• Dynamix Enhances Analytics to Track Dynamically-Created Video Ads

    Video ad tech provider Dynamix has rolled out advanced reporting and analytics in its STREAMx platform, enabling advertisers and publishers to track at a deeper level the performance of dynamically-created video ads.  Dynamix's core capability is creating and delivering unique in-stream video ads and engagement opportunities based on data such as location, device, user behavior, etc.

    According to Jack Cohen-Martin, COO and co-founder and Jamie Goin, VP, Biz Dev, whom I spoke to last week, the advanced reporting provides insights into trafficking-related data, plus campaign, placement, creative and individual ad unit performance. Versions of ads delivered can be auto-optimized for based on real-time data. The new reporting capability has been rolled out to Dynamix's ad exchange partners.

    Importantly, in addition to the new reporting and analytics supporting VAST and VPAID units, it also supports MRAID (the mobile rich media unit) so ads can be tracked across all 4 screens (see mobile example here). Jack said that mobile is now the highest priority for many of the agencies Dynamix works with. Mobile is critical because local data is a key input in determining which ad to dynamically deliver. With many users now carrying smartphones, the addressable universe for rich mobile ads has expanded significantly.

    Last but not least Jack said the company intends to leverage the analytics using big data to help guide clients on how to optimize future campaigns.