• Tremor Video's DSP Chosen As Preferred Partner by Varick Media Management

    Varick Media Management, which specializes in programmatic ad buying, has chosen Tremor Video's demand side platform, powered by VideoHub, as its preferred partner for premium programmatic campaigns. Neeraj Kochhar, Managing Director of Buy-side Platforms at Tremor Video, told me that it's the first big agency that's been announced as a VideoHub DSP customer, though others are using the platform as well.

    Neeraj said a key distinguishing VideoHub DSP feature was its "eQ score" which measures player size, viewability and completion rates to better gauge the quality of campaign placements and their cost. This was extra important for Varick, because VideoHub's DSP will be used for premium programmatic campaigns. Varick uses other DSPs as well, for other types of campaigns based on objectives.

    In addition, Neeraj said Tremor will be doing a deep integration with Varick's own proprietary buying platform.

    Varick president Paul Rostkowski also said a critical differentiator for the VideoHub DSP was Tremor's experience and insights using the platform itself for the media side of Tremor's business (which isn't a part of this deal).

    Paul noted that campaigns using the VideoHub DSP will be more focused on branding than on direct response, and so premium targeting capabilities (like eQ) were essential. Varick is looking for both high engagement ad units and premium environments for clients. Viewability and completion rates are the primary campaign success metrics.