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Analysis for 'Limelight Networks'

  • Research: Millennials Continue Shifting Viewing Online

    It’s no secret that millennials and younger audiences are shifting their viewing to online sources. Periodically I see research that helps to quantify just how significant these shifts and emerging preferences are. Yesterday, 2 new research reports hit my radar, one from Adobe and the other from Limelight Networks that shed further light on millennials viewing behavior. Below I have included key highlights from each.

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  • Study: Young Millennials Switching to Online Video

    There's more data this morning on how young millennials are switching from traditional TV to online video. Limelight Networks has released new survey data finding that approximately 60% of 18-25 year-olds report watching at least 4-7 hours of online video per week. The results contrast with all 18+ adults, where less than 40% said they watched at least 4-7 hours of online video per week.

    In addition, less than 20% of 18-25 year-olds said they watch just 1-2 hours of online video per week, whereas nearly 40% of all 18+ adults said they watch 1-2 ours of online video per week.

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  • Limelight Video Platform Introduces Spring '11 Release

    Limelight Video Platform (LVP) is announcing its Spring 2011 release this morning, adding new features that leverage the underlying Limelight computing platform. LVP is the new name of the updated product from Delve Networks, which Limelight acquired about 8 months ago. Yesterday I caught up with Alex Castro, VP/GM of LVP to learn more.

    There are 4 new features LVP is introducing:

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