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  • [VIDEO] The Big Picture: Exploring CTV’s Primary Opportunities and Challenges

    The following session was recorded at VideoNuze's Connected TV Advertising PREVIEW: 2022 virtual conference on January 26, 2022.

    The Big Picture: Exploring CTV’s Primary Opportunities and Challenges
    There is a lot of enthusiasm around CTV because it is the first medium to marry the best of TV advertising with the best of digital advertising. In this “big picture” session, learn what CTV’s primary opportunities are, and also what challenges still need to be addressed.

    - Ethan Heftman – SVP, Ad Sales Precision & Performance, A+E Networks
    - Nicole Scaglione – Global VP, OTT and CTV, PubMatic
    - Stacey Stewart – U.S. Chief Marketplace Officer, UM
    - Danielle DeLauro – EVP, VAB (moderator)

  • [VIDEO] Why DE&I is Integral to Connected TV Advertising’s Future

    The following video was recorded at VideoNuze's Connected TV Advertising Brand Suitability Summit virtual on November 16, 2021.

    Why DE&I is Integral to Connected TV Advertising’s Future
    Connected TV is rapidly becoming one of the most important brand and business building channels for advertisers of all sizes. Amid its explosive growth, advertisers and agencies are increasingly realizing that connected TV also represents an enormous opportunity to reflect and advance society’s diversity and its evolving values. Learn why DE&I is integral to connected TV advertising’s future and the leadership initiatives being pursued.

    - Karina Dobarro - EVP, Managing Partner, Horizon Media
    - Pooja Midha - Chief Growth Officer, Comcast Advertising
    - Danielle DeLauro - EVP, VAB (moderator)

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  • VAB’s New Stream On Report Provides 23 Case Studies Highlighting Streaming Ad Success

    VAB has released a valuable new Stream On report, highlighting 23 case studies across 15 different product categories in which advertisers are using streaming video ad campaigns to achieve key performance indicators (KPIs) including incremental reach, brand favorability, ad recall, web site visits and sales.

    The report is very well organized, by eight specific question topics such as “How do I use streaming to extend the reach of my video campaign beyond linear TV?” “How do I use streaming to increase my share of voice?” and “How can I use streaming to build brand love?” among others. Under each question topic there are 1-5 real world case studies.

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  • How Premium Video Providers are Successfully Transitioning to the OTT Era [VIDEO]

    The OTT era is challenging established premium video providers to adapt their businesses to a totally new set of ground rules. At our 9th annual Video Advertising Summit on May 29th, our opening panel shared their insights on the adaptation process and also what advertisers are looking for in where they allocate budgets in the OTT era.

    The discussion included Rob Aitken (Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting), Danielle DeLauro (EVP, Video Advertising Bureau), Domenic DiMeglio (SVP, Distribution and Operations, CBS Interactive) and James Shears (VP, Advanced Advertising, Extreme Reach) with moderator Mike Shields (Shields Strategic Consulting).

    A few key takeaways: premium video providers may be known for one particular business model today but eventually they're likely to utilize a variety of business models, live retains significant consumption and is a a critical part of the viewing mix even for OTT services, advertisers recognize live and on-demand are synergistic in terms of extending reach and attribution is an essential KPI for direct-to-consumer companies using TV advertising that traditional advertisers are emphasizing as well.

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