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  • VideoNuze Podcast #461: FreeWheel Q4’s VMR; Viacom’s OTT Moves

    I’m pleased to present the 461st edition of the VideoNuze podcast, with my weekly partner Colin Dixon of nScreenMedia.

    On this week’s podcast we first discuss highlights of FreeWheel’s Q4 2018 Video Marketplace Report. Once again FreeWheel’s data reveals important shift from linear TV to OTT consumption. Then we discuss a number of moves that Viacom is making into OTT, highlighted by its acquisition of Pluto TV. As Colin wrote, in many ways Viacom is on the front line of viewers’ shifts due to its traditional focus on younger audiences.

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  • VideoNuze Podcast #437: Connected TVs Change the Landscape; IBC Highlights

    I’m pleased to present the 437th edition of the VideoNuze podcast, with my weekly partner Colin Dixon of nScreenMedia.

    Yesterday’s Q2 Video Monetization Report from FreeWheel put an exclamation mark on just how significantly connected TVs are changing the TV and online video landscape. In Q2 ’18 CTVs accounted for 41% of premium video views, up from just 1.2% in Q2 ’13. In that time, desktop views have dropped from over 81% share, to just 17%.

    In today’s podcast we discuss the rise of CTVs and in particular their impact on advertising. We also touch on other interesting data points from FreeWheel’s Q2 VMR.

    We then switch gears as Colin reports on highlights of his time at the IBC show in Amsterdam. Tops on his list was the outsized presence of Google and Android TV at the show and its potential impact.

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  • FreeWheel: Connected TV and VOD Viewing Drive Over Half of All Premium Video Views

    Connected TV devices and set-top box VOD now account for 57% of all premium video views in the U.S. according to FreeWheel’s Q2 Video Monetization Report (VMR) released today. It is the first time CTV and STB VOD have driven more than half of premium video views, and is up from 49% in Q2 ’17.

    However, the big reason for the jump is due to CTV, which jumped from 29% of all premium video views in Q2 ’17 to 41% in Q2 ’18. STB VOD actually declined over the same period from 20% to 16%. I’ve believed for a long time that CTV viewing of SVOD and other ad-supported on-demand OTT programming would eventually chip away at traditional STB-delivered VOD. The Q2 results appear to show this now occurring.

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  • FreeWheel Q3 ’17 VMR: “New Living Room” Cements Its Critical Role

    Connected TVs and set-top box delivered VOD together accounted for 49% of premium video ad views in Q3 ’17, according to FreeWheel’s newest Video Monetization Report. The combined share is roughly stable over past year. However, STB VOD grew 54% year-over-year (with its share now up to 20%), while connected TV gained 47% YOY (with its share now 29%).

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  • FreeWheel Q2 ’17 VMR: Connected TVs and Set-Top Boxes Account For Half of Premium Ad Views

    Connected TVs and set-top box delivered VOD now account for 49% of ad views on premium video, according to FreeWheel’s Video Monetization Report for Q2 ’17. That’s a small bump from the combined 48% they accounted for in Q1 ’17, but a huge increase from the combined 1% back in Q2 ’13.

    In Q2 ’17, connected TVs drove 29% of ad views, up from 23% in Q2 ’16 while STBs drove 20% of ad views up from 17% a year earlier. Coincidentally, Roku, which has the largest share of the connected TV market and priced its initial public yesterday, has said that advertising and other “platform revenues” will be critical to its growth going forward.

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  • Perspective What's this? The Short Form Ad Experience

    According to the FreeWheel Video Monetization Report: Q1 2017, 16% of all ad views took place on short-form video clips. However, in Q1 2017, 58% of all video starts were clips (less than 5 mins) and while less time is spent and fewer ads are served compared to long-form and live content, the monetization strategy and user experience of short-form content, given its sheer volume, is of great importance to premium video providers.

    The FreeWheel Council for Premium Video set out to study the impact on the viewer across different ad experiences when watching short-form video. Partnering with RealEyes, a leading emotion measurement platform, we exposed 2964 adults aged 18-49 to a set of nine different scenarios of premium video content and ads, to measure the different levels of engagement and emotional reactions through facial recognition technology, as well as surveying them on their overall experience.

    The results of this unique study were really interesting:

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  • FreeWheel: OTT Devices Are Ascendant, But Challenges Remain

    FreeWheel has released a new report titled “The Power of OTT: Audiences and Engagement,” which highlights data on OTT devices’ (which I’ve typically called connected TVs) soaring popularity, but also acknowledges ongoing challenges. The report is part of new semi-annual research series from FreeWheel called Signature Insights, which incorporates research from its own Video Monetization Report (VMR), as well as 3rd party sources such as Nielsen, eMarketer, Hulu and Millward Brown.

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  • Exploring Premium Video’s Winning Formula [AD SUMMIT VIDEO]

    Although more video is being produced than ever, for advertisers, premium video remains the most sought-after. At last week’s 7th annual VideoNuze Online Video Ad Summit, our opening panel “Exploring Premium Video’s Winning Formula,” dug into why premium video is so valuable and how it can maintain its desirability.

    The session included Maureen Bosetti (Chief Partnerships Officer, Initiative), Pooja Midha (SVP, Digital Ad Sales & Operations, Disney ABC Television Group) and Scott Rosenberg (SVP/GM, Advertising, Roku), with James Rooke (GM, Publisher Platform, FreeWheel) moderating.

    (Note, I’ll be posting all of the VideoNuze Ad Summit videos over the next couple of weeks)

    Watch the video (37 minutes, 44 seconds).

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  • VideoNuze Podcast #375: Interview With FreeWheel’s Mike Lawlor on Q1 VMR

    I’m pleased to present the 375th edition of the VideoNuze podcast with my weekly partner Colin Dixon of nScreenMedia.

    This week we’re excited to have Mike Lawlor, FreeWheel’s SVP of Client Services, join us to dig into the company’s Q1 ’17 Video Monetization Report, which it released on Wednesday at the VideoNuze Ad Summit.

    First up, we talk about the meteoric growth in OTT devices, which when coupled with set-top box video, means nearly half of all ad views in premium video now occur on TVs. FreeWheel calls this the “new living room” and Mike describes the drivers of this growth and what it means for programmers and advertisers.

    Overall, it was the 25th straight quarter of double digit percentage growth for online video, and we discuss whether this amazing streak will continue. We cover a lot of other ground, including what types of programming viewers are watching, what role programmatic is playing for premium video, the importance of improving the viewers’ ad experiences and much more.

    FreeWheel’s VMR continues to be an incredibly valuable piece of research, helping industry analysts and executives better understand how disruption is playing out. The VMR is available as a complimentary download.

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  • FreeWheel Q1 ’17 VMR: Connected TV Viewing Share Up 16x to Top Spot

    Connected TVs now account for more ad views in premium video content in the U.S. than any other type of device, according to FreeWheel’s Video Monetization Report for Q1 ’17, which was released at VideoNuze’s 7th annual Online Video Ad Summit in NYC Wednesday morning. Connected TVs, or “OTT devices” as FreeWheel calls them, claimed 32% of ad views in Q1, up 16x from their 2% share just 4 years ago.

    In addition, set-top box VOD accounted for another 16% of ad views. Combined with connected TVs’ 32% share, nearly half, or 48% of premium ad views in the U.S. are now occurring in what FreeWheel calls the “new living room.”

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  • FreeWheel Will Release Its Q1 ’17 Video Monetization Report at the June 14th VideoNuze Ad Summit

    I’m excited to share that FreeWheel will release its Q1 ’17 Video Monetization Report (VMR) at the 7th annual VideoNuze Online Video Advertising Summit on Wednesday, June 14th in NYC.

    FreeWheel’s GM, Publisher Platform, James Rooke will kick off the morning by presenting key data from the new VMR. He will then moderate a session “Exploring Premium Video’s Winning Formula,” including Maureen Bosetti (Chief Partnerships Officer, Initiative), Pooja Midha (SVP, Digital Ad Sales & Operations, Disney ABC Television Group) and Scott Rosenberg (SVP/GM, Advertising Roku).

    FreeWheel’s VMR has become the gold standard for understanding how ad-supported premium video is consumed across connected and mobile devices. The VMR includes critical data on ad growth by duration, by type of content provider and by ad breaks. The VMR also provides insights into the adoption of programmatic video buying as well as international and TV Everywhere adoption.

    All Ad Summit attendees will receive a hard copy of the Q1 ’17 VMR as well. FreeWheel is the Title partner for this year’s Ad Summit.

    The Ad Summit program now includes over 40 industry executives are confirmed to speak on 13 different sessions. Highlights of the program include keynote discussions with Troy Young, Global President of Hearst Digital Media and Brian Lesser, CEO of GroupM North America plus a Spotlight Fireside Chat with Jonathan Carson, President of Mic, fast-growing millennial-focused publisher.

    Other industry executives from Bloomberg Media, Bonnier, Dentsu Aegis Network U.S., Disney ABC Television, Edelman, ESPN, Hill Holliday, Hulu, IAB, Initiative, MDC Media Partners, NBCU, Publicis Media, Roku, Trusted Media Brands, Turner Broadcasting, The Washington Post, Pfizer, Reuters, USA Today Network, VEVO, Viacom and others.

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  • FreeWheel: Live Viewing Surged 36% in 2016 on Sports and Politics

    FreeWheel has released its 2016 year-end Video Monetization Report,  revealing, among things, that ad views in live streams grew 36% in 2016, powered by marquee sports events and the U.S. presidential election that were streamed to connected devices. FreeWheel cited the Summer Olympics, Super Bowl 50, Game 7 of the World Series, and the first presidential debate in particular as major contributors.

    More broadly, live video helped drive the 24th consecutive quarterly increase in both content views (up 20%) and ad views (up 17%) in Q4 ’16. For the full year 2016, content views increased 26% and ad views increased 24%.

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  • VideoNuze Podcast #341: Video Viewing Behavior Shifts; Downloading’s Value

    I'm pleased to present the 341st edition of the VideoNuze podcast with my weekly partner Colin Dixon of nScreenMedia.

    Over the past few years, online video viewing has become a completely mainstream activity. There are no better indicators of this shift than viewers’ adoption of mobile and connected TV devices for watching increasingly long-form entertainment programming. Yesterday’s FreeWheel VMR for Q2 ’16 revealed key data around these trends, which Colin and I dig into today.

    Critical for mobile video viewing (which we explored in depth on last week’s podcast) to expand further is improving viewing experiences. This is being addressed in lots of ways, and I continue to believe that downloading, for offline viewing, is one of the main solutions. Colin and I also discuss the value of downloading, in the context of YouTube Go, a new offline viewing app launched earlier this week.

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  • FreeWheel VMR: Desktop Declines to 34% of Ad Views as Entertainment Focus Grows

    FreeWheel has released its Q2 2016 Video Monetization Report, once again sharing valuable insights on premium video viewing and monetization. Continuing its precipitous drop from prior quarters, desktop’s share of video ad viewing declined to 34%, its lowest level yet in the U.S. That was down from over 62% one year ago, in Q2 ’15 and 90% just 3 years ago, in Q2 ’13.

    While desktop’s number of ad views has stayed steady, the rapid growth of mobile and connected devices has exploded, up 60% in each of the past 2 quarters alone. In Europe, desktop viewing is stronger than in the U.S., with a 43% share, though that’s down from 66% a year ago.

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  • Convergence Realized: Why TV and Video Are Now Inseparable [AD SUMMIT VIDEO]

    The opening session of our recent Video Ad Summit, “Convergence Realized: Why TV and Video are Now Inseparable,” featured panelists David Bickford (Head of TV Sales & Multi-Platform Group Director, Bloomberg Media), Jon Heller (Co-founder and Co-CEO, FreeWheel), Nick Johnson (SVP, Digital Ad Sales Strategy, Turner Ad Sales) and Paul Williamson (Chief Investment Officer, Publicis Media Exchange U.S.).

    Tim Castree (Managing Director, North America, Videology) moderated the session and also shared a 10-minute presentation at the beginning providing some of the key contextual drivers for why TV and video are converging for advertisers and publishers (Tim’s slides are posted here).

    Topics of discussion included changing viewers’ behaviors leading to fragmentation, the resulting measurement challenges and what’s being done to overcome them, how advertisers are coping with “patchwork” metrics, how content providers should think about cross-screen distribution, how advertisers are planning campaigns across different and much more.

    Watch the video (52 minutes, 43 seconds).

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  • Inside FreeWheel’s Acquisition of French SSP

    FreeWheel has acquired Paris-based video supply-side platform, for an undisclosed sum, the companies announced this morning. is one of the largest independent SSPs and has a team of approximately 100, including a beachhead in the U.S. that was established last Fall. The companies have been working together since last year, including an integration when was one of the initial SSPs to join FreeWheel’s Preferred Partners program.

    FreeWheel’s co-CEO and co-founder Doug Knopper told me that the acquisition was in direct response to customers’ requests to have a single platform to manage both video ads that are direct sold and those that are transacted programmatically. FreeWheel’s customers are among the biggest broadcasters, cable networks and online publishers, and while Doug said direct sold still accounts for the vast majority of inventory for its customers, they recognize how critical programmatic has become and are aggressively positioning themselves for the future.

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  • FreeWheel Council’s White Paper Advocates for Premium Video’s Ad Effectiveness

    The FreeWheel Council for Premium Video, an advocacy group of 30 programmers, operators and digital publishers, has released its first white paper, spelling out the case for premium video’s quality difference, explaining two specific impediments to its future growth and making recommendations for unlocking premium video’s full value.

    From a quality perspective, the paper notes that in addition to premium video delivering valuable audiences at scale in a transparent context, it also delivers higher viewability vs. all video, according to a study FreeWheel conducted with Moat. That study found that the two-second video in view rate for premium video from a FreeWheel set of publishers was 76.8% (vs. 62.7% for all Moat video) and the five-second in view rate was 72% for FreeWheel’s set (vs. 57% for all video).

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  • FreeWheel: Video Ad Views on Devices Surpass Desktop/Laptop for First Time

    In a sign of how extensively connected and mobile devices have proliferated, video ads viewed on them have surpassed video ads viewed via browsers on desktops and laptops for the first time, as measured by FreeWheel in its new Q4 ’15 Video Monetization Report.

    As seen in the graphic below, while desktops/laptops accounted for 40% of video ads views (up .1% vs. Q4 ’14), video ads viewed on connected TV devices accounted for 22% (up 76% YOY), with smartphones accounting for another 19% (up 92% YOY) and tablets at 9% (up 40% YOY). Combined, these devices account for 50% of ad views. FreeWheel also reported 10% of of ad views occurring on pay-TV operators’ set-top box VOD.

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  • Premium Publishers Navigate the Programmatic Video Opportunity [SHIFT VIDEO]

    Eager to unlock the full value of their audiences, premium publishers are tapping into programmatic, using data and a variety of tools. At the recent SHIFT // 2015 Programmatic Video & TV Ad Summit we dedicated a session to exploring how this is all unfolding. Among the topics discussed was how programmatic aligns with direct sales, the evolving role of measurement, how to aggregate across all platforms and much more.

    The session included Trent Anderson (Senior Director, Client Solutions, FreeWheel), Jason Barnett (Head of Programmatic,, Jason DeMarco (Director, Programmatic and Audience Solutions, A+E Networks) and Jana Meron (VP, Programmatic & Data Strategy, Business Insider), with Tim Hanlon (Managing Director, FTI Consulting) moderating. Follow the link below to watch the session video (31 minutes).

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  • VideoNuze Podcast #299: Highlighting Top Industry Data Points This Week

    I'm pleased to present the 299th edition of the VideoNuze podcast with my weekly partner Colin Dixon of nScreenMedia.

    This week there was a lot of industry data released that Colin and I covered. To streamline things, on this week’s podcast we highlight and discuss our 5-6 top takeaways. These include rising TV Everywhere usage, the shift in viewing from tablets to smartphones, how SVOD appears to be complementing pay-TV, why younger viewers are more tolerant of lower video quality, and how technology is defeating bots in online video advertising.

    Here are links to some of our coverage of this data:

    FreeWheel’s Q3 Video Monetization Report Shows Continued Industry Growth

    Conviva Survey Shows High Abandonment Rates for Lower Quality Video Experiences

    Survey: OTT Usage is Up, But Pay-TV is Still Hugely Popular, Even Among Millennials

    Videology - White Ops Study Details Cost of Bots on Video Advertising

    12-fold Increase in Mobile Video Volume by 2021, Led by Smartphone

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