• Nisenholtz’s Streaming Media Keynote: Times Gets Broadband Video

    I was at Streaming Media East today, moderating a session (“Broadband Video: What’s the Formula for Content Success?). First off, kudos to Dan Rayburn and the SM team – there was a ton of energy at the conference, lots of exhibitors and great sessions.


    I got a chance to sit in on Martin Niesenholtz’s keynote. As many of you know, Martin’s the longtime SVP, Digital Operations, for the New York Times Company.

    As many of you know, I’ve been very bullish on newspapers’ opportunity to use broadband to morph themselves from print-only outlets to multi-platform content providers. The Times has really been out in front on this. Some key stats Martin shared:
    • 5M streams/month – up 3x from a year ago
    • 20 people dedicated to video
    • 100 new video pieces created/month

    Martin shared a back-of-the-envelope analysis he’s done to back into how many streams the Times needs to provide to generate $30M in annual revenue from video. His calculation: 60M streams per month, or 12X today’s rate. I didn’t agree with all of his assumptions (for example he assumed $60 CPMs, which is too high, yet only a 1:1 ratio of ads:streams, which I think is too low given the opportunity to surround an in-line video player with display ads), but I did think he was in the ballpark.

    Importantly, he’s targeting to generate 5X the viewership of Times video via 3rd party distributors as will be generated at Times.com. Pretty strong endorsement of the syndication model.