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  • 3 Video Predictions for 2012: AdoTube's Steven Jones

    Continuing our year-end series of industry executives sharing their top 3 video predictions for 2012, today's entry is from Steven Jones, Chief of Strategy and Operations for AdoTube, an in-stream advertising technology company. Exponential Interactive acquired AdoTube in September, 2011.

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  • AdoTube Unveils VidLogic Campaign Management Platform

    Video ad technology provider AdoTube is introducing VidLogic this morning, a new video campaign management platform for in-stream video advertising. VidLogic is a single campaign management platform with tools to plan, develop creative, manage, target, optimize and report on ads placed on virtually any ad exchange, network or publisher site. VidLogic is seeking to differentiate from other demand side platforms (DSPs) by leveraging AdoTube's core technologies and being an open platform that will work with any inventory source.

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  • AdoTube Launches A2O Productions to Help Brands Become Media Companies

    Continuing the trend of brands creating their own online video content, video ad technology provider AdoTube has launched A2O Productions and has also released a new branded campaign for the Malibu Rum Station Invasion Tour. AdoTube has had an in-house creative services department, but A2O represents a deeper commitment to helping brands create their own experiences vs. running video ads on others' sites. A2O is run by Vincent Lambino, who was previously the company's VP of sales. AdoTube was recently acquired by Exponential Interactive.

    For more on what's motivating brands to pursue branded entertainment projects, here is a podcast interview I recently did with Russ Axelrod, Director, Branded Entertainment and Experiences at Microsoft and Mike Wiese, Director of Branded Entertainment at agency JWT.
  • New Data Indicates Almost Half of Online Viewers Watch Pre-Roll Ads Even When They Can Choose Not To

    Two recent data points share a common, though somewhat surprising, conclusion: almost half of online viewers watch pre-roll ads to the end even when presented with the choice to opt out and skip the ad entirely. Clearly two data points aren't enough to form a real trend, but they do provide insight into how online video advertising may ultimately differ from traditional TV advertising.

    The first data point came from YouTube and Scripps, via this article in Online Media Daily. Scripps ran ads for 3 different programs on YouTube using its "True View" format that allows users to easily skip past the ad. It turned out that 44% of viewers actually watched the ad through to the end (a key benefit of the TrueView model is that advertisers only pay for ad views, not for skips).

    Then separately this week, video ad manager AdoTube released its Q1 2011 In-Stream Ad Format Index, which provides data on the 4.25 billion ad impressions generated across AdoTube's network (slides here). Among the key findings: 45% of viewers of its "Polite Pre-Roll" which allows skipping, watched through to the end. That was a 7% increase from the prior quarter and on par with conventional pre-roll ads. Another interesting finding was that when the Polite Pre-Roll is used, the abandonment rate for the content itself is 18% lower than when conventional pre-rolls are used, suggesting that ad choice enhances the content experience.

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  • Recapping All of the Product and Partnership News from ELEVATE

    At the ELEVATE conference on Tuesday a number of our partners made product and partnership announcements which I mentioned were coming in a teaser last Friday. Each helps move the online video advertising market forward in different ways. A brief recap of each follows:

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  • Online Video Advertising Industry Keeps Innovating

    Speaking of online video advertising, once again there was plenty of news this week. Among the highlights, launched its video ad marketplace in the U.K., PointRoll added new partners to its "Included" Program and launched new mobile and in-stream Included program, Casale Media announced a new "Videobox" format transforming display ads into video ads, AdoTube released new research that in-stream ads perform 7x better than rich media ads, and revealed that it has built a creative services group to produce ads for its clients.

    The online video ad market continues to experience strong growth. I've been talking to a lot of companies in the space recently, related to the ELEVATE conference on Tues, June 7th in NYC. There is a ton of enthusiasm, but also a continued strong need for market education and best practices, which is what we'll focus on at ELEVATE (more info coming next week).
  • AdoTube Gets FreeWheel Certification

    AdoTube, the online video ad platform, has secured Certified Partner status from FreeWheel, the video monetization technology provider. The companies have been collaborating since March, 2010. The certification means that AdoTube and its ad formats comply with FreeWheel's own criteria as well as IAB standards. Joint customers are able to take advantage of deep integration between the companies.

    I last wrote about AdoTube in October, in conjunction with its "Polite Pre-Roll" which cleverly allows users to close out an ad when it begins playing, with period subtle reminders to follow. In research, the unit was found to have a 3.76% vs. 1.61% for standard pre-roll ads. This is an example of the more flexible and viewer-centric approach to video ads that is taking hold. As another example, YouTube recently unveiled its "TrueView" video ads, which offer more viewer control. And Hulu introduced early last year its "Ad Selector" option that allows viewers to choose which ads they want to see. No doubt more initiatives like these to follow.
  • AdoTube Data Suggests Video Ads Benefit From Viewer Control

    AdoTube, an online video ad manager and network is releasing data on the performance of its "Polite Pre-Roll" and interactive ad formats this morning, which provide more insight about viewers' behaviors and preferences. AdoTube's Chief Strategy and Operations Officer Steven Jones walked me through the results yesterday.

    AdoTube began offering the Polite Pre-Roll format last year to clients and has done A-B testing on it vs. standard pre-roll ads on 30 million servings. With the Polite Pre-Roll, viewers are able to click to close the ad, and then a reminder overlay appears at the bottom of the screen, which also can be closed out. In addition the Polite Pre-Roll has far deeper engagement opportunities than standard pre-rolls.

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