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  • News Corp. Launches Vertical Video Ads on Mobile With Unruly and Moat

    News Corp. announced this morning at Cannes Lions the availability of a new viewable vertical video ad for mobile devices that can be bought initially on The Sun and The New York Post. The ad is an outstream format against vertical video content, plays only when in view and can be scrolled past. The ad appears with audio off, which viewers can toggle on. Viewability is measured by Moat per MRC standards.

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  • Moat to Measure Watchwith’s In-Program Video Ads

    Moat has extended its measurement and reporting capabilities to include Watchwith’s in-program advertising within TV shows, under a new partnership announced by the companies today. Moat will use its MRC-accredited platform to measure and report in-program ads’  aggregate audience time spent and user engagement with in-program ads. The reporting will be enabled on both desktop and in mobile video apps.

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  • Teads Partners With Moat for Enhanced Viewability

    Teads, which specializes in “outstream” video ads, has partnered with Moat for real-time analytics on viewability for outstream video campaigns powered by Teads. Outstream video ads such as Teads’ “inRead” format can run against text-based content, thereby creating brand-new inventory for premium publishers.

    Because inRead ads only play when in view on the screen for a defined amount of time, their viewability is already strong. Teads has advocated for stricter viewability. The Moat partnership gives Teads a custom dashboard to display video ads that have been completed. Teads said that early implementation has shown viewability and attention are nearly double Moat’s viewability benchmarks.

  • Has the Viewability Giant Finally Been Slayed? [AD SUMMIT VIDEO]

    Viewability threaded its way through many of our sessions at last month’s Video Ad Summit, underscoring how important a topic it remains in the online video advertising industry.

    Once again, the conference featured a dedicated session on viewability, which was presented by IAB and included Jonah Goodhart (CEO and Co-Founder, Moat), Rick Mandler (VP, Strategy and New Media Sales, ABC Television Networks), Mark Yackanich (CEO, Genesis Media), Julian Zilberbrand (EVP, Activation Standards, Insights and Technology, Zenith Optimedia), with Matt Prohaska (Principal, Prohaska Consulting) moderating.

    The participants discussed the evolution of viewability standards, the challenges of consistently measuring viewability across devices, the complications resulting from Facebook and YouTube not allowing third-party viewability measurement, where viewability is heading over the next 12-18 months and much more.

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  • It Takes More than Viewability Standards to Get Views

    Video viewability is broken - but not for the reasons you think. The way the industry measures viewability does not reflect actual human behavior, and it fails to meet advertisers' real need, which is making sure people actually see their ads. While ad-tech and viewability vendors, publishers, and agencies negotiate what should be considered "viewable" (pixels and time spent on-screen, etc.), actual people are moving on to mobile devices.

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