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Netflix Moves Forward with Controversial Variable Speed Playback Support 08-04-2020 Multichannel News
Netflix Commits Largest Budget So Far For ‘The Gray Man’ 07-17-2020 Deadline
Netflix names Ted Sarandos as Reed Hastings' co-CEO as growth surges again 07-17-2020 CNET
The Data-Driven Tech Engine at the Heart of Hollywood’s Content Factories 07-11-2020 WSJ
Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus Viewing Dipped in May 06-05-2020 B&C
You’ve Shared Your Netflix Password With Your Entire Family. Now You Can’t Watch Netflix. 06-08-2020 WSJ
Studios Debate When to Sell Movies to Streaming Services During Coronavirus 06-03-2020 Variety
Netflix will start cancelling inactive members’ subscriptions 05-21-2020 CNBC
Netflix restoring streaming quality in Europe after Apple TV+ did the same 05-15-2020 9to5Mac
Disney Plus and Netflix will Dominate Two-Horse Global SVOD Market in 2025, Research Company Predicts 05-12-2020 Multichannel News
Lockdown TV: Netflix Dominates, News Surges and Bea Arthur Is Still Golden 04-30-2020 NY Times
Q1 2020 Proves Streaming Is Essential To Consumers And To The Future Of Media Companies 04-27-2020 Forrester
Netflix puts 10 free docuseries and documentary films on YouTube 04-17-2020 CNET
Netflix Has Tripled Its Digital Ad Spend Since COVID-19 Hit The U.S. (Report) 04-09-2020 Tubefilter
Netflix’s ‘Tiger King’ Is Most Popular TV Show In U.S., Spurring YouTube Views For Joe Exotic 04-07-2020 Tubefilter
Ted Sarandos Says "Viewing Is Up" for Netflix Amid Coronavirus 03-22-2020 The Hollywood Reporter
Netflix Creates $100 Million Coronavirus Relief Fund 03-20-2020 Variety
YouTube to reduce streaming quality in Europe due to coronavirus 03-20-2020 Reuters
Netflix asked to slow down streaming so internet doesn't overload 03-19-2020 CNET
Glued to TV for Now, but When Programming Thins and Bills Mount 03-17-2020 NY Times
Netflix Accused of Infringing on Broadcom’s Video Streaming Patents 03-14-2020 Variety
This Movie Is Streaming Only. Should We Lower Our Expectations? 03-12-2020 NY Times
Hollywood Relies More Than Ever on Movie-Streaming Revenue From Overseas 03-11-2020 WSJ
How Specialized Streaming Services Hold Their Own in a Netflix-Dominated Field 03-09-2020 Adweek
Netflix Cancels SXSW 2020 Screenings, Panels Amid Coronavirus Fears 03-04-2020 Variety
Netflix to Rank Popularity of Shows in Move Toward Transparency 02-24-2020 Bloomberg
Streaming TV’s Boom Is a Mixed Blessing for Some Hollywood Writers 02-23-2020 NY Times
More TV shows are calling New York home as demand for streaming content grows 02-17-2020 CNN Business
The days of Netflix reaping the benefits of cord cutting may be over 02-18-2020 Fast Company
Netflix’s Mobile Opportunity 02-18-2020 Multichannel News
Netflix’s Biggest Rival Isn’t Hulu or Amazon-It’s YouTube 02-11-2020 Bloomberg
Netflix Is Now Letting Viewers Turn Off Autoplay While Browsing 02-06-2020 Adweek
Netflix Inks Three-Year Renewal With John Malone’s Liberty Global for Europe 02-10-2020 Variety
Half of U.S. Consumers Say Disney Plus Is ‘As Good As’ Netflix 02-06-2020 Variety
Netflix Spends Big for Oscars—Will Hollywood Give In? 02-04-2020 WSJ
Netflix to Lay Off Roughly 15 in Marketing Department Shift 01-28-2020 Variety
Netflix CEO Reiterates Zero Interest in Advertising Business: ‘There’s Not Easy Money There’ 01-22-2020 Variety
Netflix Projected to Spend More Than $17 Billion on Content in 2020 01-16-2020 Variety
25% of users watching Netflix on their iPhones also watch Disney+ 01-15-2020 Recode
Netflix leads 2020 Oscar nominations with 'The Irishman' and 'Marriage Story' 01-13-2020 LA Times
Netflix wins just two Golden Globes despite receiving 34 nominations 01-06-2020 Engadget
‘Friends’ Drops Off Netflix in U.S., Leaving Frustrated Fans With No Streaming Option for Now 01-01-2020 Variety
Streaming ad prices set to rise with constrained supply 12-31-2019 Digiday
Netflix Says Its Own Content Topped All 2019 Releases on Its Service 01-02-2020 WSJ
Netflix Released More Originals in 2019 Than the Entire TV Industry Did in 2005 12-17-2019 Variety
Disney+ Lured 1 Million Subscribers From Netflix, Analyst Estimates 12-19-2019 The Hollywood Reporter
Netflix Is Ad Free, but It Isn’t Brand Free 12-17-2019 NY Times
Netflix Reveals New Data on Overseas Growth Amid Stiffer U.S. Competition 12-17-2019 WSJ
Spotify TV Series Headed to Netflix 12-12-2019 Rolling Stone
Netflix sends journalists on pricey trips, raising questions and angering rivals 12-12-2019 The Washington Post
Netflix tests multi-month packs in India to woo new users 12-11-2019 Economic Times
Netflix Dominates Golden Globe Nominations 12-09-2019 WSJ
Netflix And Scorsese’s ‘The Irishman’ Brought 17 Million TV Viewers In First 5 Days 12-06-2019 Tubefilter
Amazon, HBO Max, Netflix Dish on Their International Plans 12-06-2019 Variety
Netflix earmarks $420M to fight Disney in India 12-06-2019 TechCrunch
Netflix And YouTube’s Share Of Daily Viewership To Drop As Field Grows (Study) 12-03-2019 Tubefilter
Indie Producers Face a TV Movie Squeeze, but Streamers Are Looking to Buy 11-28-2019 Variety
Baby Yodas don’t come cheap: The streaming wars will cost Disney, Netflix, and WarnerMedia $16 billion 11-26-2019 Recode
Netflix Internal Data Signals Users Aren’t Fleeing to Disney 11-23-2019 Bloomberg
Netflix reopens iconic New York theater to showcase its most prestigious films 11-25-2019 The Verge
Streamers Lose Billions to Password Sharing, But ‘There’s No Easy Solution’ to the Problem 11-21-2019 Adweek
How Disney Plus' war with Netflix is a pain 11-21-2019 CNET
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Netflix and Disney Battle Hallmark for Christmas Viewers 11-17-2019 WSJ
Netflix’s Content Chief Says ‘Nothing Has Changed’ With Disney+ Launch 11-14-2019 WSJ
Netflix and Nickelodeon partner on original programming, following Disney+ launch 11-13-2019 TechCrunch
10 lessons for Disney, Apple, and all the new streaming companies trying to take down Netflix 11-12-2019 Recode
Inside the Debate Between Netflix and Big Theater Chains Over ‘The Irishman’ 11-01-2019 NY Times
Netflix Defends Variable Speed Playback Test 10-30-2019 Multichannel News
Netflix Plan to Test Varying Play Speeds Meets Filmmaker Backlash 10-28-2019 The Hollywood Reporter
Netflix’s Cindy Holland Relies on Data and Gut Instinct to Disrupt the TV Industry 10-21-2019 Adweek
Netflix offers $2 billion in debt to fund more original content 10-21-2019 CNBC
6.5 Million People Watched Netflix’s Breaking Bad Film El Camino on Opening Weekend 10-18-2019 Adweek
Mixed Analyst Reviews For Netflix's Q3 Performance, Outlook 10-17-2019 Mediapost
Netflix Goes All Out to Wow Children as Streaming Wars Intensify 10-11-2019 NY Times
Déjà View: The Psychology Behind the ‘Rewatch’ 10-09-2019 WSJ
Here’s The No. 1 Reason People Cancel Their Streaming Service Subscriptions (Survey) 10-04-2019 Tubefilter
Disney Bans Netflix Ads as Streaming’s Marketing Wars Intensify 10-04-2019 WSJ
As Viewers Go Ad-Free, Streaming Services Adapt With Product Placements 09-30-2019 Adweek
Apple TV Plus, Disney Plus Will Enter Europe Playing Catch-Up to Netflix, Amazon 09-27-2019 Variety
Netflix Accelerates Canadian Investment as Streaming Competition Heats Up 09-26-2019 The Hollywood Reporter
The War for Talent in the Age of Netflix 09-21-2019 WSJ
Netflix chief: $125M for The Crown? That's a bargain 09-20-2019 CNET
‘Seinfeld’ for $500 million? ‘The Big Bang Theory’ for $1 billion? The streaming arms race has a big problem. 09-19-2019 The Washington Post
Explosion of Streaming Services Points to Price Wars on the Horizon 09-18-2019 Variety
Smart TVs sending private data to Netflix and Facebook 09-17-2019 Financial Times
Netflix, France’s Canal Plus Sign Distribution Deal 09-16-2019 Variety
Bingeworthy: Netflix Snaps Up Streaming Rights to ‘Seinfeld’ 09-16-2019 NY Times
Most of Netflix’s Newest Rivals Aren’t Really Trying to Take On Netflix 09-11-2019 Adweek
Netflix. HBO Go. Hulu. Amazon Prime. Pretty Soon It All Adds Up 09-10-2019 WSJ
The Time Netflix Considered Selling Itself to Amazon for Peanuts 09-06-2019 WSJ
Netflix’s ‘Bloodbath’ Reputation for Canceling Shows? It’s Overblown 08-17-2019 Bloomberg
How Netflix Is Using Its Muscle to Push Filmmaking Technology Boundaries 08-12-2019 The Hollywood Reporter
The Netflix Lobbying Machine: Inside the Effort to Sway Policy Worldwide 08-09-2019 The Hollywood Reporter
Netflix Extends Lead in U.K. Amid Boom in Subscription Streaming Services 08-07-2019 Variety
'Game of Thrones' Creators Close $200M Netflix Overall Deal 08-07-2019 The Hollywood Reporter
Disney CEO Bob Iger says it’s a coincidence the Disney+ bundle costs the same as a Netflix subscription 08-07-2019 CNBC
Insights: How Netflix Is Building Its Global Reach One Acquisition At A Time 08-03-2019 Tubefilter
Facebook Developing Portal-Infused OTT Player, Wants to Stream Netflix and Disney + on It 08-01-2019 Multichannel News
Netflix Splurges on Big-Budget Movies 07-29-2019 WSJ
Americans Want to Pay $21 for All Their Streaming Services Combined, Poll Finds 07-24-2019 The Hollywood Reporter
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