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  • 3 Unlikely Reasons Why Native Video Advertising is Taking Off

    Video has attracted the interest of advertisers, which means that it has become a point of emphasis for publishers as well. This has brought on increased competition for traditional pre-roll inventory, forcing both advertisers and publishers alike to explore new units that can deliver video experiences.

    One area that has grown immensely in popularity is native video, with publishers like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Hearst, Forbes, The Huffington Post and BuzzFeed all exploring native models.

 Native’s growth isn’t simply due to the fact that it’s available and fulfilling the market demand for more inventory. Instead, it’s growing in popularity - and performance - for reasons that fly in the face of conventional ad industry wisdom. Here’s a look at what’s driving native video’s growth.

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  • Sharethrough Finds Higher Brand Lift for Native Video Ads vs. Pre-Roll

    Native advertising, which refers to branded content or ad messages that are cohesively integrated directly into web sites, are getting lots of attention these days as an alternative to pre-roll video advertising. A study released by Sharethrough and Nielsen today is putting some brand lift performance numbers behind the debate.

    Using Nielsen's Online Brand Effect tool to measure viewer response, the native advertising technology specialist found that five campaigns it studied produced higher brand lift from native advertising exposure than from pre-roll video impressions. In a campaign for the soft drink brand Jarritos, exposure to native ad content elevated favorable brand perceptions by 82%, compared with 2.1% lift among those who saw pre-roll ads. In another for a CPG brand, native ads drove a 42.2% brand lift vs. none for pre-roll ads. (see infographic below)

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  • Syndicated Video Model Gains Momentum Among Top Properties

    Long-time VideoNuze readers know I've been talking about the trend toward content providers' video being syndicated to third-party publishers' sites for a while now, and judging by comScore's August data, the model appears to be gaining further momentum.

    Two of the top 10 video properties - NDN and Grab Media - have syndication as their core business model, while a third - AOL, via its 5Min acquisition, uses syndication to power a significant amount of its views. Meanwhile, YouTube, which is consistently the largest property, leverages embedding for organic syndication, while #4 property VEVO syndicates a lot of its music videos to YouTube. Beyond the overall top 10, as I've written previously, in the sports vertical specifically, syndicators took 2 of the top 4 spots in the first half of '12.

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  • Sharethrough Boosts "Native" Video Ad Experiences

    In a bid to evolve online video advertising beyond the world of standard pre, mid and post-rolls, yesterday Sharethrough announced Sharethrough Sponsored Videos a "native" video ad format, meant to incorporate brand videos more seamlessly into publishers' web pages.

    As Sharethrough explains them
    , native ads have three commonalities: they're integrated with the publisher's look and feel; they are choice-based, rather than interruptive; and they're meant to be standalone content experiences. The goals are better user engagement, improved user experiences, and higher brand lift, as compared with traditional video ad placements.

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  • TED, YouTube and the Renaissance in Ad Creativity

    Yesterday TED celebrated the 5 year anniversary of its "TEDTalks" being distributed online, with 500 million views to date. TEDTalks, which feature individuals speaking for up to 18 minutes on a variety of different subjects, are thought-provoking and inspiring. Using the power of online video, TED has extended its reach and influence far beyond the group of people who attend TED events in person.

    More recently, TED, with the support of YouTube and others partners, has begun to focus on how advertising can be reinvented in the digital age to be more compelling and relevant. Last September, it launched "Ads Worth Spreading" (a spin on its tagline of "Ideas Worth Spreading") to recognize ads that nurture passion and encourage viewers to watch and be a part of a community. AWS seeks to move the advertising model beyond "ambushing" viewers, as has long been advertising's M.O., to instead develop a shared dialogue.

    At the recent ELEVATE conference, we were very pleased to have Ronda Carnegie, TED's head of global partnerships and John Militello, Google's head of creative innovation, Americas join us for a fireside chat to discuss AWS and the role YouTube itself is playing in redefining how brands engage their audiences (video after the jump). I've written a number of times recently about breakthrough campaigns on YouTube (e.g. Perrier, The Expendables, Desperados beer); no doubt other creative ads on YouTube will follow.

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  • Sharethrough Is On A Roll As Brands' Social Video Surges

    Sharethrough, the social video ad platform and distribution network, is on a roll as brands of all sizes are shifting some of their focus to creating their own immersive video experiences that go far beyond traditional 15 and 30-second TV spots. Sharethrough's role is to help get branded content into the social media slipstream, to be viewed and shared by target audiences. Earlier this week Sharethrough's CEO and founder Dan Greenberg brought me up to speed on the company's progress and also the changes he's seeing in the market.

    Dan reports that in 2010 Sharethrough grew its agency client base by 43%, adding to its roster firms such as Pereira & O'Dell, Universal McCann, Evolution Bureau and Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. As Dan explained, agencies are increasingly being called upon by their brand clients to create distinctive video campaigns that capitalize on the trends toward online video and social media. In this way brands themselves are becoming content creators, moving from an "interrupter mindset" to an "entertainment mindset." For the agency creative teams, this shift is extremely liberating; the expanded format lets them flex their creative muscles to a much greater extent. A terrific recent example of this is the gorgeous 2-minute Chrysler "Imported from Detroit" spot with Eminem that aired during the Super Bowl (already with 4.5 million YouTube views). It feels totally different than any car ad and much more like a short film.

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  • Sharethrough Raises $5 Million For Branded Content To Go Social

    Sharethrough, a social video advertising network, is announcing this morning that it has raised a $5 million Series A round led by North Bridge Venture Partners and Floodgate. Co-founder and CEO Dan Greenberg brought me up to speed last week on the company's strategy.

    Sharethrough is focused on providing distribution in social networks for branded content. This has become an increasingly popular format for brands that want to go beyond traditional 15 and 30-second TV advertising to use online video to create more engaging messages. Dan points out that the really hard part for these brands is actually creating an audience for their branded content. Unlike traditional TV where a certain number of TV spots or impressions are simply purchased, Dan's view is that branded content, when placed in suitable social media contexts, can generate high sharing rates and viewership.

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