• New CedatoX Private Video Marketplace Promises Simplicity and Revenue Lift

    Video ad tech provider Cedato has launched CedatoX, a private video ad marketplace, connecting supply and demand on the Cedato platform at the server level. In a briefing, Cedato’s CMO Dvir Doron told me that the key benefits are simple setup and transactions along with proven revenue lift for participating publishers.

    Dvir highlighted that CedatoX addresses the pain point of video transactions being complicated for both sides to configure and maintain. With CedatoX, private transaction terms are set and managed on the platform. The result is more effective yield and fill rates.

    Dvir said that CedatoX has been in beta and is already transacting a few billion video views per month. Initial customers, which include Brightcom (formerly YBrant), have seen revenue lifts approaching 10% just by using the CedatoX marketplace transacting the same inventory (incremental to a lift of over 50% using Cedato's core video yield optimization).

    Dvir also said the move marks an continuing evolution for Cedato as it positions itself as an “operating system and infrastructure company for video.” Cedato continues to be media agnostic and does not take any media fees, instead just focusing on a server fee.

    The company has grown from 10 customers last September to over 60 currently. Dvir noted that the rise of outstream ads is continuing a key industry trend of decoupling video ads from video content, creating an opening for newer providers like Cedato to succeed.

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