• [VIDEO] Unraveling the Measurement and Attribution Imperative

    The following video was recorded at VideoNuze’s fourth annual Connected TV Advertising Summit virtual on June 8, 2023.

    Unraveling the Measurement and Attribution Imperative
    There is likely no single topic that generates more coverage and industry hand-wringing than measurement and attribution. For many in the industry, establishing a single, or possibly multiple credible currencies, is priority #1. Yet tens of billions of dollars of spending are transacted in digital without such currencies, and rather are based on actual outcomes. With a full-funnel/lower-funnel future ahead for CTV, how should CTV’s transaction backbone be informed by a traditional TV currency paradigm? Join us for a robust discussion of how critical measurement and attribution issues are being addressed, with an eye to unlocking CTV’s ultimate success.

    Bharad Ramesh - Executive Director Research & Investment Analytics, GroupM US
    David Sederbaum - EVP, Head of Video Investment, Dentsu Media US
    Andrea Zapata - EVP, Head of Ad Sales Research, Measurement and Insights, Warner Bros. Discovery
    Maggie Zhang - SVP, Measurement Strategy and Operations, NBCUniversal
    Lynda Clarizio – General Partner/Co-Founder, The 98 and former President, US Media, Nielsen (moderator)