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News for 'Piracy'

Title Date Source
Apple TV Plus Joins Motion Picture Industry Anti-Piracy Group 10-07-2020 Variety
Plex Makes Piracy Just Another Streaming Service 07-24-2019 The Verge
Movie Studios Sue Omniverse Over Streaming Video Piracy 02-20-2019 Mediapost
Hackers Take Over Google Chromecasts To Promote YouTube Channel 01-03-2019 Mediapost
More Evidence That Netflix and Amazon Have Joined a Legal War Against Piracy 01-10-2018 The Hollywood Reporter
The Little Black Box That Took Over Piracy 10-30-2017 Wired
YouTube is filled with illegal streams of your favorite TV shows 08-16-2017 Mashable
Survey: Nearly Half of Global Consumers Willing to Curb Watching Pirated Content After Learning About Its Damage to Industry 03-08-2017 Home Media
Popcorn Time Chaos Leads to Shutdown 10-23-2015 Torrent Freak
Why Facebook's video theft problem can’t last 08-07-2015 The Verge
Password Sharing: Are Netflix, HBO Missing $500 Million by Not Cracking Down? 07-15-2015 Variety
Facebook Piracy: Fullscreen CEO Protests 'Stolen' Videos in Tweet Tirade 06-04-2015 Variety
Accessing U.S. Netflix is 'stealing,' new Bell Media president says 06-04-2015 Globe and Mail
'Game of Thrones' Punches Up New Piracy Record with 3.5 Million Downloads 05-19-2015 Variety
Illegal Streaming Nets $209M For Movie, TV Sites 05-19-2015 Mediapost
You Can Now Use 'Netflix for Torrents' Popcorn Time in Your Browser 05-19-2015 Gizmodo
Netflix Can Now Ban Customers Who Use VPNs 04-07-2015 Forbes
`House of Cards` Season 3 Pirated, With China Top Country for Downloaders 03-01-2015 Variety
Top 10 Pirated TV Shows of 2014: `Game of Thrones,` `Walking Dead` Lead List 01-02-2015 Variety
The ‘Netflix for Pirates’ has just gotten insanely better for Android users 08-07-2014 BGR
`Popcorn Time` Gives Users Anonymity With a Free Built-In VPN 06-07-2014 TorrentFreak
Inside the Rise of Pirated Video Content 05-14-2014 Adotas
More Ad Dollars Flow to Pirated Video 05-07-2014 WSJ
Movie-Piracy App Popcorn Time Is Alive and Well (At Least for Now) 04-03-2014 Variety
Nearly 70% of Europeans download or stream films for free 02-06-2014 AppMarket.TV
After ABC`s cord-cutting block, pirate downloads shoots up 300% 01-17-2014 GigaOm
`Game of Thrones` and `Breaking Bad` were the most pirated TV shows of 2013 12-27-2013 Quartz
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