• Land Rover Case Study: How Online Video Drives "Mid-Funnel" Success [AD SUMMIT VIDEO]

    After a short medical leave last week, I'm back in the saddle and have many new videos to share of last month's Video Ad Summit. One of our morning case studies focused on Land Rover and how online video advertising can be used for "mid-funnel" success - combining the best of video's branding reach with the potential of direct-response advertising's lead generation.

    The presenters were Tal Riesenfeld (VP, Sales and Co-Founder, Eyeview) and Derek Topel (Partner and Digital Director, Mindshare). They shared details of Land Rover's digital ad strategy, how Eyeview's personalization technology supports this strategy, how a recent campaign worked and key results.

    Over 15,000 different ads were created for the Land Rover campaign, using multiple data sources to drive custom executions for particular viewers. So rather than re-purposed, generic TV spots being used for all online viewers (that they will be prone to skip), each individual gets an ad that is customized, leading to a far better ROI. In addition to the session video, the presentation slides are available here.