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  • Cedato’s Video Content Unit Simplifies Ad Monetization and Video Creation

    Leading programmatic video provider Cedato recently launched its Video Content Unit (“VCU”) an integrated solution that aims to simplify publishers’ video creation and monetization processes. VCU can be enabled by publishers by adding a line of code to their web sites. Doing so incorporates the fast-loading Cedato video player and content feeds from Cedato’s syndicated video library and the Cedato Video Composer.

    The Video Composer is a critical part of the new VCU. The Composer uses AI to quickly create customized video content from the publisher’s assets, and doesn’t require any dedicated editing or setup. The result is a high volume flow of proprietary content that is relevant for users and cost efficient to deliver via Cedato’s lightweight, fast-loading video player. Programmatic video monetization is powered by Cedato’s header bidding solution.

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  • Cedato Introduces New Lookalike Video Ad Targeting

    Video ad tech provider Cedato has introduced its Contextual Lookalike Targeting technology, which uses machine learning to analyze performance data from billions of videos ads in order to decide when and where to serve a new ad to suit an advertiser’s KPIs. The new technology leverages Cedato’s Predictive Knowledge Graph, which is based on data from 400 billion plus video ads.

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  • Cedato Introduces IntentView Video Ad Format

    Video ad tech provider Cedato has introduced a new video ad format called “IntentView.” The ad appears for 5-6 seconds as a picture-in-picture corner window with audio off as the video content runs. On the desktop if the viewer hovers their mouse over the window, it expands to the full player, initiates audio and pauses the content (on mobile the viewer has to click). In this way the format is entirely opt-in and 100% viewable.

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  • Innovation in Programmatic Session [SHIFT Video]

    At our recent SHIFT // Programmatic Video & TV Ad Summit, one of our sessions focused on innovation in programmatic video and TV, with many topics discussed including header bidding, AI, brand safety, mobile, role of data, syndication and much more.

    Panelists included Paul Bannister (EVP, CaféMedia), Dvir Doron (CMO/BDO, Cedato), Joe Lospalluto (Head of Sales, Americas, Smart), Chip Schenck (VP of Audience and Programmatic Solutions, Meredith), Frank Sinton (President and Founder, Beachfront Media) with Brian Ring (Principal Analyst, Ring Digital LLC) who moderated.

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  • For Publishers, Regaining Programmatic Control Is Simpler Than It Seems

    It didn’t happen as quickly as it did in display advertising, but last year saw a tipping point when the majority of US digital video ad spend was transacted through programmatic technologies, according to eMarketer. It is no wonder these systems are forecast to account for 74% of video spending by 2018 - advertisers now have an insatiable appetite for video inventory, and they are pushing publishers to offer space using the same data-driven trading technologies they currently enjoy in display.

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  • Behind Programmatic Video’s Momentum [AD SUMMIT VIDEO]

    Programmatic video ad buying - using data and automation - is one of the most critical trends in how video is monetized. But as programmatic video has gained momentum, it has become a much more complicated world for publishers, advertisers, agencies and technology providers.

    At our recent Online Video Ad Summit session, “Behind Programmatic Video’s Momentum,” panelists shared insights about how they’re pursuing programmatic and succeeding, along with where key challenges remain.  

    The session included Sarah Baehr (EVP, Managing Partner, Digital, Horizon Media), Dvir Doron (Chief Marketing Officer, Cedato) and Sean Holzman (Chief Digital Officer, Bonnier), with Matt Prohaska (CEO and Principal, Prohaska Consulting) moderating.

    Watch the video (34 minutes, 48 seconds).

    And mark your calendars for Wednesday, November 29th for our 3rd annual SHIFT // Programmatic Video & TV Ad Summit in NYC!

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  • Understanding Video Header Bidding: Interview With Cedato’s Founder and CEO Ron Dick

    Header bidding has been in the news a lot recently as a new technique for content publishers to optimize their ad inventory sold through programmatic exchanges. Header bidding has now come to video advertising as well, but as usual, there are unique new challenges. To better understand the issues and how to address them, I recently did a Q&A with Ron Dick, who is CEO and founder of Cedato, a video technology provider.

    VideoNuze: Why has header bidding been so much in the news recently?

    Ron Dick:  Last year, header bidding - the new “programmatic kid on the block” arrived. It sounded like a great alternative to the problematic waterfall model that advertisers and publishers had been using. In theory it seemed really promising, offering each impression to multiple demand sources simultaneously and increasing reach by opening the process to as many potential buyers as possible.

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  • New CedatoX Private Video Marketplace Promises Simplicity and Revenue Lift

    Video ad tech provider Cedato has launched CedatoX, a private video ad marketplace, connecting supply and demand on the Cedato platform at the server level. In a briefing, Cedato’s CMO Dvir Doron told me that the key benefits are simple setup and transactions along with proven revenue lift for participating publishers.

    Dvir highlighted that CedatoX addresses the pain point of video transactions being complicated for both sides to configure and maintain. With CedatoX, private transaction terms are set and managed on the platform. The result is more effective yield and fill rates.

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