• PepsiCo's Marketing Chief Sees a Huge Opportunity for Episodic Content Online [VIDEO]

    Last week at NATPE, I had the pleasure of interviewing Frank Cooper, PepsiCo's Chief Marketing Officer, Global Consumer Engagement. Frank provides great insights into how PepsiCo's brands are evolving from a traditional approach to marketing to the consumer, to one that is more focused on engaging them with the brands. Part of doing this involves adopting a "beta culture" throughout the company, where campaigns are iterative and not necessarily fully polished at the outset.

    Frank sees content as a key element in engaging consumers and believes there's a huge opportunity in episodic content online, where PepsiCo brands themselves will become more active. That said, he's very pragmatic about branded entertainment, explaining that these days everyone is vying for the consumer's precious attention. Brands can't do sub-par work if they expect to be competitive in their entertainment offerings.

    Among the other topics Frank discusses:

    - The increasingly important role of data in informing content choices, channels and other decisions.

    - How expectations of those under age 25 differ from those older than 25.

    - Success metrics of two recent campaigns, Mountain Dew's "DEWmocracy" and Pepsi Refresh and what the company learned from each of these.

    - The organizational challenges consumer packaged goods companies face in adapting their marketing practices.

    And more.