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News for 'Comedy Central'

Title Date Source
Netflix's 'BoJack Horseman' Repeats to Air on Comedy Central in Library Deal 07-26-2018 The Hollywood Reporter
Comedy Central is pulling the plug on its Snapchat Discover channel 09-14-2017 Business Insider
Comedy Central’s creating shows that run across Facebook, Snapchat and more platforms 03-08-2017 Digiday
‘The Daily Show’ Disappears From Hulu as Viacom Deal Expires 02-15-2017 Variety
Comedy Central adds 9 more original series to Snapchat slate 03-30-2016 Mashable
Comedy Central Launches Scripted Comedy Series On Snapchat 12-23-2015 Tubefilter
Comedy Central Launches New Series On Snapchat, Plans Four More 09-08-2015 Tubefilter
'The Daily Show' Gets Ready to Go Viral 08-27-2015 NY Times
Trevor Noah's 'Daily Show' Mandate: Lure Millennials, Digital Heat 08-05-2015 The Hollywood Reporter
Comedy Central Joins Roku Lineup 07-06-2015 Multichannel News
Trevor Noah, Comedy Central’s 'Daily Show' Host, Is No YouTube Star Yet 04-06-2015 Variety
Jon Stewart Helped TV Learn to Love the Internet 02-11-2015 Recode
Chromecast gets Comedy Central, Sesame Street, TuneIn and Epix 11-25-2014 GigaOm
Low-Budget Shows Leap From Web to TV to Attract Big Money 10-15-2014 AdAge
Viacom blocks Suddenlink subscribers from streaming Daily Show, Colbert and other shows 10-01-2014 GigaOm
Verizon`s new FiOS deal will let you watch Comedy Central away from home 10-01-2014 Engadget
The Economics of Internet Comedy Videos 09-24-2014 Splitsider
Comedy Central Launches TV Everywhere App 04-01-2014 The Hollywood Reporter
Why TV Networks Are Interested in Adapting Online Series Again 02-13-2014 The Hollywood Reporter
Comedy Central`s Digital Studio Adds Six New Shows 11-05-2013 The Hollywood Reporter
Comedy Central Eliminates Digital Division 10-14-2013 The Hollywood Reporter
Comedy Central to Offer $5 Standup Downloads a la Louis C.K. 07-11-2013 Variety
CC: Stand-Up app for iOS opens Comedy Central`s vaults with over 6,000 videos 06-06-2013 The Verge
A Comedy Show That Comes via a Hashtag 04-22-2013 NY Times
Comedy Central Launches CC Studios For Digital Content 01-31-2013 Tubefilter News
`Daily Show` App Headlines Highlights 04-16-2012 MediaDailyNews
Funny or Die`s `Drunk History` Picked up by Comedy Central 04-05-2012 Tubefilter News
Comics Are Now Selling Laughs by the Download 03-21-2012 NY Times
CollegeHumor Gets Serious About Long-Form Content 02-29-2012 Tubefilter News
View Along the TV App Landscape 08-08-2011 B&C
More MTV Networks Content at Netflix 05-23-2011 Netflix blog
`Daily Show` May Return to Hulu 01-03-2011 NY Times - Media Decoder
One-Fifth of Stewart/Colbert Rally Viewers Streamed Online 11-02-2010 NewTeeVee
Comedy Central Sends `The Onion Sports Network` To Series 04-14-2010 B&C
Dauman: Viacom Could Return To Hulu 03-10-2010 B&C
Comedy Central Bets Big On Web Development 12-07-2009 B&C
`Colbert` site to stream musical guests 09-16-2009 Variety
Hollywood hits the stop button on high-profile Web video efforts 06-16-2009 LA Times
Cable`s Bad Web Habits 03-30-2009 Multichannel News
Comedy Central Stays Agnostic on Delivery of Shows 03-23-2009 Mediaweek
SXSW: Web Video Isn`t Killing TV 03-16-2009 WSJ - Digits
`Daily Show` Bullish On CNBC Video 03-12-2009 Multichannel News
Comedy Central Sending Classic Shows Across the Web 02-05-2009 B&C
Comedy Central has `Secret Girlfriend` 12-18-2008 Variety gets relaunch 12-04-2008 Variety
Advertisers Warm to Racier Web Video, Though Not User-Gen 09-26-2008 Mediaweek
Comedy Central Takes `Colbert` Online 09-18-2008 TV Week
Viacom Launches `Comedy` Companion, 06-27-2008 Mediaweek
Adobe adds `Daily Show,` `Colbert Report` 06-20-2008 The Hollywood Reporter
South Park Studios - It`s Like AllSP, But Legal 03-25-2008 TechCrunch
Lifetime To Stage `Gift Intervention` On The Web 03-11-2008 Multichannel News to Be New Comedy Central Hub 12-03-2007 NewTeeVee
MTV to offer all "South Park" clips online 11-29-2007 Reuters
Comedy Central Elevates Corrao 11-14-2007 Multichannel News
Online comedy business booming 11-13-2007 Variety
Watching TV on the laptop--and on the cheap 10-17-2007
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