• Cedato Introduces IntentView Video Ad Format

    Video ad tech provider Cedato has introduced a new video ad format called “IntentView.” The ad appears for 5-6 seconds as a picture-in-picture corner window with audio off as the video content runs. On the desktop if the viewer hovers their mouse over the window, it expands to the full player, initiates audio and pauses the content (on mobile the viewer has to click). In this way the format is entirely opt-in and 100% viewable.

    In a briefing, Cedato’s chief business development officer Dvir Doron explained that IntentView was motivated by a lack of innovation in in-stream video ads as well as deeper viewer engagement. Cedato has been testing IntentView with a number of publishers and Dvir said they’ve seen a 50-90% lift completion rates vs. typical video ads. Advertisers only pay for initiated views, so the 5-6 second preview can be considered free exposure when the viewer doesn’t engage.

    Dvir said that IntentView can be run using any existing video ad infrastructure. Dvir sees the new format complementing mid-rolls, with IntentView actually able to determine which format will deliver the better eCPM and then inserting accordingly. Dvir said agencies have been providing a lot of positive feedback and publishers like the new revenue opportunity.

    Cedato is a leader in programmatic video, running a private video marketplace with over 15 billion video impressions per month as well as providing leading video header bidding technology.

    A demo of IntentView can be seen here.