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CTV Advertising PREVIEW 2024 - 2-1-24 Leaderboard
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Sunday, March 3, 2024

Inside the Stream: CTV Ad PREVIEW: 2024 Reveals Key Market Drivers

Earlier this week VideoNuze held its Connected TV Advertising PREVIEW: 2024 virtual, featuring 19 industry executives speaking on 5 different sessions. In today’s podcast Colin and I discuss some of the key market drivers and themes we consistently heard.

There are many reasons to be optimistic about CTV’s future growth, but also some challenges the industry faces. Across the sessions a theme we heard was that despite CTV’s rapid growth, it’s still relatively early in its evolution, with a lot of room for making CTV ads far more valuable than traditional TV’s 30-second format.

(Note all of the session videos will be posted to VideoNuze early next week for on-demand viewing)

Listen to the podcast to learn more (27 minutes, 11 seconds)

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