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Title Date Source
Disney+ Gains Foothold in Streaming Battlefield, Nielsen Says 08-12-2020 The Hollywood Reporter
U.S. Streaming Minutes Up 85% From Late March Through Early June 07-14-2020 Mediapost
Nielsen Laying Off 3,500 in New Cost-Cutting Plan 07-07-2020 Multichannel News
Connected TV Viewing Remains High As States Re-Open, Legacy TV Back To Pre-COVID Levels 06-04-2020 Mediapost
Lockdown TV: Netflix Dominates, News Surges and Bea Arthur Is Still Golden 04-30-2020 NY Times
Nielsen Product Chief Describes Pandemic As Unprecedented Media 'Lab,' Long-Term Impact Unclear 04-24-2020 Mediapost
Spike In TV Usage Begins To Level Off, Top Markets Still Posting Strong Gains 04-24-2020 Mediapost
Video Streaming to TVs Soared 85% in U.S. in First Three Weeks of March, Nielsen Says 03-31-2020 Variety
Coronavirus Shutdowns Could Increase Viewers’ Content Consumption By 60%, Per Nielsen Data 03-16-2020 Tubefilter
Number Of TV Channels Received By U.S. Households Falls Dramatically 02-14-2020 Mediapost
Nielsen’s Advanced TV Push Continues With Addressable Platform Beta Test 01-07-2020 Adweek
Nielsen Gen-Z Study On Sports TV, Video Usage Finds The More Action, The Better 12-19-2019 Mediapost
YouTube Integrates Nielsen TV Data Into Google Reach Planner 11-21-2019 Mediapost
Fewer Broadcast Prime-Time Shows With 10 Million-Plus Viewers This Season 11-18-2019 Mediapost
Nielsen Plans Consumer Unit Spinoff After Elliott Pressure 11-07-2019 Bloomberg
Nielsen Adds Amazon Prime Video to SVOD Measurement, With Limitations 10-21-2019 Variety
Nielsen Takes Minority Stake in Brand-Safety Firm OpenSlate 09-18-2019 WSJ
Streaming Content Is Growing, But Broadcast, Cable Still Tops 09-04-2019 Mediapost
Streaming doesn’t boost overall TV consumption 08-06-2019 nScreenMedia
Ad-Supported Video Services Edge Toward Audience Ratings Standard 07-22-2019 WSJ
Horizon Media Signs With Nielsen Advanced Audience to Refine TV Ad Spend 07-24-2019 Adweek
TV Long View: The Mind-Blowing Amount of Time Americans Spend Watching TV 07-13-2019 The Hollywood Reporter
Nielsen Launches New Advanced Ad Division Focused on Smart TVs 02-21-2019 Multichannel News
Ratings bombshell: In two years, network TV demos plummeted 27 percent 01-28-2019 AdAge
Nielsen: 16M U.S. homes now get TV over-the-air, a 48% increase over past 8 years 01-15-2019 TechCrunch
Nielsen Adds YouTube To Total Ad Ratings 01-07-2019 Mediapost
A+E Joins Nielsen Test of Linear Dynamic Ad Insertion 11-29-2018 B&C
New TV Season, Same Sinking Viewing Numbers 11-13-2018 Mediapost
Sling TV Signs With Nielsen 09-20-2018 Mediapost
C3 Primetime Ratings Dropped 12% During August 09-14-2018 Multichannel News
Younger Viewers Watching TV Out of Home 05-24-2018 Multichannel News
Nielsen Will Now Measure YouTube TV Viewership on a Local Level 05-22-2018 Adweek
Nielsen To Add Time-Shifted Viewing Metric To Local TV 05-17-2018 Mediapost
Nielsen Adds More Smart TV Viewing Data to Its TV Analytics Platform 04-05-2018 Variety
Nielsen Launches Test Platform for Mobile Video 12-07-2017 Multichannel News
Nielsen to Include Comcast Set-Top Box Data in Ratings 11-09-2017 Multichannel News
Streaming Tech Reaches Third Of Universe, Eroding 'Traditional TV' Viewing 11-07-2017 Mediapost
Nielsen will use Gracenote’s smart TV data for ad targeting 10-31-2017 TechCrunch
At Long Last, Nielsen Will Publicly Share Ratings for Netflix Shows 10-18-2017 Adweek
Nielsen Sues ComScore to Block New TV Audience Measurement Service 09-22-2017 Variety
Nielsen Unveils New Ad Yardstick for Madison Avenue 09-21-2017 Variety
OTT Growth Helped By Connected TV 08-11-2017 Mediapost
C3 Viewership Decline Steepens; Down Double Digits In Q2 07-24-2017 Mediapost
Nielsen Adds YouTube and Hulu Skinny Bundles to Traditional TV Rating 07-25-2017 WSJ
Nielsen To Include VOD Ratings In Key Media Planning Tool 07-20-2017 Mediapost
Live TV Viewing Falls in First Quarter: Nielsen 07-12-2017 Multichannel News
TV Nets' C3 Ratings Dip 7% Among Key Viewers 05-31-2017 Mediapost
TV Screen Dominates Adult Viewing in Q4, Nielsen says 05-26-2017 Multichannel News
Nielsen Adopting Show IDs From Gracenote 04-20-2017 Multichannel News
DVR dead, live TV dying among the young 04-16-2017 nScreenMedia
Study: Viewability Matters, But Likeability Matters Even More in Online Video 03-21-2017 AdAge
Millennials More Likely to Stream, Less Likely to Avoid Ads 03-02-2017 Multichannel News
Nielsen Is Preparing for Its Total Content Ratings to Go Public This Week 02-26-2017 Adweek
Advertising on Streaming TV Devices Is About to Get More Targeted 02-27-2017 WSJ
Nielsen Modifies Preview Of Total Content Ratings 01-06-2017 Mediapost
Nielsen to Buy Tribune Media’s Gracenote Metadata Unit for $560 Million 12-20-2016 Variety
Nielsen Retracts Data Suggesting Record ESPN Subscriber Loss 10-31-2016 Variety
Nielsen Will Measure TV Viewing in Places Like Bars, Hotels, Gyms and the Office 10-24-2016 Adweek
Still Watching TV, but Fewer Channels 10-04-2016 Multichannel News
Continuing Its Total Audience Rollout, Nielsen Will Launch Digital Content Ratings on Friday 09-27-2016 Adweek
This Study From Nielsen and Google Says YouTube and Linear TV Help Each Other 08-26-2016 Adweek
Branded Content Scores Better Than Pre-Roll 07-20-2016 Mediapost
Nielsen To Let Ratings Customers Bring Their Own Viewability Vendor 07-20-2016 AdExchanger
Nielsen Unveils Streaming Ratings for ‘Orange is the New Black,’ ‘Seinfeld’ 06-29-2016 WSJ
Nielsen: SVOD Penetration Catches DVRs 06-27-2016 Multichannel News
Broadcasters' C3 Ratings Sink 5% In Total Day Viewing 06-08-2016 Mediapost
TV Viewership Erosion Sinks 4% in C3 Adult Ratings 05-13-2016 Mediapost
YouTube Says It Reaches More Viewers 18-49 Than TV, But That's Not The Whole Story 05-07-2016 International Business Times
NBC Universal Ready to Move Beyond Nielsen Guarantees 04-14-2016 AdAge
Nielsen Will Tap Set Top Box Viewing Data In Deal With Dish Network 04-04-2016 Deadline
Programmatic Pays Off Big for P&G, but Obstacles Loom 04-01-2016 AdAge
Nielsen Shaves 2.5% Off Cable Nets, Erosion Appears To Be Accelerating 03-28-2016 Mediapost
Total TV, Video Consumption Grows Slightly In Q4 2015 03-25-2016 Mediapost
Young TV Consumers May Be Delaying Traditional Pay TV Services 03-24-2016 Mediapost
Nielsen to Break Out Metrics for Apple TV, Roku, Other Connected-TV Devices 03-23-2016 Variety
Nielsen: 65% of TV Viewers Watch VOD Programing 03-23-2016 Home Media Magazine
Snapchat Enlists Nielsen to Track Ad Campaigns 02-25-2016 WSJ
Nielsen Plays Catch-Up as Streaming Era Wreaks Havoc on TV Raters 02-02-2016 NY Times
As linear TV tumbles, connected television usage grows 12-21-2015 nScreenMedia
No End in Sight For TV Ratings Free Fall, but These Three Shows Are Growing 12-09-2015 AdAge
The Smartphone Is Eating the Television, Nielsen Admits 12-09-2015 Fortune
Fox to Stop Using Same-Day TV Ratings 11-20-2015 The Wrap
TV-Connected Devices Bring Consumers Together in the Living Room 11-19-2015 Nielsen blog
In the Age of Cord Cutting, Nielsen Plots Its Overhaul of TV's Outdated Ad Metrics 10-27-2015 Adweek
How Nielsen's Total Audience Measurement Will Give Ad Buyers a Programmatic Boost 10-22-2015 Adweek
A First Look at Nielsen's Total Audience Measurement and How It Will Change the Industry 10-20-2015 Adweek
CBS Includes Digital Views In TV Ratings 09-30-2015 Mediapost
Digital-Video Use Increases In All Parts of Day - Nielsen 09-21-2015 Variety
It's Time to Put TV and Digital On an Even Playing Field 09-18-2015 AdAge
Are Media Companies Charging Streaming Services Enough? 09-14-2015 WSJ
Netflix Viewership Finally Gets a Yardstick 08-26-2015 WSJ
Nielsen: 73% of Consumers Still Buy or Rent Movies and TV shows 08-18-2015 Home Media Magazine
CBS Says Millennials Love TV. It Just Couldn't Find Them. 08-10-2015 Recode
If You Think TV Is Dead, Maybe You're Measuring Wrong 06-23-2015 WSJ
Nielsen Links Audience Size to Twitter Activity 05-18-2015 B&C
Nielsen Explains How It's Adapting to the Rise of Online Video 05-15-2015 WSJ
Nielsen To Begin Measuring Digital Ad Viewing On Roku 04-30-2015 Deadline
Nielsen Rebrands Online Ratings As Digital, Includes Mobile: Unclear How It Will Disclose Accreditation 04-01-2015 Mediapost
Nielsen to Measure Netflix Viewing by Middle of This Year 03-24-2015 Bloomberg
Tastemade Sees Success with Branded Originals, Plans to Do More 03-19-2015 Videoink
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