• Recapping All of the Product and Partnership News from ELEVATE

    At the ELEVATE conference on Tuesday a number of our partners made product and partnership announcements which I mentioned were coming in a teaser last Friday. Each helps move the online video advertising market forward in different ways. A brief recap of each follows:

    Conviva announces Video AdVantage - Conviva, whose product monitors and reports back on the quality of online video delivered, expanded its scope with CEO Darren Feher introducing Video AdVantage, which also measures the quality of ads delivered. Video AdVantage furthers Conviva's goal of powering a higher-quality user experience that results in longer viewing times and improved monetization.

    RAMP previews MetaPlayer 2.0 in iPad demo - RAMP CEO Tom Wilde previewed version 2.0 of the company's MetaPlayer, which is positioned as the first "metadata-powered" video player, leveraging the company's MediaCloud back-end, which improves relevancy and personalization through the use of metadata. Tom did the whole demo from his iPad which showcased how personal and interactive the video experience is becoming, including engaging with ads.

    YuMe integrates with Ooyala for turnkey monetization - YuMe announced that it has integrated its ACE for Publishers ad management platform with online video platform Ooyala so that its customers can begin taking advantage of YuMe's ad inventory without any need to sign-up separately for their own account. YuMe president and co-founder Jayant Kadambi told me last week that it is continually looking for opportunities to make the ad management process easier for customers.

    AdoTube and Grab Networks partner for expanded ad services - Grab Networks, which distributes video through its network of premium publishers, announced a partnership with video ad solutions provider AdoTube. Under the deal, Grab's customers will be offered AdoTube's technology platform and formats such as its "Polite Preroll" which allows viewers the option of closing out ads. Grab's CEO Alvin Bowles and AdoTube's Chief Strategy Officer Steve Jones were both speakers at ELEVATE.

    Adap.tv and Eyeview partner for localized version of ads at scale - Adap.tv's Marketplace, which connects buyers and sellers of video ads in an auction-based setting is being enhanced with Eyeview's tools that allows campaigns to be modified in real time based on specific audiences chosen. As a result ads are more relevant to the viewer and the ROI is improved for the publisher and advertiser.

    Innovid previews AdServer product - Innovid CEO Zvika Netter previewed the company's new Innovid Ad Server product, which includes an analytics suite that provides baseline metrics on impressions, click-throughs and completion rate, with enhanced analytics around heat mapping and drop-off rates across multiple screens. Innovid's ad technology allows multiple interactive enhancements and with Ad Server, it will move the definition of ROI to a higher level. Innovid also teased an upcoming mobile and connected device release of the Innovid Ad Server

    Undertone increases video ad revenue 400+% year-over-year - Undertone continues to show momentum in video, as its video advertiser base tripled and it experienced a 10x increase in year-over-year video ad impressions. Undertone has gained a stronger position in video since its acquisition of Jambo Media late last year.

    Panache introduces interactive ads in HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) - Panche now has the ability to insert ads and overlays in simulcast HLS video content (covered earlier this week).

    Tremor Media rebrands as Tremor Video - the day before ELEVATE, Tremor Media rebranded to Tremor Video as the company capitalizes on the reach and omnipresence of online video.

    Auditude releases Connect 2.0 for TV Everywhere and mobile device ad insertion - Auditude released an enhanced Partner Manager module and the ability to dynamically insert ads into mobile devices into premium content. The goals are to give premium content owners more flexibility to monetize streams across multiple devices in a TV Everywhere environment.