband is challenging incumbent media distribution, but it is also expanding producers' options in unprecedented ways. For me that's the real potential ahead.

    If you want to discuss the specifics of any of these, just drop me a line!

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