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  • EchoStar Selects Conviva to Guarantee Video Quality of DISH's TV Everywhere Services

    EchoStar, which is DISH Network's main technology partner, has selected Conviva to guarantee video quality of DISH Network's 2 main TV Everywhere services, DISH Anywhere and DishWorld. The former provides live and on-demand access to DISH's programming while the latter is focused on international programming delivered online.

    EchoStar will use Conviva's Intelligent Control Platform to optimize streaming video quality in real-time, on a per user basis. Conviva's platform monitors stream quality at an the individual user level, anticipating problems and preemptively optimizing by adjusting the bitrate, content delivery network and other parameters. An analytics suite gives content providers insight into the performance and viewership of their video.

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  • YuMe Implements Nielsen Mobile OCR for Toyota and GSK

    Late last week, YuMe announced that it was implementing Nielsen's mobile Online Campaign Ratings (OCR) to support cross-screen video ad campaigns for clients Toyota and GSK.  With Nielsen's mobile OCR, YuMe is able to measure audience segments by demographics, thereby improving its targeting capability across screens.

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  • Nielsen Touts Momentum For Mobile Online Campaign Ratings

    Nielsen is touting momentum for its mobile Online Campaign Ratings (OCR), citing adoption by over 20 different agencies, content providers and video ad platforms including Adap.tv, AdColony, BrightRoll, Collective, Defy Media, Digitas LBi, Drawbridge, Evolve Media, Freewheel, GroupM, Innovid, LiveRail, Lotame, Rocket Fuel, Rhythm NewMedia, Torrential, Tremor Video, TubeMogul, Twitch, Vdopia, Verve, Videology and YuMe.

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  • Survey: 60% of Advertisers Say They Can’t Measure Impact of their Video Ad Campaigns

    Video analytics provider BrandAds has released a survey showing that 60% of advertisers believe they can’t adequately measure the impact of their online video ad campaigns using currently available data and tools.

    More than 50% of those surveyed also said that existing online video measurement tools are too expensive and create too much operational overhead. Over 80% said they must wait more than 24 hours before getting campaign data results, making it almost impossible to make real-time changes.

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  • BrandAds Bridge Aims for Universal, Real-Time Video Ad Analytics

    Startup BrandAds is announcing availability of its BrandAds Bridge product this morning, aiming to provide universal, real-time video advertising analytics. As Avi Brown, co-founder and CEO of BrandAds told me last week, the company is looking to solve the problem of ad buyers having to use multiple analytics solutions, with each one tied to a particular ad buying platform. Ultimately these need to be synched up in order for a buyer to understand a campaign's total results.

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  • Dynamix Enhances Analytics to Track Dynamically-Created Video Ads

    Video ad tech provider Dynamix has rolled out advanced reporting and analytics in its STREAMx platform, enabling advertisers and publishers to track at a deeper level the performance of dynamically-created video ads.  Dynamix's core capability is creating and delivering unique in-stream video ads and engagement opportunities based on data such as location, device, user behavior, etc.

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  • Visible Measures Launches Video Ad Metrics Program In Standardization Bid

    Visible Measures is unveiling its "Certified Publisher Program" (CPP) this morning, to help establish standardized MRC-accredited online video campaign metrics for publishers to report to advertisers and agencies. The program, which is free to publishers and advertisers, is meant to enhance consistency and transparency. This in turn reduces the friction of agencies needing to expend resources normalizing self-reported and highly variable publisher results.

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  • Nielsen's Cross-Platform Ratings Should Drive Higher Video Ad Spending

    Yesterday Nielsen made its Cross-Platform Campaign Ratings commercially available, following trials by GroupM, ESPN, Facebook, Hulu and Unilever. Cross-Platform provides, for the first time, "unduplicated and incremental reach, frequency and GRP measures for TV and Internet advertising." Cross-Platform brings together Nielsen's Online Campaign Ratings (OCR) with its longstanding national TV panel.

    The Cross-Platform launch follows Nielsen's announcement two weeks ago that 15 leading video and digital ad platforms have integrated OCR, plus last week's news that the CW Network will use OCR to measure its online viewership and offer demographic guarantees for online advertisers for the 2012-2013 TV season. As I explained last week, Cross-Platform is so critical to online video advertising because it helps align the ecosystem with media buying expectations of the multi-billion dollar TV advertising industry.

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  • Measurement Milestone: 15 Ad Platforms Adopt Nielsen's Online Campaign Ratings

    Talk to anyone involved in the business of online video advertising and they will quickly say that the number one challenge to increased spending is better audience measurement. If only advertisers and agencies had a TV-style Gross Rating Points (GRP) metric - not just impression and clickthrough levels - to gauge the effectiveness of their spend, then traditional TV ad dollars would flow more freely into online video campaigns. Inevitably, the online measurement discussion focuses on Nielsen, the undisputed king of TV ratings, whose measurement standard is the common currency for billions in brand advertising dollars.

    And that's why Nielsen's announcement yesterday, that 15 leading video and digital ad platforms - which together deliver thousands of online video ad campaigns and billions of impressions - are integrating Nielsen's Online Campaign Ratings (OCR) for use by their clients in campaign planning and analysis is a big milestone. As Amit Seth, Nielsen's EVP of Global Media Products explained to me late yesterday, these new partners will help cement OCR as an "online GRP" helping them to establish accountability and ROI quantification, two pre-requisites for traditional TV advertisers.

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  • OpenSlate Launches To Measure Value of Video's Long Tail Producers [VIDEO]

    Independent online video production is flourishing, helped along by investments from major players like YouTube, Yahoo, AOL and others, and the enthusiasm of thousands of mom and pop creators looking to carve out a valuable niche audience. But unlike the pay-TV business, where content is supported by advertising and distributor fees, virtually all online video relies solely on advertising. Independents face the acute challenge of conveying the value of their content and audiences to media buyers who are increasingly overwhelmed by the choices in front of them.

    To address this problem, this morning Outrigger Media is announcing the beta launch of OpenSlate, a marketplace for online video that uses a proprietary "SlateScore" to consistently measure the value of over 10,000 different video productions. SlateScore measures a video's reach, engagement, influence and consistency - attributes that buyers look for when assessing "premium content" - by ingesting and analyzing thousands of data points about the videos' viewer behavior.

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  • Will L.A.'s Non-Sports Fans Revolt Over Dodgers' Mega-Deal?

    This week's eye-popping $2.15 billion acquisition of the Dodgers officially makes Los Angeles ground zero for the most egregiously anti-consumer aspect of today's pay-TV multichannel bundle: the massive annual subsidization by non-sports fans of hyper-expensive sports programming.

    This is a topic I have written about previously in "Not a Sports Fan? Then You're Getting Sacked For At Least $2 Billion Per Year" and "Why Albert Pujols is Over-the-Top's New Best Friend." A confluence of factors, some particular to L.A.'s sports market, is bringing this little-understood issue into the spotlight, in turn raising the question of whether non-sports fans will revolt, seeking out less expensive over-the-top alternatives.

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  • It's Hard to See How Streaming Movies Will Surpass DVD/Blu-ray In 2012

    Last Thursday night, a Bloomberg headline, "Online Film Viewing in U.S. to Top Discs in 2012, IHS Says," caught my eye. The article reported that media research firm IHS Screen Digest is forecasting that "legal online viewings of films will more than double to 3.4 billion this year from 1.4 billion in 2011." Meanwhile IHS is forecasting that DVD/Blu-ray viewing will decline from 2.6 billion viewings in 2011 to 2.4 billion in 2012.

    Over the weekend, as I kept seeing other publications essentially reiterating the Bloomberg story, I started wondering how IHS arrived at its forecast, the details of which I haven't seen. Doing a little back of the envelope analysis, as I show below, it's awfully hard to see how streaming movies in the U.S. will more than double from last year, unless some very unexpected things happen with Netflix (IHS notes that 94% of streaming movie volume was subscription-based, and of course, Netflix massively dominates this segment). Rather, it seems likely DVD/Blu-ray will hold on for another year.

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  • VideoNuze Report Podcast #126 - Sky's NOW TV; iPad's Data Cap Problems

    I'm pleased to be joined once again by Colin Dixon, senior partner at The Diffusion Group, for the 126th edition of the VideoNuze Report podcast, for Mar. 23, 2012. This week finds Colin in London, providing him an even better perspective on our first topic this week, Sky's new over-the-top service called NOW TV, which it will launch this summer. Colin is bullish on NOW TV and likes the lessons it provides for U.S. pay-TV operators.

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  • Visible Measures Introduces "Share of Choice" Metric

    Media measurement firm Visible Measures has introduced another clever way for brands to follow the success of their online video initiatives, called "Share of Choice." A play on the "Share of Voice" concept in the offline media world, Share of Choice measures the frequency of consumer viewership of brands' online video ads and content. Share of Voice lets brands measure their own success as well as track competitors' efforts.

    By understanding consumers' online preferences and social behavior, brands get up-to-date insight on how well their video is performing, and what potential changes should be made. Because online video is driven entirely by users' interests, Share of Choice becomes a really good gauge not simply of what ads are running (as in traditional TV), but who's choosing to watch and how often. Visible Measures has segmented Share of Choice into 12 different industry reports with subscriptions available to each. Subscription pricing wasn't disclosed.

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  • Kantar Video Opens Public Beta of Videolytics Platform

    This morning Kantar Video is converting access to its new Videolytics real-time tracking, measurement and syndication service for online and mobile video from private to public beta.  Kantar Video is a relatively new unit of mega-agency holding company WPP but as CEO Bill Lederer explained to me in a demo earlier this week, it brings a very strong brand and agency perspective, as well as WPP intracompany assets to the Videolytics product.

    Though adoption of online video is soaring and ad spending is hitting new records in 2010, Bill sees the market as still limited by a lack of comprehensive tools for content providers, brands and agencies to measure the impact of their campaigns by reach and engagement metrics. Videolytics "Track" module relies on both cookies and digital fingerprinting technology embedded in both video players and ad platforms to track users' viewing behavior and then provides detailed tracking and measurement.

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  • 5 Items of Interest for the Week of Sept. 27th

    It's Friday and that means that once again VideoNuze is featuring 5-6 interesting online/mobile video industry stories that we weren't able to cover this week. Have a look at them now, or take them with you for weekend reading!

    Nielsen Unveils New Online Advertising Measurement
    comScore Introduces Digital GRP `Overnights` in AdEffx Campaign Essential
    Dueling initiatives from Nielsen and comScore were announced on Monday, aimed at translating online usage into comparable TV ratings information, including reach, frequency and Gross Ratings Points (GRPs). While online video ad buying is ramping up, the tools to measure viewership in a comprehensive way have been lacking. This is one of the main issues holding back content providers from participating in TV Everywhere. 

    Analyst: Cord-cutting fears overblown
    New research shared this week by BTIG analyst Rich Greenfield concludes that less than 8% of the market is actually interested in cord-cutting. The big impediment: losing access to sports and cable programming, which is unlikely to migrate to free over-the-top alternatives. Greenfield's conclusion is that cord-cutting isn't a major threat to pay-TV operators over the next 3-5 years. Notwithstanding the research, another factor I'd point to that could tip cord-cutting the other way is consumers' belt-tightening. Much as nobody wants to lose access to programming, if the price is perceived as too high, they'll make compromises.

    Why YouTube Viewers Have ADD and How to Stop It
    Abandonment rates for online video have always been a concern, and using new research, Visible Measures CMO Matt Cutler now quantifies the behavior. Expect 20% of the audience to drop out within 10 seconds of hitting play, 33% by the 30 second mark and 44% by 60 seconds in. Pretty sobering data but incredibly important in thinking about content creation and monetization.

    Networks Have Sharing Issues With Hulu
    Hulu's New Hoop
    On the one hand, Hulu's network partners, ABC, NBC and Fox are reportedly pulling back ad inventory that Hulu is allowed to sell, yet on the other, Hulu is reportedly out aggressively selling ads in Hulu Plus, its subscription service. Meanwhile this week Hulu also announced that Hulu Plus will be accessible on both Roku devices and TiVo Premiere, as it continues chasing Netflix in the subscription game.

    The New Apple TV Reviewed: It`s All About the Video
    Apple TV devices started shipping this week, and reviews began popping up all over the web. This mostly positive review indicates that the user experience is solid, but that content selection is still skimpy. That's no surprise given how few deals Apple has struck to date. Yet to be seen is how Apple TV performs when it can access other iOS apps.
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  • MeFeedia Unveils HTML5 Analytics for All Player

    Search engine MeFeedia is announcing this morning a new real-time analytics suite for HTML5 video viewed using the company's All Player.

    Content providers using All Player will be able to track a variety of data for video consumed across all devices supporting HTML5 - iPads, iPhones, Android phones and the web. They can view data by summary, recent, popular, devices, videos and channels to monitor an individual or group of videos' performance. Data can also be exported for offline analysis and viewing.  The type of data tracked includes view-through rates, time watched, impressions and the viewing device.

    As with the All Player itself, the analytics package is free.

    The analytics release follows MeFeedia announcing support for HTML5 advertising just before the iPad's recent launch. MeFeedia CEO Frank Sinton explained to me yesterday that though it's still early for HTML5, the company is committed to building out further HTML5 features for the All Player.

    For those not familiar with All Player, which MeFeedia launched last June, it's targeted primarily to small and mid-sized content providers who want to improve their ad monetization. All Player's value prop is that it has integrated with key video ad networks, so that once an All Player content provider is approved, it can add or improve monetization immediately. Content providers can use All Player stand alone or in conjunction with their OVP.

    All Player has moved MeFeedia from being solely a video search engine to also being a monetization partner. Frank explained that numerous providers now partner with MeFeedia, in some cases simply syndicating a feed of their content, which MeFeedia offers and monetizes through All Player, in turn sending a revenue share back to the content provider. Frank says MeFeedia is fully ad supported and is now profitable. As HTML5 emerges, adding  complexity in the short-term to content providers' work flow, tools like All Player look even more important.

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  • BT Wholesale Readies CDN Launch; Relies on Skytide for Analytics

    While most of my focus is on the U.S. market for online video, I recently had a chance to catch up with Simon Orme, GM, Content Services Group of BT Wholesale, who gave me a deep dive update on what's happening in the U.K. market. Simon's specific focus has been a 2-year long project for BT to roll out CDN services to broadband ISPs who lease BT's network. The project is now moving into trial.

    The U.K. video industry has robust satellite and cable competition, and more recently the BT Retail side has been rolling out its BT Vision IPTV service as a competitor to both. BT is also involved in "Project Canvas" a partnership of the major U.K. broadcasters and several communications companies to roll out broadband content.

    A key challenge for Simon has been how to enhance the value of these CDN services for the ISPs who in turn offer them to content providers. Simon believes that a key driver is end-to-end quality of service. To deliver this BT is using Skytide, a U.S. provider of reporting and analytics software.

    Simon explained that ISPs are already relatively sophisticated about how they manage their networks, yet traditionally they haven't had a lot of insight into what data is running on their networks. Therefore, the opportunity is to marry CDN services to these networks. In Simon's view, since most content providers are already using CDNs, the ISP must further distinguish itself in order to gain business. Doing so requires deeper insight about quality of service through a reporting and analytics layer. This is why BT is offering Skytide as part of its CDN service offering.

    Skytide ingests multiple data sources in real time and then crunches the data, presenting it in various dashboard views, which might include for example network capacity utilization, volume of traffic by customer and distribution of traffic. Having evaluated multiple options, Simon said BT chose Skytide as the best of breed. The goal is to give its ISP customers all the potential levers to adjust in order to maintain the highest quality of service to their content customers.  

    There are currently a lot of moving pieces in video delivery in the U.K. and it will be worth keeping an eye on to see how they unfold.

    (Note if you want to hear Simon talk in more detail about the U.K market and CDN dynamics, here is a recent interview he did with Murali Nemani from Cisco.)
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  • Kantar Video Pursues a Holistic Approach to Video Analytics

    This morning I'm pleased to introduce Adam Wright, VideoNuze's newest contributor. Adam has a strong background in online video, having worked at NBCU in digital distribution, MySpace in branded content, and more recently at Tubefilter in research. Adam has a BS in Business and an MS in Entertainment Industry Management from Carnegie Mellon University. After 2 1/2 years of carrying the full daily editorial load at VideoNuze, it's great to have Adam on board contributing several times per week!

    Kantar Video Pursues a Holistic Approach to Video Analytics
    by Adam Wright

    Kantar Video announced itself last week, but with the torrent of news coming out of both SME and the Cable Show, it slipped under the radar. So late last week, I took some time to talk with Bill Lederer, CEO of Kantar Video, who is a seasoned veteran in online and set-top box research, to get a better understanding of the company's holistic approach to their research/analytics service and the implications on the analytics space.

    Kantar Video's "Videolytics," which is currently in a private beta, will be tracking everything from online video, advanced TV, and most interestingly mobile, which is a rapidly growing space. Kantar Video plans to combine this data with the extremely rich marketing data sets from other Kantar Media business units. Bill explained, "for instance, we're the world's biggest company in the attitudinal area. We're going to work with Dynamic Logic, TNS, [etc.]. We're going to capture things like ad expenditure data." In addition, he mentioned cross-referencing data from other sets such as demographics, psychographics, purchase data, and much more from other Kantar Media affiliated branches.

    Kantar Video's overall goal is to create a decision system to harness all this data to provide relevant information for business decisions. As a result, Kantar Video's holistic approach might be considered a "Nielsen for online video" analytics/research service. While there have been many options for online video analytics and research, few have come to encompass this breadth of data, which will ultimately help users understand the implications of online video and online video advertising down through the purchase chain, helping grow and better monetize the space.

    Though there's a lot of data already floating around, in Bill's opinion often it isn't entirely useful to decision-makers. As Bill put it, "The medium is producing Latin. The customers are in need of Greek." He sees Kantar Video as trying to answer tough questions from marketers. For instance, "What's the real ROI for investing in video? Online guys will talk about views, but marketers talk about how did it do relative to not just campaign execution, but the brand?"  Bill said, "We're trying to create a multi-channel solution - real time turn-around with deep domain expertise."

    Kantar Video is trying to set itself apart competitively by focusing exclusively on analytics, as compared with others like TubeMogul and BBE's recently spun off Vindico who are also providing ad serving. Kantar Video has some similarity to analytics provider Visible Measures, but with more varied data sets and tools from other business units.

    Finally, Bill was quick to trumpet that "we're able to bring in a significant number of advertisers and media companies. I think we'll have some quick validation." With a big name like WPP behind it, Kantar Video has a certain built-in credibility with many brands and advertisers, but Bill also stressed they are working with non-WPP companies as well. "We have built a career on coalitions and partnerships within and without in order to provide more value." In addition, they are preparing to go global quickly by building out their platform in many languages.

    Kantar Video is definitely an analytics firm to look out for, with a company like WPP backing it financially and developmentally, it would seem to have some natural momentum. Only time will tell if it catches on, but either way, this means more competition in the analytics space.

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  • New "Trends" Application from Visible Measures is Invaluable - and Addictive

    Visible Measures, the third-party measurement firm for online video, is taking the wraps off its new "Trends" web-based application this morning. I've been playing around with it for the last couple of days with a courtesy login and not only does it pack a ton of value, it's also really addictive.

    Trends offers access to videos in 3 different data sets, or "collections": Social Video (currently 165 online ad campaigns that have gone viral), Film Trailers (currently 115, and growing by 3-4 per week), and all the recent 2010 Super Bowl ads. The results table for a query displays the campaign's thumbnail image and its name, along with its views or "reach" based on Visible Measures' "True Reach" data (either incremental or cumulative) plus the number of comments, ratings and points of distribution. The table also displays each ad's industry categorization, ad agency, brand name and type of creative type (humor, contest, product demo, etc.). Viewing any particular ad is also just one click away.

    Users can take advantage of Trends in any number of ways, depending on their particular interest. As one example, I started by choosing the Social Video collection and "Cumulative Reach" for the current time period. I was interested to see just campaigns for beverages, so I chose that category, but allowed all agencies, brands and creative types to be displayed. In an instant I was presented with a table of 20 results on 2 pages, starting with Evian's hilarious "Live Young" campaign featuring the dancing babies that has garnered almost 74 million views to date. After looking it over, I also reviewed the other campaigns in the top 5, from Pepsi, AMP and Anheuser-Busch. Click on the image below if you'd like to see a 4 minute video demo.

    In the social and online video-dominated world we now live in, Trends data is invaluable for brand advertisers and their agencies. It allows them to customize their views of the database, compare different campaigns and analyze what worked online and what didn't. Online distribution is now a key part of calculating the ROI on a campaign, so being able to benchmark the performance of past campaigns provides insight not normally available in traditional TV advertising.

    For example, say an agency is formulating a plan for its client's new shampoo - Trends lets its creative executives understand whether prior campaigns featuring product demos, humor or celebrities worked best online. A few quick queries will yield data that can be exported to create charts and graphs for everyone on the team to review. Of course past experience can perfectly predict the future, but Trends provides hard data that lets the creative discussion quickly move beyond gut instinct.

    The Visible Measures team told me last week that they've been gradually exposing more and more of their data, through top 10 lists with media partners like AdAge, Variety, Mashable and Motor Trend. With Trends, the data is even more accessible. Visible Measure is also making a public beta of Trends available, though just for the Social Video collection. It's free and it's fun - I recommend giving it a try.

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    Note - Visible Measures is a VideoNuze sponsor.

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