• Moat to Measure Watchwith’s In-Program Video Ads

    Moat has extended its measurement and reporting capabilities to include Watchwith’s in-program advertising within TV shows, under a new partnership announced by the companies today. Moat will use its MRC-accredited platform to measure and report in-program ads’  aggregate audience time spent and user engagement with in-program ads. The reporting will be enabled on both desktop and in mobile video apps.

    The partnership will enhance the credibility of Watchwith’s in-program ads, which are targeted based on context and metadata derived by machine-vision technologies that identify a program’s details on a frame-by-frame basis. The ads themselves can be IAB standard or Watchwith native formats. The inventory can be sold direct by the TV network or automated via programmatic exchanges and can be trafficked by a variety of ad servers. Watchwith is a plug-in available in all the major online video platforms.