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  • New Cadent Advanced TV Platform Boosts Addressable Ads

    Cadent has unveiled its Cadent Advanced TV Platform, enabling national ad buyers and TV networks to achieve a higher level of efficiency and effectiveness in addressable TV advertising. In a briefing, Cadent’s Chief Product Officer Eoin Townsend and Chief Marketing Officer Paul Alfieri emphasized that today’s national TV ad buyers are looking to shift to data-centric approaches that enable customized, targeted audience segments at scale. This is what Cadent Advanced TV Platform is built to deliver.

    Cadent Advanced TV Platform can access 70 million addressable homes (i.e. those with set-top boxes that are individually identifiable and enabled) with ads across cable, broadcast and OTT content. The new platform has integrated all the elements required to make a scaled, targeted buy - choosing specific pay-TV/OTT providers, number of homes, relevant data sources, KPIs, budgets and more and melded them into a cohesive workflow that will feel familiar to most people who have bought digital advertising. Once the parameters are set the platform presents different campaign options to the buyer.

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  • Bringing the Precision of the Digital Age to Television and Key Trends in Programmatic [SHIFT Videos]

    Below are the final two session videos from our recent SHIFT // Programmatic Video & TV Ad Summit.

    First up is “Bringing the Precision of the Digital Age to Television” which was kicked off with a short presentation by Scott Ferber (Chairman and CEO, Videology) showcasing research on key challenges to accelerating programmatic TV. Following his presentation, Scott joined a panel I moderated, with Larry Allen (VP of Ad Innovation and Programmatic Solutions, Turner Ad Sales) and Andrew Feigenson (CEO, Simmons Research) also participating.

    The second session is “Trending Now: What’s Ahead for Programmatic Video and TV?” which included Paul Alfieri (Chief Marketing Officer, Cross MediaWorks), Rob Byrnes (VP, Digital Planning, National Geographic), Rob Cukierman (VP, Sales Strategy & Partnerships, Vevo), Stephen Strong (Head of Revenue, Newsy), Tore Tellefsen (VP of TV Solutions, DataXu), with Chris Karl (CEO, VertaMedia) moderating.

    Watch the session videos now!

    Watch the session videos now!

  • Cadent Enhances Addressable TV Solution to Enable Cross-Screen Advertising

    Video ad tech provider Cadent announced this morning enhancements to its core addressable linear TV solution to enable ad delivery across OTT, network DVR and VOD as well. The entire system connects to multiple third-party ad servers through open standards so that pay-TV operators can fulfill on advertisers’ desires to plan, deliver and measure video campaigns holistically across screens.

    In a briefing, Cadent’s CTO and COO, Stephanie Mitchko-Beale told me that a big differentiator for Cadent’s solution is that all ad decisioning is done in the cloud, which reduces the load that set-top boxes must carry and allows operators to dynamically insert ads in appropriate places. Operators can aggregate audiences across the different ways viewers consumer content, in turn giving advertisers a total view of usage.

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  • Cadent-TiVo Research Solution Enhances TV Ad Targeting

    The TV industry is in a race to data enable its ad inventory to keep pace with online video and digital alternatives like Facebook and Google that offer finely-grained audience data at massive scale. Earlier this week TiVo Research and Cadent announced a new joint solution that is another good example of how the industry is creatively pursuing data enablement to build more targeting value across its inventory.

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