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Analysis for 'CNBC'

  • NBCU’s Ad Head Says "Measurement Is An Absolute Acute Crisis"

    NBCU’s Chairman, Advertising Sales and Client Partnerships Linda Yaccarino said “measurement is an absolute acute crisis” in an interview this morning at IAB MIXX. Yaccarino said that by NBCU’s calculations, it believes somewhere between 12%-30% of its viewership is now unmeasured, resulting in NBCU leaving a lot of advertising money on the table. Yaccarino noted that while there’s progress in measuring new forms of video viewing, it’s been way too slow and is not keeping up with market demands.

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  • Yahoo Has Become a Magnet for Video Syndication by Big Media

    Late yesterday NBC Sports and Yahoo announced a content sharing and promotional partnership that further cements Yahoo's role as a video syndication magnet for big media companies. In addition to the new NBC Sports deal, over the past year, other major media partnering with Yahoo include ABC News, CBS Television Distribution, Wenner Media, Clear Channel, CNBC, Fox Digital Entertainment/DirecTV and others, as each has sought to extend its online video presence beyond their own properties and to generate new ad revenues.

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  • CNBC Missing Out By Not Livestreaming Obama Town Hall

    President Obama is in the middle of a town hall, hosted by CNBC, from the Newseum in Washington, DC. The town hall is on CNBC on TV, but oddly, it is not being livestreamed. That's a missed opportunity for CNBC, which could be attracting lots of online users who don't happen to have easy access to a TV. Live blogging something is just not the same! In fact, it was odd for me to have to swivel my chair to turn on the TV; that's how accustomed I've become to expecting big events like this to be livestreamed. 
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