• Understanding Video’s Breakthrough Innovations [AD SUMMIT VIDEO]

    It’s no exaggeration to say there are breakthrough innovations happening in every area of video: advertising, distribution, programming, user experience, multiscreen access and lots more. As viewers, we all benefit from these innovations, which are often behind the scenes, but which hugely contribute to our experiences.

    At our recent Online Video Ad Summit, we dedicated a session to understanding innovation and how the industry is continuing to evolve in lots of ways.

    The session included Frank Besteiro (Head of Business Development & Partnerships, Vemba), Mike Proulx (Chief Digital Officer, Hill Holliday), Jesse Redniss (Chief Innovation Officer, Turner), Dave Simon (VP, Video Activation, AOL) with Brian Ring (Principal Analyst, Ring Digital) moderating.

    Watch the video (38 minutes, 11 seconds).