• Why Premium Video Providers are Navigating Carefully Into Programmatic [SHIFT VIDEO]

    At the recent SHIFT // Programmatic Video & TV Ad Summit a recurring theme was how premium video providers are navigating carefully into programmatic. To dig in more deeply, we devoted a full session to the topic, which featured Mike Dean (VP, Programmatic and Data-Driven Sales, ABC), Jason DeMarco (VP, Programmatic and Audience Solutions, A+E Networks), Doug Fleming (Head of Advanced TV, Hulu), Jana Meron (VP, Programmatic and Data Strategy, Business Insider), and James Rooke (Chief Revenue Officer, FreeWheel) moderating.

    The group did an excellent job exploring all the key issues including how they’re thinking about the role of automation vs. data, how to achieve scale in targeted cross-platform campaigns and then accurately measure attribution, why standards are the most important missing piece of the puzzle, how to satisfy the buy side’s desire for more data, what types of technologies they’re seeking and much more.

    All in all, it was a candid discussion of how premium video providers think about the opportunities and challenges of programmatic, and where things are going from here.

    Watch the video (32 minutes, 27 seconds).