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Analysis for 'Watchwith'

  • Moat to Measure Watchwith’s In-Program Video Ads

    Moat has extended its measurement and reporting capabilities to include Watchwith’s in-program advertising within TV shows, under a new partnership announced by the companies today. Moat will use its MRC-accredited platform to measure and report in-program ads’  aggregate audience time spent and user engagement with in-program ads. The reporting will be enabled on both desktop and in mobile video apps.

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  • Magid: In-Program Native Video Ads Outperform TV Ads

    Magid has released new research commissioned by Watchwith finding that in-program native video ads have higher levels of unaided ad recall and improved brand metrics vs. traditional TV ads.

    Watchwith recently unveiled the in-program native ad format which is an interactive overlay placed on a TV program streamed to a desktop, mobile device or connected TV. The ads can be contextually relevant to the underlying program itself using frame-by-frame metadata. Watchwith is positioning these ads as creating new, high-value inventory for TV networks to monetize their streamed TV programs.

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  • Watchwith Unveils TV Program Ad Overlays for Connected Devices

    Looking to provide TV networks with a new advertising opportunity when viewers watch programs on their mobile and connected TVs, ad technology provider Watchwith has introduced new in-program ads tied to the context of the shows.

    Watchwith’s machine-vision technologies identify a program’s details on a frame-by-frame basis creating metadata so that highly relevant, interactive ads can be overlaid at particular moments. The in-program ads, such as promos, tune-ins, e-commerce and polls, can be IAB standard or Watchwith native formats. The in-program inventory can be sold direct by the TV network or automated via programmatic exchanges.

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  • VideoNuze Podcast #169 - More on Cablevision vs. Viacom; FOX NOW Syndicates Second Screen Content

    I'm pleased to present the 169th edition of the VideoNuze podcast with my weekly partner Colin Dixon of nScreenMedia. First up today, we review the latest video industry litigation, Cablevision vs. Viacom. We mostly agree that major industry change is unlikely to occur due to the litigation, but rather, over time, the expense of pay-TV and appeal of OTT alternatives will drive changes in consumer choices, which in turn is what will change the pay-TV industry's dynamics.

    Speaking of changing dynamics, it's no secret that live TV viewing is under huge pressure as viewers turn to on-demand choices and DVR usage. To help reverse things, Colin discusses an interesting new initiative announced this week by Fox and Watchwith. Fox will be syndicating its FOX NOW "sync-to-broadcast" second screen companion content via Watchwith to numerous network partners such as Shazam, Viggle, ConnecTV and NextGuide, helping drive higher usage and monetization. As Colin wrote earlier this week, it's a clever way of proliferating FOX NOW content and improving the live experience.

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