• 3 Video Predictions for 2012: AdoTube's Steven Jones

    Continuing our year-end series of industry executives sharing their top 3 video predictions for 2012, today's entry is from Steven Jones, Chief of Strategy and Operations for AdoTube, an in-stream advertising technology company. Exponential Interactive acquired AdoTube in September, 2011.

    1. Increased reallocation of traditional budgets towards digital video
    While year after year we in the ad-tech community make this prediction, 2011 finally saw the rumblings of this move begin to take shape in the form of advertisers using video to extend the reach of their TV buys. Specifically, we anticipate a shift in overall video strategies, where advertisers leverage digital video in a similar manner as television.
    2. Rise of brand-safe UGC
    We expect marketers to recognize the value of video, beyond professionally produced content. Over 75 percent of content that viewers watch is not professionally produced. Similar to how social networks and blogs were seen as a brand risk 4-5 years ago, video content’s value will be realized with the advancements of targeting capabilities,  brand safety parameters and ad decision technologies.
    3. Increased understanding and transparency of video placement and value
    Finally, marketers will be much smarter with how they advertise within video. In 2011, we saw an increase in education to ensure advertisers understand the difference between the various delivery mechanisms - such as in-stream, in-banner, and syndicated video ad placements. Advertisers will realize the power of knowledge and will ask their vendors more questions before spending, creating a much more transparent ecosystem.