• AdoTube Unveils VidLogic Campaign Management Platform

    Video ad technology provider AdoTube is introducing VidLogic this morning, a new video campaign management platform for in-stream video advertising. VidLogic is a single campaign management platform with tools to plan, develop creative, manage, target, optimize and report on ads placed on virtually any ad exchange, network or publisher site. VidLogic is seeking to differentiate from other demand side platforms (DSPs) by leveraging AdoTube's core technologies and being an open platform that will work with any inventory source.

    VidLogic's goal is to help reduce the friction in the online video advertising market that continues to constrain spending. VidLogic uses AdoTube's ad formats such as Polite Pre-Roll, Ad Selector and Interactive Overlay, its video ad serving technology and its analytics capabilities. VidLogic will match campaign data to derive a reach and frequency GRP equivalency using comScore's VideoMetrix information. Though I haven't received a demo of VidLogic yet, it appears to be another solid building block in helping media buyers and brands better understand online video advertising's value proposition, helping shift spending.

    AdoTube was recently acquired by Exponential.