• Deep Dive Discussion of Online Video Advertising's Opportunities and Challenges [VIDEO]

    With the vast majority of online video views free and ad-supported, it's critical that online video advertising continues to grow and mature. At the recent VideoSchmooze event, we had a deep dive session on online video advertising featuring John Nitti, president of activation for ZenithOptimedia (who oversees $10 billion of client spending), Eric Franchi, co-founder of Undertone and Ashley Swartz, CEO and founder of Furious Minds, who moderated.

    Among the topics they discussed:

    - Why there's a strong need for educating brands about the benefits of online video advertising

    - Which performance metrics are being used and where is there room for improvement

    - Whether video is starting to be viewed holistically by agencies and brands

    - What are the key challenges of viewability and the idea of moving from impressions served to viewable impressions served

    - What are the benefits of programmatic buying for brands and how audience-based ad buying is increasing

    - Why brands are still reluctant to invest heavily in customized ad creative for online only

    And lots more!

    The video is below and runs 40 minutes.