• AdoTube Launches A2O Productions to Help Brands Become Media Companies

    Continuing the trend of brands creating their own online video content, video ad technology provider AdoTube has launched A2O Productions and has also released a new branded campaign for the Malibu Rum Station Invasion Tour. AdoTube has had an in-house creative services department, but A2O represents a deeper commitment to helping brands create their own experiences vs. running video ads on others' sites. A2O is run by Vincent Lambino, who was previously the company's VP of sales. AdoTube was recently acquired by Exponential Interactive.

    For more on what's motivating brands to pursue branded entertainment projects, here is a podcast interview I recently did with Russ Axelrod, Director, Branded Entertainment and Experiences at Microsoft and Mike Wiese, Director of Branded Entertainment at agency JWT.