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Title Date Source
Twitter is killing off its apps for Xbox, Roku, and Android TV 05-22-2018 The Verge
Microsoft Entertainment Boss Nancy Tellem: Xbox Augments TV Experience, Nears More Content Deals 09-12-2013 The Hollywood Reporter
The Many Internet-Video Options for TVs 08-14-2013 WSJ - Reg. Req'd
Nancy Tellem: Why Microsoft`s Looking for TV Hits on XBox Live (Q&A) 01-08-2013 The Hollywood Reporter
Vudu launches movie streaming / downloads to Android tablets, Xbox 360 app supports 1080p 12-19-2012 Engadget
We`re putting CNET video on every screen 12-11-2012 CNET -
UVideos Launches on Xbox Live 11-28-2012 Multichannel News
Xbox 360 YouTube app update rolls out with 5x speed improvement, access to `official` music videos 08-28-2012 Engadget
US presidential campaign trail winds its way to Xbox Live on August 27th with Election 2012 Hub 08-24-2012 Engadget
Sky`s Now TV service hits Xbox, beckons you forth with 30 day free trial 08-22-2012 Engadget
NBC News app for Xbox 360 brings streaming show clips to the console 08-21-2012 Engadget
Amazon Instant Video Now on Xbox 360 05-29-2012 Home Media Magazine
Time Warner Cable OKs HBO Go For Xbox, Roku And Samsung TVs 05-17-2012 Multichannel News
Microsoft`s Sneaky Success: The Xbox Is the Most Popular Video Player in the U.S. 05-10-2012 AllThingsD
100K Download Comcast`s Xbox App 03-28-2012 Light Reading
Vevo app brings ad-supported music videos streaming to the Xbox 360 03-07-2012 Engadget
Xbox 360 adds Crackle and CinemaNow to list of up and running apps 02-01-2012 Engadget
Epix: Xbox Marks The Spot 01-27-2012 Multichannel News
Microsoft Signs Xbox 360 Content Deal With News Corp. 01-10-2012 Home Media Magazine
Video grows on gaming consoles 12-15-2011 Variety
YouTube app for Xbox 360 rolls out to preview program participants 12-13-2011 Engadget
How Xbox Is Giving the TV Its `iPhone Moment` 12-13-2011 AdAge
Netflix Unveils New Xbox Experience 12-07-2011 Netflix blog
Nielsen To Rate FiOS TV On Xbox 12-07-2011 Multichannel News
Amazon`s LOVEFiLM Now on Xbox LIVE 12-06-2011 Press Release
Xbox Live Challenges Cable Box 12-05-2011 NY Times
Xbox Lights Up Epix, YouTube In Guide Overhaul 12-05-2011 Multichannel News
Microsoft Is Said to Add Comcast, Verizon Pay TV to Xbox Live 09-29-2011 Bloomberg
Microsoft Pins TV Hopes on Xbox 09-20-2011 Digiday
Microsoft Sees Xmas Debut for Xbox TV 09-16-2011 Light Reading
DIRECTV`s Playbook Includes New Options For Its Exclusive NFL SUNDAY TICKET Service 08-18-2011 Press Release
What the hell is going on with TV? 01-04-2011 Fortune
Microsoft Eyes Wider Net As Xbox Turns To Entertainment 12-20-2010 AllThingsD
Microsoft Exec: No Xbox App Store Coming Soon 12-15-2010 NewTeeVee
Xbox or Cable Box? Game Consoles Emerge as Serious Threat to Cable 10-28-2010 AdAge
AT&T brings U-verse to Windows Phone 7, Xbox 360 10-11-2010 Engadget
AT&T U-verse customers can use Xbox 360 as a set-top box starting November 7th 10-08-2010 Engadget
Microsoft Switched to HTML5 for ESPN3`s Xbox Live App 09-15-2010 NewTeeVee
ESPN, Microsoft to Deliver ESPN3 Via Xbox Live 06-15-2010 Mediaweek
Chernin Said to Discuss Creating Xbox TV Channel With Microsoft 04-21-2010 Bloomberg
Can a Mouse Cut the Cable? 03-11-2010 NY Times
Xbox Takes on Cable, Streaming TV Shows and Movies 01-18-2010 NY Times
AT&T: No Pricing Info On Using Xbox As IPTV Set-Top 01-12-2010 Multichannel News
The Future of TV 11-30-2009 AdAge
Microsoft Targets Television Advertisers For Xbox Live, Embeds Nielsen Measurement In-Game 11-20-2009 Online Media Daily
Xbox 1080p Streaming Uses IIS, Smooth Streaming, But Not Silverlight 10-20-2009 Business of Video
Microsoft, ABC Team on FlashForward 09-21-2009 Mediaweek
Apple, Xbox dominate digital delivery 09-16-2009 Video Business
Studios build formats with social networking 08-31-2009 Video Business
BSkyB links up with Xbox 06-01-2009 Variety
Microsoft orders third season of `Guild` 05-06-2009 The Hollywood Reporter
Xbox Experiment Provides Fertile Ground for Horror Auteurs 12-05-2008 AdAge
Microsoft Broadens Xbox Experiences For Advertisers 11-26-2008 Online Media Daily
Triple `Guild` play for Microsoft 11-24-2008 The Hollywood Reporter
Magnolia joins Xbox`s pic library 11-18-2008 The Hollywood Reporter
GridNetworks Takes Web Video To TV, Via Game Consoles 11-17-2008 Multichannel News
Starz Maps Broad-Based Online `Crash` Course 10-15-2008 TV Week
PBS Programming Moves Into Xbox Territory 10-08-2008 TV Week
Xbox 360, Lagging in Sales, Will Cost Less 09-04-2008 NY Times
Can This Sci-Fi Series Boldly Go Where No Other Has Gone? 08-15-2008 AdAge
Xbox 360 to offer Warner Music videos 08-15-2008 The Hollywood Reporter
X-Play Lands on Xbox 08-12-2008 B&C
Microsoft Partners With Fuse for `Summer of Music` 08-08-2008 Mediaweek
NBC cuts widest swath online for Games 08-08-2008 The Hollywood Reporter
Horror helmers do comedy for Xbox Live 07-23-2008 The Hollywood Reporter
NBCU joins Microsoft`s Xbox plans 07-15-2008 Variety
Xbox Live Users Can Download G4 Content 05-28-2008 TV Week
Microsoft to offer TV downloads 05-06-2008 Variety
BET series head to Xbox Live 04-16-2008 The Hollywood Reporter
Media Extender Links PCs to TVs 02-15-2008 TV Newsday
Expo Apple to offer rentals on iTunes 01-18-2008 Variety
Vudu Goes HD, Thumbs Nose at Blu-ray and HD DVD 01-06-2008 Gizmodo
Di Cesare Leads YouTube Marketing 01-02-2008 Adweek
Microsoft sells ESPN video on Xbox 360 11-05-2007 AP
Starz Gives Vongo a Makeover 10-28-2007 B&C
Xbox Live to launch 'Looney Tunes' 10-23-2007 Variety
XBox Owners Can Download 'Family Guy' 08-31-2007 Online Media Daily
Fox joining Xbox family 08-30-2007 Variety
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