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  • [VIDEO] Interview With TMB’s President and CEO Bonnie Kintzer

    The following video was recorded at VideoNuze’s third annual Connected TV Advertising PREVIEW: 2023 virtual on February 28, 2023.

    Interview With TMB’s President and CEO Bonnie Kintzer
    How a Traditional Publisher is Succeeding with CTV and Streaming
    The venerable magazines “Reader’s Digest,” “Family Handyman” and “Taste of Home” may not be first to mind when thinking of CTV and streaming. But their owner, TMB (formerly Trusted Media Brands), has an expansive vision of how its strong brands and their super-fans can be leveraged for success in the modern era. Turbocharging TMB’s growth are its 2021 acquisition of Jukin Media and a portfolio of digital-first brands. In this interview, TMB’s president and CEO Bonnie Kintzer explains how TMB is evolving and fully capitalizing on all of the opportunities of CTV and streaming.

    Bonnie Kintzer – President and CEO, TMB (Trusted Media Brands)
    Will Richmond – Editor and Publisher, VideoNuze (interviewer)

  • [VIDEO] CTV Advertising: Evolving to the Full Funnel

    The following video was recorded at VideoNuze's Connected TV Advertising Brand Suitability Summit virtual on November 17, 2021.

    CTV Advertising: Evolving to the Full Funnel
    CTV ad spending is exploding as advertisers follow viewers’ behavioral shifts in order to achieve their reach and frequency objectives. This “follow the eyeballs” strategy means there are years of strong growth ahead. But another important driver of CTV ad spending will be achieving “lower funnel” capabilities, driving advertisers’ specific KPIs. Learn how and when CTV will evolve into full funnel and what this means for the TV advertising industry.

    - Jessica Masters – Director, East Coast Sales, Roku
    - Mike Richter – VP, Global CTV Revenue Operations, Trusted Media Brands
    - Josh Sharma – VP, Advertising Partnerships, Entertainment Studios
    - Will Richmond – Editor and Publisher, VideoNuze (moderator)

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  • Inside the Stream Podcast: Interview with Trusted Media Brands President/CEO about Jukin Media Deal and Industry Trends

    Welcome to this week’s edition of Inside the Stream, the podcast where nScreenMedia’s Chief Analyst Colin Dixon and I take listeners inside the world of streaming video.

    This week we’re really excited to have Bonnie Kintzer, President and CEO of Trusted Media Brands, join us on the podcast. TMB has a storied history as the owner of The Readers Digest, but more recently it has become a player in online media and digital video. Properties like “Taste of Home” and “Family Handyman” have evolved to have strong online presence online where they drive value from advertising, subscriptions and commerce.

    Now TMB is planning for these and other of its brands to have a much bigger presence in CTV and streaming, following TMB’s acquisition of Jukin Media in August. Bonnie explains exactly what motivated TMB, the value she anticipates being created, the role of dedicated OTT channels going forward and where commerce fits into the plan. Bonnie also discusses the essential role of first-party data and how TMB/Jukin are leveraging it across properties. Last but not least, Bonnie discusses the broader marketplace and the best practices a publisher like TMB is pursuing to ensure long-term success in online and CTV.

    Listen in to learn more!

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  • Putting Trust First in Online Video Advertising [AD SUMMIT VIDEO]

    Even as online video advertising booms, questions of trust continue to loom large in the industry. Whether it’s brand safety, misreported and unaudited metrics, viewability or fraud, the industry as a whole is grappling with how to instill a greater sense of trust among all parties.

    At our recent Online Video Ad Summit we had a really thoughtful session, “Putting Trust First in Online Video Advertising” in which panelists explored all of the above issues, starting with the most fundamental question, “How do we define brand safety?” It was a really illuminating discussion of all the cross-currents in play and the difficulty of resolving them cohesively, given a multitude of priorities.

    The session included Natalie Gabathuler-Scully (VP, Revenue Operations, Vevo), Jonathan Katz (VP of Demand Platforms, Trusted Media Brands), Steve Rubel (Chief Content Strategist, Edelman) and Ben Versh (Director, Media Team, Pfizer), with Eric John (Deputy Director, Video, IAB) moderating.

    Watch the video (36 minutes, 41 seconds).

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  • Research: YouTube and Facebook Are In A Dead Heat For Advertisers' Interest

    Facebook’s push into video appears to be paying off as a new survey of 300 advertisers and agencies released by Trusted Media Brands this morning shows that social platforms and video platforms are virtually tied as the most important partners for video ad campaigns. Overall, YouTube and other video platforms are viewed as most important by 59% of respondents, with Facebook and other social platforms viewed as most important by 56%.

    However, among advertisers, 65% favored social, with 55% favoring video platforms. The numbers were reversed for agencies, where 62% favored video platforms and 51% favored social platforms. It’s also worth noting that distinctions can be murky as YouTube itself could be considered a social platform given the level of sharing, commenting and following that occurs there.

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